What is the green glass door game

green glass door game

What is the green glass door game

A kitten can pass through but not a cat.

A puppy can but not a dog.


A glass can but not a cup.

A tree can but not a leaf.

Do you see a pattern? The Green Glass Door is a word riddle game. Only words that contain doubled letters can pass through the Green Glass Door.

Hence, a kitten can pass but not a cat, a puppy but not a dog, a glass but not a cup, and a tree but not a leaf.

The Green Glass Door is a fun game to play as an icebreaker in a group, while on a family road trip, or even as a drinking game.

To keep players guessing, don’t reveal the secret of the Green Glass Door at the beginning of the game.

green glass door game
green glass door game

What is the green glass door game

For the players who already know, it should be easy to come up with more things that can and cannot pass. It is best to play this game out loud with a group of people, some of whom know the secret and some who do not.

Players who don’t know the secret often get hung up on trying to understand the relationship between the two things and don’t realize that the game is based on spelling, not deciphering relationships.

The trickiest clues are ones where the two items named are related in some way, as that keeps players wondering what the relationship has to do with the Green Glass Door.

When you’re coming up with clues, try to think of things that are: similar (ex. a rabbit but not a hare), opposites (ex. the moon but not the sun), related (ex. a hammer but not a nail), from the same category (ex. an apple but not a banana), or part of a pair (ex. pepper, but not salt).

Make your clues as tricky as you can so that players who don’t know the secret of the Green Glass Door will keep guessing and trying to figure it out.

Players stay in the game by correctly naming things that can and cannot pass through the Green Glass Door.

Players are eliminated (or must take a drink) when they incorrectly name things that can or cannot pass through the Green Glass Door.

If you like playing the Green Glass Door game, here’s another riddle game that might tickle your fancy.

If Grandma Doesn’t Like Tea

Start this game by asking, “If grandma doesn’t like tea, what does she like?”

For example, “Grandma doesn’t like tea, but grandma likes coffee.” Or, “grandma doesn’t like tea, but she likes grandpa.”

Can you guess why grandma doesn’t like tea?

Because grandma doesn’t like words that contain the letter T!

What is the green glass door game Ideas

For this game, you don’t need any equipment. All you do is try to discover what’s behind the green glass door.

Do you see how, in the name of the game, each word has a double letter?

Well, the other people have to realize that, but they can’t scream it or the game is over. They simply come up with one of these:

Behind the green glass door you can have:

  • a pOOl but no water
  • a loLLipop but no sucker
  • a puPPy but no dog
  • a kiTTen but no cat
  • a trEE but no forest

Then, as a starter, keep pulling until someone else understands. They are very funny once you get used to it.

It’s a riddle or puzzle…
Who can pass through the Green Glass Door?
A rabbit can, but a hare cannot.
Kiddies can, but a child must not
Daddies will, but mothers will not
Who can go through the green glass door?

A hobby-horse will make it thru
but a pony must find another
A kitten will get through too,
followed by the queen, it’s the mother.

Betty will be allowed in,
as will Billy but not Laura so what is the key that lets you pass past the green glass doors?


Having double letters in the word.

Glass – ss
Door – 00

green glass door camp game
green glass door camp game

Although the puzzle of the green glass door is popular, almost all groups have members who have not heard of it and consider it a new experience.

This is, of course, especially true for younger players. The variations we listed add unique custom content.

If you wish, you can change the name of the game to match the chosen criteria.

For example, if you use only those elements that are in the plural, you can say game bag, bucket, and basket.

The leader begins by saying: “I can keep cats in my bag, bucket, and basket, but not a kitten.”

Be creative, have fun and share this game with family, friends and your children.

In the early 80s, while in Junior high was exposed to a game called Queen Anne’s Picnic.

Same concept… “What would she bring with her to a feast?” Answers had to be double letters.

Pizza, not meat pie

Green beans, not red ones

Carrots, not celery…


As you can see it was limited in scope. I prefer the Green Glass Door version. 🙂

For example: “CHEESE CAN pass through green glass doors, but MILK CANNOT”.

The trick is that only double-letter words can “pass-through” the door. another example; “Mittens CAN But Can’t Glove.”

correct? This is a game in which one or two people know the trick, but the rest have to solve it for themselves!

This is great fun, but children can get frustrated sometimes, so be patient and keep them motivated!

green glass door camp game

It is a problem-solving game.

Where everyone sits in a circle and the first person says two things; One can go through the green glass door, but the other cannot.

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