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What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2024

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2024

The travel benefits are as follows, as of the time of writing:

  1. 1 annual leave ticket (confirmed)—completely free—for self, spouse, and children. First 3 years of service, a ticket for the declared hometown. After that, you get a free ticket to any Emirates destination. For some senior grades, freely upgrade to the next class, if available, and if the travel party does not have a child under 13.
  2. Unlimited ID90 tickets (subject to load, i.e., flight not being full)—for self, spouse, and children. You pay full taxes and 10% of the standard IATA fare (higher than the market fare). Overall, it works out to be around 30% of the total fare (base + taxes) found in the open market, as a thumb rule.
  3. Unlimited ID50 tickets (confirmed) – for self, spouse, and children. You pay full taxes and 50% of the standard IATA fare (higher than the market fare).
  4. 1 SRC ticket (per year of continuous service after the first 3 years). It is subject to load, and you pay only taxes, 0% on the base fare. It can be transferred to any passenger you wish.
  5. 1 additional confirmed SRC per year of continuous service over X years (I am trying to remember how many years).
  6. If you quit/retire after more than 15 years of continuous service, you get 1 subject to load and 1 confirmed SRC per year for life.
  7. 2 subject to loading ID90 tickets per year for your maid (above a certain grade).
  8. 2 subject to load ID90 and 2 confirmed ID50 for each of your parents, parents-in-law, and siblings per year.
  9. 10 special tickets are given out every year, which can be given to any other friend/relative not listed above. These confirmed buddy tickets are slightly cheaper than the market (maybe a 10% discount) but are tightly controlled. So you won’t find the most popular routes available during popular travel periods.
  10. Something more that I can’t recall.


  • These are only available for full-time permanent staff. Not for temporary, contractual, or consulting staff
  • The benefits seem attractive on paper, but if you have a family with kids and can travel only during school holidays (peak travel periods), the subject-load tickets are usually useless, as Emirates flights usually go full.
  • The confirmed annual leave tickets are good. If you have kids, though, you have to sacrifice the free upgrade to business class.
  • The ID50 and buddy tickets are pretty useless if most of your travel is to or from the Indian subcontinent or other popular destinations, as these tickets are strictly inventory controlled based on forecast demand.

Do you have to be rich to travel the world? Here’s a TED Talk about a guy who traveled the world without money, but how realistic is that for others?

As much as I would like to say yes and give myself a valid excuse for not traveling much, the answer is a resounding no.
A 65-year-old tea shop owner and his wife from Kochi, India, have traveled to 16 countries while owning only a tea shop.
And this is no fancy Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Day, etc.; this is your normal, usual chai-walla.
Yes, this.

Meet Vijayan, and his wife, Mohana.
How do they do this? By taking Bank Loans.
Using the loans to visit a new country and then repaying the loan for the next 3 years. And the cycle repeats. How do they repay the loan? By saving Rs. 300 every day. So in 3 years, they saved Rs. 3,28,500(without calculating interest).

They have visited Britain, France, UAE, Egypt, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, etc. Their dream destination? The United States of America which they are working hard to fulfill. They went on a trip to Europe in 2012. I wish them all the best as they fulfill the dreams that those who earn multifold more are yet to begin.

Also, a crowdfunding campaign is ongoing to help this beautiful couple achieve their dream of visiting the United States. If you wish to contribute to their dreams

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Who is Allen Greene (In Memory of) from Shawshank Redemption?

How to track my new SBI DEBIT CARD STATUS 2023

How does it feel to travel alone?

Though I didn’t plan on traveling alone but was compelled to do so, I had planned a trip to Leh, Ladakh, with friends. The discussions were done, the plan was made, routes decided, necessary purchases made, motorcycles readied, and everything was taken care of.

The plan was to ride 4 motorcycles from Bangalore to Leh. As the day of the journey started approaching, people started dropping out one by one. Each gives a different reason. The last and final person backed out on the day of the journey.
So, had to make a choice, whether to give up on the plan or attempt a solo ride to the Himalayas across the country on a 20-year-old motorcycle.
I decided, what the heck? Let me look at it; I’ve already applied those, leaving no point in backing out. I made a mental agreement: the moment the motorcycle gives up is when I will give up and head back.

​Starting point, Mysore Infosys.

As it turned out, it never did for the next 26 days. I and I took my motorcycle a day at a time, picked a destination, and tried to make it. Almost always, we did.

The route took me across the country, Blore – Pune – Mumbai- Ahmedabad – Mt Abu- Udaipur- Jaipur- Amritsar- Chandigarh- Jammu- Srinagar- Kargil- Leh.
Everybody was surprised to see a 22-year-old guy traveling alone from Bangalore on a motorcycle almost as old as him.

By the time I reached Leh, I had already covered 4000kms, was tired, and fell sick as I didn’t expect AMS to set in. But the bike was in perfect condition, and I remembered our agreement. Kardungla Pass, the highest motorable road at 18380 feet, and the beautiful Pangong Lake are what I came for. Decided to make one final push.

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2024

​The kid on the left. No backup crew and no company to rely on. Just a few biker friends who I had met on the way.
Soon after, the AMS started getting worse, and I had to head to lower altitudes, but the toughest road, Leh- Manali, was what I had to tackle to reach home. Crossing those flooded roads, no tarmac to insane traffic. I remember very less of the journey, but I just kept going. Reached Chandigarh, shipped the bike, and took a flight to Bangalore.

Though I spent the next 7 days at a hospital recovering from losing over 12 kilos on the journey, I had the most memorable experience of my life. Met some amazing people on the way, some in Punjab who took me to their home and offered me lassi, the amazing biker brotherhood who stopped to help any stranded biker on those routes, to a couple of army fellows who offered me free lodging in Leh for a couple of days just because they saw my number plate which belonged to their state.

It removed my inhibitions and fear of traveling alone. It’s a beautiful world out there, and some amazing and helpful people you’ll meet along the way.
Traveling alone is a way to know yourself in ways you never imagined.
After this, I’ve traveled 6 more times to the Himalayas, 3 times of those solo biking. And I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon) Cheers.

What are the perks of being a solo traveler?

1. Ultimate Freedom

Traveling alone makes you more flexible with time, your next destination, and your decisions. You team up with travel buddies you like the most and expand your travel plans. You are free to change your plans whenever you want to. You are free to sleep as long as you want to. You can hitchhike, hike, dance on the beach, and change your destination at the last minute without stress and compromises. When you travel, you are open to change, and you will welcome it with open arms. No more fitting into a group’s agenda. No more explanations or disappointing anyone. You follow rhythm, heart, and mind.

2. Speak To Strangers. Make New Friends

When we travel with companions, we tend to stick to that group of people, and even though we try our best to get to know new people, the dynamics and interactions will certainly not be as deep and fulfilling. I’ve noticed that when I am on my own on the road, I’m definitely more eager to chat with locals, meet travel buddies, team up with other travelers, and generally reach out more to socialize. It seems so natural. Traveling solo enables you to speak directly to some locals and stop being shy with people. This way, you can make new friends and gain valuable insider knowledge about wherever you are.

I met these 3 more solo travelers during my last solo trek in Oct 2015. After meeting for the rest of the journey to Delhi, we all were together. And we are in touch; we talk at least once a month.

3. Learn more about yourself. Discover yourself

Once you begin a solo journey to an unknown place, you get to know yourself much better. You are on your own. You start listening to your heart, and you can finally achieve some level of internal equilibrium and focus of mind. You start to discover yourself again – things you are capable of, afraid, or scared of. You face your fears, and you defeat them. There is no stress around, and you feel alive.

4. Experience New Things

When you travel solo, people are more open and direct with you. Thus, you can experience more new things than when traveling with someone. People will invite you home and welcome you warmly in their place. They will share everything they have with you, sometimes giving you more than they possess. You will notice their smile and small gestures you often ignore when traveling with someone else by your side.

5. Overcome your fears. Challenge your insecurities

What does not kill you makes you stronger, and that’s so true. When you are left alone, you start fighting for what matters to you. You overcome the fear of heights, darkness, spiders, or even new food. The more you travel, the less you fear. As long as you make regular solo trips, you will feel more confident each time, no matter your fear, which is also a good excuse to travel regularly.

You might end up going on that white-water rafting day trip or Paragliding – those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you would never have done if you’d been in the comfort of your place and friends. Because hey, YOLO

Paragliding from Birbilling- World’s second highest Paragliding Take off point (altitude- 2480mtr)

White River rafting 🙂

6. Loneliness? What is that?

When traveling solo, you will never feel lonely. Once you get to any hostel or hotel, you will see plenty of solo travelers in the same boat. You all travel for the same reasons, miss home at some point, and want to experience new things. It is incredible to see how much you have in common with people you have not met. You get to know each other, make friends, and keep in touch. We meet again after some time in a different place, and you all laugh at all these awkward and unforgettable moments you shared.

Jumping: Jump and strangers became friends. We talk every day in the whatsapp group 🙂

7. Indulge in anything you want without being judged

Without a doubt, eating is one of the most enjoyable aspects of travel. Be it street food or in a restaurant. Once you start traveling solo, you also start appreciating food more and eating things that you would normally not eat at home. You become more adventurous with food. You can finally take in all the Thai pad thai, Italian pizza, Belgian macaroons, Rum Balls, and Chinese dumplings you find on your travels if you so desire without worrying about other people noticing.

My fav- is Rum Ball

8. Save Money

In most cases, traveling solo is cheaper than traveling with someone. Why? Nobody teases you with local delicacies, so it is easier to resist the temptation and spend less money on food (my case). You are also more likely to buy fewer souvenirs and useless gadgets. More importantly, your travel companion might prefer the more convenient and expensive way of traveling, and it’s sometimes awkward to say, “Sorry, it’s too expensive for me.”

9. Gain Confidence

When you travel solo, you face various problems, make decisions and even take risks alone. All these situations will, without a doubt, make you stronger, braver, and much more confident. Being alone on the road is a great challenge, and as we know, the challenges make us grow stronger and wiser, not only as travelers but also as human beings. When traveling alone, you can learn many skills, such as time management and decision-making.

10. Zero Drama

How many times did you argue with your travel buddies? How many times did you have to meet them halfway? If things do not go well, the entire trip can be a miserable, drama-filled time you’d love to forget. There is no drama when you travel on your own. No argumentsNo fights.

To summarize, we should be confident to embark on a solo journey! For some people, it might be a tough decision and a weird feeling for the first days of a solo expedition, but at the end of the day, you will not regret it as it’s much more adventurous and challenging, and it shapes your personality and gives you enormous possibilities to test yourself.

Where is the cheapest country to visit?

1. Vietnam.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,000
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 800
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 35 for 1 kilometer.

2. Nepal.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,000 – Rs 2,000
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 500
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 500

3. Bhutan. (Only for Indians)

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,500 – Rs 2,000
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 100 – Rs 400
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 500. Shared vehicles and buses are cheaper.

4. Sri Lanka.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 700 – Rs 1,000
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 500 – Rs 1,200
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 150

5. Laos.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 500 – Rs 800
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 200 – Rs 500
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 150 – Rs 250

6. Thailand.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,200
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 1,200
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 150

7. Malaysia.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 600
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 300
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 150

8. Indonesia.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,500 – Rs 2,000
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 700
  • Average Transportation Cost: Varies. Prefer metered taxis for going places.

9. Seychelles.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,000
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 500
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 25 flat rate for public transportation.

10. Cambodia.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,000
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 300
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 1,000

11. The Philippines.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 700
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 500
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 1,200

12. Turkey.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,500
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 500
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 250

13. Myanmar.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,000
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 700
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 150

14. Lebanon.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 1,500
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 60 – Rs 100 per dish.
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 150 – Rs 200

15. Taiwan.

  • Daily Room Cost – Rs 700
  • Daily Food Cost – Rs 250 per dish.
  • Average Transportation Cost: Rs 300

What are mind-blowing facts about time travel?

Disclaimer: I don’t claim any of the stories to be true.

Here, I am sharing 3 bizarre time travel stories—

  1. John Titor, a man from 2036

In November 2000, a man named John Titor started answering internet questions about time travel.

The man claimed he was from 2036 and said their world was torn apart because of the war between the US and Russia. Only a few people survived.

He had returned to the past to retrieve some items to help them rebuild society.

He specifically asked for a computer—IBM 5100—which was never released to the public and known by only the people who designed it.

He was all over the internet for 4 months and then disappeared.

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023

2. The mysterious streets of Liverpool

There are so many time travel stories about Liverpool, and I am sharing this one—

In 2011, a woman went to a Mothercare store to buy a gift for her sister. While checking out, her credit card was turned down.

She went back home and complained to her mother.

And when they both returned to the place, there was no Mothercare store—it was a bank.

3. The man from a country that never existed.

( This is my favorite one )

In July 1954, a man came to Tokyo International Airport. Something strange happened at the check-in counter when he gave his passport to be stamped.

The country that issued the passport was Taured—a country that never existed.

During interrogation, the man said the country existed between France and Spain. The man knew many languages as well.

And later, he disappeared mysteriously.

The story became so popular that a novel was written a few years later.

What are the best travel hacks?

I’m ready for travel even if you plan a trip to Kashmir or Kanyakumari in the next 5 minutes.

  • My 46 Ltr travel bag can hold up to 6 days of clothes (No extra bag needed)
  • My travel bag will always be loaded with basic daily essentials.
  • The power bank will be power-packed. It will be kept for emergencies and always be charged fully.
  • I carry novels to read.
  • I carry my tab loaded with movies with good ratings on IMDB. Usually, 25 movies will be pre-loaded.
    • If I get bored with books, the next option will be Movies, music, and the last option will be chit-chatting with the co-passengers. I’m an introvert, so people are my last priority.

A still from my all-time favorite Kannada movie, Mugulunage

  • Always keep some money and debit/credit card in the back pouch of your smartphone. Just in case you lose your travel bag while traveling.
  • Always carry some change along with you because beggars and transgender people won’t spare you until you give them some money.
  • Carry hard copies of documents always.
    • Booking details copy, Aadhar card, and Health Insurance.
  • Roll the t-shirts instead of folding them because it consumes less space.
  • I use these apps for hassle-free traveling.
  • Finance should be strong too for traveling; the credit card comes in handy during month-end.
  • Wynk music is a lifesaver sometimes with good earphones.
  • Keep two different mobile numbers for work and private life. Disable your work number for a peaceful journey and moments when you are on a trip.
  • After travel, transfer your pics to google drive for memories.
  • Keep all your documents scanned in google drive, which may be useful in any situation.

How do I make a living out of traveling?

A few self-proclaimed digital nomads out there have carved out a special, carefully obfuscated blend of ebooks, affiliate marketing, travel blogging, and SEO’d banner farms. They are ‘location independent’ and earn their income from a wide assortment of sites that slowly trickle money in.
Nomadicmatt, Nerdynomad, Tynan, Colin Wright, and many others follow this path. Nerdynomad is gracious enough to post monthly P&Ls, recently earning nearly $10k.
This is hard. It is a bit like people you’ve heard about who struck it rich buying stocks in the dot-com boom. Sure, it’s possible. It’s not magic. You can do it. But you won’t.
There are simpler, easier methods to earn a living (or supplement savings) that are much more achievable and realistic.

If you plan on sticking to the developing world, $1500-2500 is a great travel budget. To travel, you need money, yes. You can start with large savings, say $10k. This will get you 4-6 months of travel. If you start with savings and can earn money on the road, you can extend your savings. Even $500 a month in earnings can double your travel time.
Also – if you’re working and earning money while traveling, you will likely be spending less, further extending your savings. A leased apartment, grocery shopping, and moving around less (fewer planes, trains, and busses, fewer tours and trips) will help a lot.
So you can fluctuate between periods working heavily while traveling, going home for short spells, working a lot, and traveling without working at all (and perhaps collecting some form of passive income like those above ‘digital nomads’).

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023

I met one couple who spent a couple of months in the summer working in restaurants in Alaskan resorts and then camped around Australia, working here and there in restaurants, then backpacking around Southeast Asia, flying to Hawaii and waiting tables there a couple of days a week before heading back to Alaska. Nothing mysterious or exotic about their methods. Live out of a backpack, and suddenly, your expenses are low. Emirates staff travel

Another tip is when I work. I work. I can make enough money to travel for about a year and a half in four or five months. Seven days a week, fourteen hours a day. I spend as little as possible and squeeze as much money as possible from every possible resource. If I need a car, I hunt for the cheapest possible option, and when I’m done with it, I sell it for as much as possible. Done with my bike? Sell it. Don’t you like my portable speakers anymore? Sell them.

Even housing. An old trick of mine is to rent a three or four-bedroom house, divide the cost of the monthly rent by the number of rooms and add 10-20%, rent out the rooms, and then live in the garage. I would make a couple hundred bucks a month because I was willing to handle the hassle of a lease and finding roommates. Emirates staff travel

So how can you supplement your savings?

Teaching English:
Many countries, specially developed Asian ones, pay quite well. I’ve talked to people who earn over $90 an hour privately tutoring Chinese students. Even if you aren’t earning a killing, $200 a month for 8 hours a week in a tropical paradise can go a long way.
Online Poker:
I have no fucking idea how, but I’ve met more “‘professional poker players’ than I’d ever expect to while backpacking around.
Itis a great option in first-world destinations like Hawaii, Australia, and Europe. It pays decent, and getting a job (and holding two jobs at a time) is easy. Emirates staff travel
Even third-world countries need bartenders, and unlike wait staff, they often like to have foreign folk serve alcohol. It pays shit, but instead of paying money to hang out in a bar every night, you’ll make enough money to pay for your meals and most of your rent by hanging out in a bar every night.
Adventure sports:
Working for a dive shop, a rock climbing company, or something like that is a great way to earn money in wonderful places. The pay isn’t great, and in many cases, the ratings are very expensive (SCUBA, we’re looking at you), but this isn’t about getting rich; this is about extending your savings while living in paradise.

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023

Many hostels will trade you free room and board in exchange for work. The pay is dismal, and the work is boring, but free room and board in Rio de Janeiro or Paris is nothing to scoff at.
Online freelance: is amazing. You can earn money here from anywhere if you have any remote technical skills. Remember, you won’t get rich, but a couple hundred bucks a month is all you need. Depending on your skill, that might be one gig a month. How much work would you have to do as a graphic designer earning a Western pay rate to live comfortably in a country whose population’s average annual salary is $3k a year? Answer: not much.
Buy and sell shit:
I know many people who buy things on the road and sell them back home for a windfall profit. Clothing from India, jewelry from Indonesia, and even silly-looking beanies made in Bolivia. One guy I met made enough money buying jewelry. He bought a house and turned it into a hostel. Once a year, he’d spend $3k on jewelry in Fiji and then spend 3 months selling it in California. Three months in California and nine months in Fiji. Not a bad life.
Those are a lot of good ideas to extend your savings. But you’re going to need savings. How do you get one? Emirates staff travel

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023

I did my first three trips overseas – three months in Mongolia, four months in Brazil, and two months in the Philippines – without real savings. I didn’t slowly build a pile of money and then blow it overseas.
Mongolia was mostly credit cards and a small sum I saved from getting a second job at Starbucks. Brazil, I did on unemployment money. I was supposed to telecommute to my job for a few months. The day after I bought my plane ticket, they went under and laid us all off. Emirates staff travel

I saved my last paycheck, sold everything I owned, and that was my savings, about $2000. Unemployment, $250 a week, supplemented it. The Philippines was scary. My girlfriend’s brother died, so I had one week to go from $0 to enough to buy me a round-trip ticket, her a ticket back, and for us to travel around. She had about $1500, which we spent traveling, and I had about the same that I got from selling everything I owned. I had to borrow money from my family, which sucked. Emirates staff travel

The secret? Get rid of everything. All of it. It’s just shit.
If you’re serious about building savings and earning money while traveling – sell all your shit and get a second job. You’ll have less free time (where you spend money) and make more. Stop buying shit and eat at home. You’ll have enough money to fly somewhere cool in a few months. Rent an apartment and get a silly job, post up on Elance, and you’ll have the time of your life. Emirates staff travel

What are the best countries to visit?

Sorry for the long post; I keep uploading more images since there are more viewers and more places I have visited.


1 The cost of living is low. You can survive here with only 200 US dollars a month( 100 for a nice guesthouse and 100 for food).

Edit: $100 monthly for a nice guesthouse seems arguable, but let me explain. Two years ago, I worked for a construction company to build a 36-story condo in Pattaya, an everything-expensive tourist city. The company paid for the rent in cash for me every month. I got paid for 2800 baths (70$) monthly for the rent. The room I chose costs 2700 monthly (electricity and water must pay separately, around 200–300 Baht). I could get a cheaper one, but I need air-conditioning. There is also a room in a small hotel for 4500–8000 baht a month. It’s more expensive since you have a maid to clean your room:

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023

  1. It’s not something you can find on the internet and book online. In this case, you have 3 options.
  2. The TAT tourist information booth located at the exit gate at international airports and in every province can provide this type of info.
  3. Go to Khaosarn Road in Bangkok, the capital city; there, you will find a lot of tourists who have more experience to exchange(when you arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport, there is a sky train and air-conditioned bus to the inner city where the road located, let taxi be the last choice since it’s around 20 km and that’s cost a lot. Emirates staff travel

The last one, ask locals. When you arrive in Bangkok, there is more chance to find a Thailand expert backpacker, an expatriate, or your native citizen than an emptied taxi cab. The farther from big cities, the cheaper the rent.

An English gentleman runs Mudmee guesthouse in Nongkhai province; I need to remember his name and only met him twice.

2. Sanitation level is upper average. We were taught to be clean in the look since we were young(not to mention big cities, they are almost the same around the world).

Edit: we take a bath every day. For me, two times a day.

Normal public Big cleaning day, not on a specific date, happens when a community agrees to do it

3. Transportation is good enough, not too expensive, and has many kinds. For example, one of the most visited cities, Chiang Mai, is located 700 km from International Airport and can be reached by plane for $40 US, air-conditioned bus for $18 US, and train for $15 US. What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023

Nakornchai Airbus.

  • 4. You can find something to eat no matter the time and where you are.
  • A Huahin food street in Surattanee province is open from dusk till dawn.
  • 9,257 branches of 7–11 Open 24–7. You will meet it no matter whether you want it or not.
  • A 10 baht Red Bull. Mixing it with whiskey to make you able to drink it all night and wake up with the worst headache you have ever experienced. Emirates staff travel
  • 5. So many historical and natural tourist destinations in its 77 provinces.
  • Tart Doom temple in Sakonnakhon province
  • Old house in Sakonnakon.
  • Nongharn freshwater lake in Sakonnakon.
  • Wat Ahong temple in Nongkhai, my province.
  • And also a variety of fruits, food, and culture
  • Loy Kratong Day on the full moon day in September.
  • Poo Tok in Nongkhai province is a small mountain with a wooden bridge built around it.
  • Also in Nongkhai Wat Hin Mark Peng temple.
  • Din Piang cave in Nongkhai Emirates staff travel

And Pattaya! (warning: Thai people don’t go there because the sea is not clean and the city is crowded. We go to Sattahip, located 30 minutes further, or Cha Arm on the other side of the gulf.)

The country right now is under a coup d’état, but it is safer since there are soldiers everywhere.

The only thing to beware of is to stay as long as planned. Many tourists didn’t mind this one thing and stayed for a year and more. The result is running out of money and being an English teacher to collect money for a plane back home. If you’re a foreigner, you can 100% get this job if you can speak English fluently.

Thank you so much for viewing and upvoting

Another suggestion is to visit during October – February, the cool season. I named it a cool season because the temperature is only between 19–25 degree Celsius. The hot season will start in March-May (the famous splashing water wartime Songkran festival is from the 13–the 15 of April), and the rainy season, which rains, every day, will start from June – September.

Thank you so much for all your comment

I read them all and must commit that there are also bad sides to my country since everything comprises the good and the bad. Emirates staff travel

All the information you provided belongs to my experience as a native. There is no lie in any word. It’s real-life experiences, not some tourist advertisement. I can only say that “Thailand is not just Pattaya and Bangkok.” They are big cities, busy, hot, crowded, and expensive(it’s a business hub, what can you expect). They are not something that can first impress you. Just go further; there are 75 other provinces to explore. Let’s say Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Petchaburi, Nakornprathom, Loei, Sakhonakhon, Trat, Tak, Maehongsorn, Nakonpanom, Pangnga, Surat, Korat, Lampoon, Lampang, Payao, Ratchaburi, Chacherngsao, Uttaradit, and my province, Nongkhai. These are all the provinces I have visited, and I feel impressive at first sight. Emirates staff travel

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023

And about being a teacher, I was also an English teacher in three bilingual schools for almost five years before I started my own business. Only a few foreign teachers I know have a teaching certificate. It would help if you had a work permit but not a certificate. A teacher who taught me at university is from Denmark. He was a businessman, so he taught Business English. Yeah, business English (I still wonder why we had to learn this subject). In most case, a school or an agent company provide a work permit for you after you teach in a school for a week or so. Emirates staff travel

You can have The rate of salary is up to your nationality. US and European can get more than 40,000 baht a month. Others can get up to 30,000 baht a month. A tutor in an English institute gets higher. Thai natives get paid at least 17,000 baht monthly with more hours and duty.

With my salary at 13,500 in 2013, I could afford a fully furnished condo with one bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom with my corridor in Suan Siam, 20 km from Bangkok. Three of my friends, Philippines teachers, have room the school provides. The rest of them rent a two-story house in Minburee.

Here is my other answer about my country. You will acknowledge the other fact why Thailand is likable. It’s all about people. Emirates staff travel

What country do you want to visit and why?

Here are the top places that every American Tourist should visit in India. India is popular for its culture, scenic beauty, and many more. India has something to offer everyone, from snow-covered mountains to scorching deserts, beautiful lakes to sparkling beaches, and magnificent palaces to glorious forts. Whether you are looking for a spiritual and healing experience or an adventurous and thrilling trip, here are the top places in India every American tourist should visit for a full and thrilling experience. Enjoy the culture, food, and history of the region and visit a mix of everything to experience India’s beautiful country. Emirates staff travel

  • Goa
  • Ladakh
  • Kerala
  • Manali
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • Darjeeling
  • Jaipur
  • Rishikesh

Whether you are visiting India for the first time or returning, make sure you have the sites mentioned above in your list of must-see places when vacationing in India; you can rest assured you wouldn’t feel you have missed out on anything on your much-coveted tour. Good luck!

What’s the discount that Emirates Airlines employees get on tickets?

Emirates Airlines employees get a generous discount on tickets.
Depending on the route and class of travel, they can receive up to 50% off the regular fare.
It is an excellent benefit that allows Emirates staff to explore more of the world at discounted prices!
Family members are also eligible for discounts when traveling with an employee. Emirates staff travel

How much discount can Etihad staff get for flight tickets, and how many per year? Also, can they use it for their friends?

Etihad Cabin Crew Benefits:

  • Annual leave ticket: You get one free return ticket to anywhere in the Etihad route network. It is to allow you to visit your home country.
  • ID 90 Flights: You can buy unlimited tickets with a 90% discount (on standby). The discount is also offered to your immediate family for unlimited travel.
  • Business & First Class Travel: Etihad allows all Cabin Crew to use their special tickets for Business & First Class travel as long as space exists in the cabin – otherwise, you’ll have to fly Economy.
  • Supplementary Tickets: You can nominate ten friends or family for discounted ‘supplementary tickets.’ Cost and availability can vary widely. Emirates staff travel

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How much cash should one carry while traveling to the Maldives for 4 days? What currency should it be?

Carrying some cash with you when traveling is always a good idea, especially if you are going somewhere like the Maldives.
The currency of the Maldives is the Rufiyaa (MVR), so it would be best to bring that type of currency with you.
As for how much cash you have depends on your budget and what activities or purchases you plan on making while there.
A general rule of thumb would be to bring enough money for all your meals and other expenses, such as souvenirs or excursions during your stay, and an emergency fund just in case something unexpected comes up. Emirates staff travel

What has traveling taught you?

People are the same everywhere.
Growing up in America, I viewed the rest of the world as very different from us. I viewed Chinese people as super hardworking and studious, and somewhat serious. America had the most diverse social groups in the world. I believed Southeast Asians were monotonously relaxed, healthy, and subdued.

I thought of their countries as homogenous, as they all had the same personality types because of their culture.
When I attended college in Thailand, I was shocked to see Thai college student rappers, one with hair like Lil Yachty. Thai Lil Yachty walks his pomeranian around the lake every day. Emirates staff travel

I saw grunge college students. I saw the very obviously popular Thai girls being instagram models. There were the jocks, the nerds, the entrepreneurs, and the preps. There were shy, outgoing, angry, subdued, and ruthlessly positive Thais. They mimicked our diversity exactly when I had such a narrow view of them. I guess it’s easy to box another country if all you know about them is from the news. Emirates staff travel

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023

I teach English online to Chinese students. I’m in a different kid’s home every night, virtually. Some students hate the class and do their best to disrupt it; others are excited to learn, some love princesses, and others want animals. Their parents all want the best for them, but some are more attentive than others. I’ve taught over 100 students so far, and each has been so different in their learning styles and personalities. Before, I thought every Chinese student was generally super academic and serious. They’re not; they vary just as much as we do. Emirates staff travel

Some villages I’ve visited in the Philippines aren’t connected to the outside world, but even as isolated as they are, they still resemble our culture. There are funny villagers, subdued villagers, hipster villagers, and outcasts.
People everywhere you go are the same. There are cultural differences, but at the core, everywhere is the same.

What are the best ways to earn money while traveling around the world?

You can go my route:

Instead of only traveling, travel and work both at the same time. Write to companies beforehand, ask them for a job, show them your skills, and negotiate for pay and accommodation.

All my expenses were paid for in Spain; even my food was paid for.

There are many ways to earn money while traveling; I found mine the easiest.


Which foreign country have you visited the most?


I guess everybody will guess Singapore or Malaysia due to the proximity of my country, Indonesia, to them. But no, I go to Qatar often since I am one privilege member of Qatar Airways that almost always transits in Doha.

Close second will be Singapore. And then Malaysia.

What are the Emirates staff travel benefits? 2023