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5 Online Sites to Convert Your Word File to PDF for FREE 2023

5 Online Sites to Convert Your Word File to PDF for FREE 2022

5 Online Sites to Convert Your Word File to PDF for FREE 2023

When it comes to file-sharing in schools, offices, businesses, etc., more people these days have switched to sending and receiving PDF files instead of word documents for various good and convenient reasons. 

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are accessible and viewable by almost all browsers and devices because it works well with operating systems and has developed to an open standard file. This type of file format is reliable because it retains the content and quality of whatever you put, may it be text, images, graphs, tables, etc. in the document, and its placement will never be distorted.

This is why it assures users that their files and information are kept secure. Plus, the owner of the file can add an extra layer of security by locking the PDF file with a password and allowing only authorized viewers to open the file. This feature helps avoid acts of plagiarism and other restricted acts. 

Online file conversions are fast and easy, it saves you and everyone around you from the hassle! If you’re finally considering sharing your files in PDF form, we’re here to give you online sites that will help you convert words to PDF. 

1. GogoPDF

GogoPDF is a web-based service that offers a wide range of tools relating to PDF files like editing, converting, e-signing, locking, and many more! With PDF file conversion, they not only convert word doc to PDF and vice versa but they also process Excel files, PowerPoints, image files, and HTML pages. 

To convert your word file to PDF with GogoPDF, all you have to do is select your desired file from your device or drag and drop it to the site. From that, your file will immediately be uploaded and converted. Once the “Download” button is up and ready, you can save your file to your computer or send it via email by entering the sender and recipient’s email addresses. There is also a temporary shareable link that you can utilize if you plan to send it to several people.

The site is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data it receives from customers so all uploaded files are immediately deleted from their server after an hour. There is also no need to install other software, it will be a smooth file conversion experience. A 14-day free trial is also coming soon too for Gogo PDFs pro tools!

2. PDFBear

The online site tool, PDFBear, is also another go-to place for your PDF needs. Their services include conversion, organization, optimization, security, viewing, editing, watermarking, and e-signing as well!

PDFBear’s file conversion tool caters to different file types like word documents, powerpoints, excels, HTML pages, and file images. The instructions are easy to understand with their 4-step infographics. You’ll have the conversion done in no time.

5 Online Sites to Convert Your Word File to PDF for FREE 2023

They are 100% free to use but if you want to work with their pro features, their membership plan is available for $59.99/ a year or $5.99/ a month. You can also test the waters by trying their 14-day free trial!

3. Sejda

Sejda works great both on their online web server, as well as on their offline desktop version. They do well in processing your PDF files, the only difference is that their online server permanently deletes your files afterward for security purposes while on the desktop, your files will never leave your computer. The desktop version is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux.

They also have a selection of PDF tools to use, including Word to PDF conversion. However, unlike other sites, they only accommodate limited file types. Nonetheless, it’s still a good site for word conversion purposes, and it’s very easy to use. Their paid plans for premium tools are priced from $5 to $7 monthly.

5 Online Sites to Convert Your Word File to PDF for FREE 2023

4. Small PDF

All the tools you’ll need to be more productive and work smarter with documents are available in Small PDF. They have 21 tools to convert, compress, and edit PDFs for free. 

Word to PDF conversion is super easy and convenient with Small PDF! There’s no need to adjust any settings and the conversion only takes a few seconds. In the process of converting your word file to PDF, Small PDF has a feature where you can choose to compress, edit or modify your file further. For as low as $9 monthly, you can enjoy more of their pro tools and upgrade your file sharing experience. 

5. PDF24 Tools

With PDF24 Tools you can convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint, images, and other files to PDF. The service is free and there is no limit to the number of files you convert! They also have multiple other tools that will help you with your PDFs. 

When your word file is uploaded, it will be converted to PDF right away. Super quick! Plus, there is no need for installation and such because the processing is all done online and their PDF converter works under all common operating systems and browsers.

Your files, once on the server, are protected by SSL, and they will not be stored on their server for so long. It will be completely removed from their system after a short time.

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Now you know where to convert your Word files to PDF, there’s no need for you to think twice about whether to convert your files or not. Trust us, PDF files are widely used these days and they help file-sharing to be so much easier, simpler, and more convenient. It’s time to upgrade your work style, so go for something a lot more efficient and trouble-free!

5 Online Sites to Convert Your Word File to PDF for FREE 2023

What is the best free Word to PDF converter? The Acrobat Word to PDF online tool lets you convert DOCX, DOC, RTF, and TXT files to PDF using any web browser. Just drag and drop a file to convert it.

5 Online Sites to Convert Your Word File to PDF for FREE

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