What is the witcher 3 max level Cup?

What is the witcher 3 max level?

Some have reached level 44 in the base game by completing All quests, main and side. Beyond that, there is no scope to level up. I’ve run out of quests and activities.

In the base game, the level cap is 70 – though you’ll probably need to play New Game+ to get there.

Blood and Wine increase that cap up to 100.

Don’t forget that the first time you access each Place Of Power, you get one free Ability Point too.

There are some 24 to 25 of these through the game (plus some in Toussaint – the Blood and Wine area – but nobody mapped these out fully yet), and you can collect those ability points again in New Game+.

I have reached level 100 by now and stopped getting any more XP.

Enemies are also capped at level 100 but I got to level 105 monsters and bandits occasionally because of enemy upscaling enabled, but there’s absolutely nothing that a few sword blows cannot kill.

Interestingly provoked guards are capped at level 100 too so they don’t show the usual skull icons.

But they can still insta-kill you on death march difficulty, especially the archers, halberd guys, and the cavalrymen.

witcher 3 max level

Wild Hunt Female Characters
witcher 3 max level

What is the witcher 3 max level?

I guess that happens if anything is left up for years with no fact-checking.

The cap is 100, achievable only on New Game+.

That will be 50k views, an invitation to create my own space, the title of Viscount, and an amenable succubus.

You can level up as much as you want. But the game stops scaling at a certain point. Around 45 I think, after this, you can level up but finding experience and quests for the same is really difficult.

However, you can start a new game+ that will carry your character onto a new game and the game will start scaling at whatever level you started the new game+ with.

By the time I completed the main storyline in my new game+, I was around 80 odd level and I still had both DLCs to compete.

There no level cap really, but it is difficult to gain levels when you’ve finished all quests and there’s nothing to hunt.

How can I kill the werewolf in The Witcher 3?

The werewolf is a monster that is overpowered beyond belief, in my opinion.

Maybe because werewolves are supposed to be unstoppable, but I believe CDProjektRed could have dialed down the healing ability.

Anyway, the other answers are good strategies for dealing with the werewolf, but the single best way to take one down is by using a Moon Bomb.

If you throw one at the werewolf, right when he starts healing (and not before, don’t waste the bomb) you can take him down with little to no effort, as it stops him from healing altogether.

You can buy a recipe for a Moon Bomb from the herbalist North – East of Novigrad. He’s quite close to the city, past some fields and farms.

I struggled to kill a werewolf and attempted perhaps 10 – 15 times, failed every single time.

The moment I used a Moon Bomb, I killed two in one day. =)

Before the encounter, use your Cursed Oil. Make sure your potions are in order and have grenades equipped that does fire damage.

I favor Igni, if the werewolf catches fire you get a free heavy swing.

Keep your parry up to guard against the normal wolves and Keep moving, keep out of range, wait till it attacks and dodge out of range then quickly counter with a fast attack and dodge back again straight away.

You can occasionally get a good rhythm of dodge and counter but he’ll try to get some distance once he’s taken some damage, when he does follow up with a grenade and close the distance so he doesn’t heal up too much but again, fast attack and dodge back, never chain more than 2 hits, it’ll cost you.

It’ll help if you have a decent set of equipment, and if you have the tools, repair your silver sword before the encounter.

If all else fails, come back after you’ve leveled up a few more times.

  • Oil: Cursed Oil: improved damage against werewolves and all other Cursed-type enemies
  • Poison effect: Poison stops regeneration and deals damage over time
  • Bomb: Moon Dust: Stops the werewolf’s regeneration
  • Bleeding: Deals damage over time
  • Fire: Another DoT effect with a brief stun period when you ignite the enemy

Basically you want to stack as many of these things in your favor as possible.

You might have to go exploring and come back later with better gear and higher level.

How do I level up fast in The Witcher 3?

Do quests. Witcher 3 reward you tons of experience points if you do side quests, witcher contracts, and main quests.

Simply killing random monsters in the wild won’t give you much EXP.

This game gives you enough side quests and contracts, it gives you enough gold (especially later in the game) that you don’t need any exploit.

Just keep up with the side quests and contracts and treasure hunts, try to discover everything on the map… you’d end up so OP with so much gold you don’t know what to do with it.

The beginning part is a bit hard… but just remember, you can (and probably should) run away from a tough enemy.

You don’t need to stick around and finish the fight, and most monsters won’t chase you after a certain point.

Also, you can probably take on enemies that’s 2-3 level above you if you plan carefully and use potions, so don’t worry about taking side quests and contract that’s above your level.

In The Witcher 3, who do you like more? Triss or Yennefer?

There are lots of book readers and serious Witcher fans so I thought why not give my two cents on the matter.

After all, I’m a newcomer to this saga, unbiased maybe, but for sure oblivious and here is my uneducated choice that I made based on my vast knowledge of not having read the books and neither having played Witcher 1 and 2.

Crowd gasps and starts booing

In the Witcher 3, I chose Yennefer.

And I had my reasons. Sort of.

Alert: Witcher 3 spoilers follow!

Those reasons were (for the most part) not Yennefer being a beautiful vixen because both (in fact all) sorceresses in the game were physically, very attractive.

No, I’ve been trying to figure out what made Yennefer completely knock Triss out of the game for me and it’s not an easy one.

As a person who hasn’t read or played anything in this universe before the Witcher 3, I obviously have limited knowledge about these people’s backstories.

I looked at the necessary information up but I don’t have any emotional investment into their past.

What I do have an emotional investment is, however, the events of the last game.

Let’s start with our protagonist, Geralt.

What I’ve learned about Geralt throughout the game is that he is a man.

And not in any macho sense of the word too:

Friends, he is not just a grown man but an adult person.

He takes responsibility, he makes decisions, he relies on wisdom.

He protects his friends and loved ones, he has a sense of humor as well a sense of honor, loyalty, decency, he understands that he has limitations as well as that his actions have consequences.

By he is a man, therefore, I mean he is a mature adult. I’m saying this because the stark opposite of Geralt is Dandelion.

Sure, he’s funny. And of course, we believe that he has a heart of gold. (Although we see him through Geralt’s eyes.)

But Dandelion is, if you look beyond the funny exterior, an immature, irresponsible man-child.

He constantly needs someone to save him from the troubles that he gets himself into.

He’s a womanizer and I seriously didn’t like some of his comments on women.

See, his story in this game is a coming of age story, the womanizer manchild growing up and settling down and he still calls Priscilla the crowning achievement of his womanizer career.

Wow. That’s… That’s unbelievably condescending and demeaning. And yeah, sexist.

But never mind that. My point is that Geralt is the protagonist and the kind of dad figure who solves everyone’s problems because he’s a responsible adult.

Which brings me to the ladies. And I think the two primary love interests in this game represent two different types of personalities.

See Triss always struck me as younger than Yennefer. Younger, more cheerful, at first sight, more warm-hearted.

The things that Geralt helps her get through, her troubles, they’re not her own fault. In fact, I think it’s only Triss, Yen and Ciri who Geralt doesn’t have to save from themselves in this game, ironically.

Regardless, to me, Triss was “the girl you save.” Even though she was a leader type of her own, she relied on Geralt, looked up to him.

She was a little bit of a damsel in my opinion. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I absolutely respect it – It’s the classic “knight in shining armor” and “damsel in distress” story but the knight here is a monster-hunting Witcher and the damsel is a kickass sorceress and the leader of Novigrad’s underground magical runaway community.

With Yennefer though, I felt different. She instantly felt like a partner, not someone you have to save.

Not the girl that you step in front of protectively but the woman who puts her shoulder to your shoulder, her back to your back.

As I said, this is a subjective opinion but even with Yen’s prickly behavior and often cold exterior, I think I felt some form of warmth behind the facade.

Matured love, softness, caring. A true long-time partner, an equal in every way.

There’s an interesting parallel between two moments in the game.

At some point, Geralt goes to a formal reception/ball/soirée type of event with both of them. (With Triss, at a manor outside of Novigrad, with Yen, it’s on Skellige.)

Both times, Geralt remarks that he doesn’t like doublets and formal wear and he finds it uncomfortable.

The two sorcerers’ answers, however, are different.

witcher 3 max level

witcher 3 max level
witcher 3 max level

Triss: chuckles I’ll be sure to admire your valiant suffering!

Yennefer: Yes. You also dislike underdone meat and being teleported.

And those two answers, to me, carry in them the essence of the sorceress’ respective relationships with Geralt.

Triss is sweet, she has an idealized view of the Witcher and when you take her to the event.

It’s like a date in the very early stages of a relationship, sweet remarks, compliments, romance all the way.

Yennefer though, her behavior to me is that of a longtime partner. Like a girlfriend or a wife.

She doesn’t look up to Geralt but looks at him like an equal partner and demands the same.

She’s not as sweet as Triss, not as cheerful. It’s a different bond.

Triss sends out Geralt to get proper clothes and masks for them both and compliments him on his effort.

Yennefer prepares Geralt a set of evening attire, leaves it out on the bed and calmly compliments his outlook.

To her, Geralt is not an idealized boyfriend figure – To her, he’s a longtime husband type, they know and acknowledge each others’ faults as well as strengths and skills.

To me, they were a power couple, two different but equally unstoppable forces of nature.

And so if Geralt is a dad figure, a problem-solver, a savior, a moral compass, Yennefer is a mom figure.

Uncompromising, deadly, strong-willed, resilient, resourceful.

To me, she had the same type of mature, adult vibe that Geralt had.

And when these two were racing on horseback towards that tower in the end to save Ciri, it felt like no matter the apocalyptic hellscape that surrounded them.

It was Geralt and Yennefer, coming to save their daughter, who were the two most dangerous people on the battlefield.

Because if you hurt their family in any way, I hope you’re in heaven half an hour before Geralt and Yennefer find you.

Is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a sexist game?

There were accusations that The Witcher 3 includes “double standard” and is, therefore, automatically sexist.

The supposed double standard consisted of MOBS shouting “freak” when Geralt was around, but shouting “cunt” or similar gendered insults when Ciri was around.

Labeling this as a double standard is incorrect on multiple levels.

Primary incorrectness stems from the fact that this was mobs – low level, primitive, uneducated, poor people who had no agency (no voting power, etc).

From the perspective of world opinions, they are no better than children which also spout random nonsense and try to see what catches on.

Secondary incorrectness lies in what the mobs were trying to achieve with their namecalling.

They were trying to insult and harass the witcher characters (Geralt and Ciri), and they were trying to do so in a time-sensitive situation (Geralt and Ciri were just passing by, most probably running).

When we try to insult someone, we are trying to inflict psychological harm on them – throw them off balance, make them insecure, make them feel ashamed for some potential flaw.

Because of this, the insult has to be custom-tailored for the recipient, otherwise, it doesn’t work.

Geralt doesn’t have many perceived flaws – besides being a witcher.

He is famously good in bed, he is strong, tall, dexterous, has a great voice, relatively good looks. So, what insults are available?

In the setting, sexual experience in men is not something to be ashamed of, so calling him “womanizer!” would not insult him.

They couldn’t call him weak, or small, or high-pitched… so, the only thing left to insult was his witcher status, his mutations – ergo, “Freak!”

witcher 3 max level

witcher 3 max level
witcher 3 max level

However, Ciri is a different case.

Ciri is a female in a predominantly male position. And the assumption is that many have doubted her fitness for witcher-hood.

So, reminding her of her femininity is a viable insult tactic. That’s why she is being called “cunt” or “slut”.

No, TW3 is definitely NOT sexist.

What’s the secret to winning Gwent in Witcher 3?

Even if The Witcher III is my favorite game, at first I wasn’t so crazy about the in-game Gwent.

In fact, I avoided it, until it was no longer possible to (the Collect ‘Em All secondary quest fails if you leave the masquerade ball without winning the mini-tournament).

However, give it some time and pretty soon you will be winning every game.

This is what I found to be the most helpful tips I wished someone had given me:

  1. Buy every single Gwent card available for sale – even if you already have them. Some of them you need to have multiple times in your deck.
  2. Do not turn down any offers to play Gwent by NPCs in your quests. For example, winning the game offered while drinking with your fellow witchers in Kaer Morhen gives you the Triss legendary card.
  3. Play all the players designated by quests to collect legendary cards. They will make your life easier.
  4. Stick with the Northern Realms deck. Not only for …patriotic reasons but also because it is the most powerful deck of them all. Also, whenever you win a round, it gives an extra random card in the next.
  5. Choose Foltest: Lord Commander of the North as your leader to be able to clear away all weather effects. Now you only need a single Biting Frost card in your deck – which you are going to use after you cleared the Torrential Rain that hinters your siege weapons with your leader card.
  6. Keep your deck to the minimum 22 units cards (with no more than 25–26 in total) to increase the chances of getting dealt good cards.
  7. Put every single Spy card you own in your deck. I learned this the hard way in my first play-through trying to win the second round of the Passiflora tournament. In my New Game+ I mopped the floor with sassy Sasha, first try.
  8. Put every resurrect card you own in your deck, keep them for the second round and learn how to use them in combination with the Decoy cards.
  9. Do the same for all the Decoy cards – they are the most useful cards in this game. Learn how to use them. Most players know about turning the opponent’s spies against him but how about using a (non-legendary) resurrect card over and over? How about trimming back your cards to just barely win a round once your opponent passed in order to win the next one too?
  10. Keep at least one Commander’s Horn card in your deck. They can turn an almost lost round at the very last moment.
  11. Use the option to exchange two of your cards in your initial hand to reinforce the above.
  12. First-round, use your spies to increase the number of your cards. And try to win the round using your siege weapons cards.
  13. The second round hit with your legendary cards and use your Decoys to reuse your opponent’s spies.
  14. Avoid using your strongest non-legendary cards, completing same-card multipliers or applying Commander’s Horn bonuses until the end of each round – in case your opponent has Scorch. Rule of thumb: until your opponent passes, try to keep your cards’ individual strength below that of your opponents.
  15. If your opponent uses the Monsters or Scoia’tael decks (which are strong in tag-along groups) give him the chance to use them all up and, if you cannot neutralize them with Impenetrable Fog or Biting Frost, do not be shy to concede around. When he is depleted, he will be easy pickings.
  16. Learn how to properly use the Villentretenmerth card: it burns the highest card(s) in the melee line once their total is over 10. Usually, it will get rid of one or two cards. However, once your opponent uses a melee legendary card (locking the total above 10), first apply Biting Frost to reduce all non-legendaries values to 1 – and then burn them all up with Villentretenmerth before your opponent can bring them back with Clear Weather. Particularly effective if facing Monsters or Scoia’tael decks. See how I did it in the screenshot below: Dragon-fire them like a Boss!
  17. It goes without saying that since you are to save before each game, betting the maximum amount is advisable. Even if the amounts that can be won pale in comparison to Dice Poker…

What is the witcher 3 Wild Hunt max level Cup?

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witcher 3 max level

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