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How To Zerg Rush Google Search Results – StarCraft Easter Egg 2023

How To Zerg Rush Google Search Results – StarCraft Easter Egg

Zerg rush

In gaming terms, a “Zerg rush” is when a player is swarmed by a huge number of weak opponents. … It came from “Starcraft,” a 1998 real-time strategy game in which a player could choose to play as “Zergs,” an alien race.

Zerg rush is an attack strategy that involves overwhelming an opponent with large numbers or ganging up on someone.

The usage of this Zerg rush is most popular amongst gamers when speaking to this drama strategy in question. One of the gamers, it’s sometimes shortened to rush.

Along with its use in games, the world wide web is full of Zerg rush memes. These are usually in the shape of pictures or videos, where enormous armies of people, bombs, snakes, aliens, or another gang up on a single person or entity.

In regular usage, a Zerg rush may also be used to refer to some situations where one individual is ganged up with a vastly superior number of competitions.

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By way of instance, if an individual at a social gathering conveys an impression that the remainder of the team disagrees with (state, he believes blue is the best color, and everybody else enjoys red), along with the majority instantly gangs upon this individual, that scene can be called a Zerg rush.

If one posts something about social networking and is instantly overwhelmed by negative remarks, as frequently occurs with political posts, this may also be known as a Zerg rush.

How To Zerg Rush Google Search Results – StarCraft Easter Egg

The term originates from the 1998 Blizzard video game StarCraft and its sequels.

This real-time strategy game allows players to control among a handful of alien races, such as individuals, with the objective of colonizing the identical sector and pushing the other races.

Despite their comparative weakness as individual units, they could quickly spawn new units, making every person disposable.

This enables the Zerg to swarm their competitions using overpowering amounts to achieve simple successes, a strategy that is called zerging and is often looked down upon.

How To Zerg Rush Google Search Results – StarCraft Easter Egg

The violent onslaught itself, however, has come to be called a Zerg rush and is now a common term in additional game franchises as well.

The achievement of a Zerg rush relies on creating as many low-level units as possible and then assaulting one’s opponent quickly before that competition has an opportunity to properly prepare.

If implemented fast enough, a Zerg rush can be a devastating move. The most frequent source story behind the Zerg rush is that it started during a multiplayer conflict between two Korean StarCraft players.

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If one player swarmed the other with overwhelming numbers, the victim apparently typed”OMG ZERG RUSH,” along with the other players responded with”KEKEKEKE,” which is the Korean equivalent to”LOLOLOL.” When perceptible, this sounds like the sound that the Zerg characters create throughout their assault.

It became a favorite meme, with lots of pictures and videos. If users search for Zerg rush, it results in a legion of correspondence Os in the word Google at the top of the page breaking lose.

These Os quickly devour every result on the search page, leaving it blank. The Os then gather together to generate a giant”GG,” which is a popular shortening of the fantastic game one of online gamers.


Proceed to Google.

Then try – just try – to click on the search results you receive. If you fail, try clicking on everything that moves.

(Brief pause as you open a fresh browser window and give this a go. Please come back when you are done.)

Do not know exactly what all those tumbling Os were around? The gamers on our team (who recommend the site Know Your Meme) say you are taking a look at a” Starcraft” meme – an homage to the computer game released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998 and updated since.

A buddy at Google elaborated – should you want to call it – by simply sending the following announcement: “For nOObs that aren’t as comfortable with real-time strategy games, there’s been a zerg rush on your search results page.

Since there should always be time for you to practice your gambling skills, click on the zerg units to shield the results page, and try not to get pwned. Then you can discuss your APM score on Google+. GLHF!

“(nOObs, pwned, and GLHF are all gamer terms:-RRB-)”

Try to click on the Os. You can not win – there are just too many Zergs – but that’s the notion of a Zerg rush. You will be rewarded at the end with”G.G.” – shorthand for”good game.”

There are other so-called Easter Eggs – hidden treats – left by the Google staff. Consider searching”Tilt,” Anagram” (the page will ask, “Did you mean using a ram”?)

It is somewhat warm for” Permit it, Snow,” but Microsoft still has its own version posted. (“Zerg rush” may not work in all browsers; we’ve seen this earlier.)

You’ll see your score against the Zergs in the top right corner. Please let us know how you did. And apologies in case your boss gets angry.

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