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Is there an iOS emulator for Windows PC similar to BlueStacks? 2024

Is there an iOS emulator for Windows PC similar to BlueStacks

Is there an iOS emulator for Windows PC similar to BlueStacks? 2024

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, there are several iOS emulators available for PC that allow you to simulate the iOS environment and run iOS applications on a Windows computer. Keep in mind that the performance and compatibility of these emulators may vary, and it’s essential to download them from reputable sources. Here are a few iOS emulators for PC:

    • Website:
    • is a cloud-based iOS emulator that lets you run iOS apps directly in your web browser. It is easy to use and does not require downloading or installing any software.
  2. Smartface:
    • Website: Smartface
    • Smartface is an iOS emulator for Windows that is commonly used for app development and testing. It provides a full-featured emulator environment.
  3. iPadian:
    • Website: iPadian
    • iPadian is designed to simulate the iPad interface on a Windows PC. While it doesn’t provide access to the full App Store, it offers a collection of apps designed for the iPadian environment.
  4. Ripple Emulator:
    • Website: Ripple Emulator
    • Ripple is a Chrome extension that emulates iOS and Android devices. It’s primarily used for mobile web app development and testing.
  5. MobiOne Studio (Discontinued):
    • Note: MobiOne Studio, which was once a popular iOS emulator for Windows, has been discontinued. While it may still be available for download from third-party sources, it’s not recommended to use outdated software due to potential security risks.

Before downloading and using any iOS emulator, make sure to check the official websites for the most recent versions and to verify their compatibility with your system. Additionally, be cautious of unofficial sources to avoid potential security risks.

Simply put, only on Mac. Running a thing we Mac users would like to call xCode, which so happens to include a Device Simulator, which can simulate anything from the latest iPhone to the latest AppleTV. The only problem with Xcode is that when a new version of macOS comes out, Xcode tends to quickly drop support for the version you are currently running.

In my case, I was running Yosemite on my Mac Pro (mid-2006, the first generation), and the latest as of now requires El Captain, which the guy who made the modified Yosemite install image hasn’t made one for El Cap. Sorry but there are no such “EMULATORS” like that of Bluestacks for the iOS environment. Similarly, you can easily find blogs claiming “TOP 9/10 iOS EMULATOR AND STUFF” but please don’t download them.

They all are adware and just give you an impression of the iOS experience with a couple of apps. Furthermore, for all intents of usefulness and accuracy ~ It is impossible to have anything resembling an iOS emulator, in the manner in which you are asking within your question.

Principally, it would require Apple to deliver the proper iOS software and the proper permissions for any third-party applications to test or allow by signing it. Not to mention, lacking a proper HW & SW integrated device for testing use; most testing would be hypothetical or “non-real world”.

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iPadian is the best iOS emulator to play iOS games on a computer with Windows. It can also be used in Linux and Mac OS X systems.


Before we begin to discuss the best iOS emulators for Windows products, we need to know what emulators are.

Well, Emulators are virtual programs that create a different OS environment on the various operating systems.

iPhone emulator for Windows is similar to these software programs. After installing the ios emulator on Windows PC, it creates an ios environment on windows, which can help us to run iOS apps.

These emulators follow the concept of virtualization technology. Such technology is responsible for creating virtual machines. These virtual devices are capable of running iOS applications on Windows computers.

Emulators were built initially so that the application developers could test apps and programs.

These are capable of running applications on one or many operating systems like iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.

List of the Top iOS Emulators for PC

  1. Smartface.
  3. Corellium.
  4. Xcode.
  5. Mobile Studio.
  6. Test Flight.
  7. Delta.
  8. Adobe Air.

iphone emulator for pc

Smartface allows you to emulate your iOS and Android application on a Windows PC with a single click. To emulate your application on any iOS device, like an iPad emulator or an iPhone emulator, download Smartface app from the iOS App Store and connect your iOS device to your Windows machine.

 Make sure you have iTunes installed for your PC to recognize your Apple device and then start developing a native application with Smartface. For the Android case, just set Android SDK path in your project settings in Smartface and click OK. It quickly generates the files in less than a minute and deploy it to the device. You can use a virtual Android device as well.

Android emulation is already known but you might wonder how emulation works on iOS. The main idea stems from the approach “if iTunes does it, why can’t we?” and we got to work on the solution. Now, we proudly introduce a brand new perspective about it.

Can Windows run an iOS emulator?

With just one click, Smartface enables you to run iOS and Android applications on a Windows computer. Download Smartface from the iOS App Store, connect your iOS device to your Windows computer, and use an iPad emulator or an iPhone emulator to simulate your application on any iOS device.

Which iOS emulator for PC is the best?

The best free iOS emulator for PC is one of these: iPadian, Smartface, MobiOne Studio, or Xamarin Testflight if you have an iPhone or iPad and wish to use the same apps on your computer.

Can Windows 10 run an iOS emulator?

All of your favourite iOS apps and games can be launched on your Windows 10 computer with this emulator. Also, if you are a developer, MobieOne Studio has a lot to offer. First of all, it resembles the Android SDK that programmers use to create apps for the Android platform.

Does BlueStacks support iOS?

The easiest way to experience this Android app on your PC or Mac is with BlueStacks app player. Install BlueStacks and Move to iOS on your computer. In every sense, iOS is designed to be simple. It also holds true when switching to it.

Is there an iOS emulator for Windows PC similar to BlueStacks? 2023

Moreover, it’s not just an emulator, it also functions as an Android and iOS debugger on Windows. Therefore, you can debug your apps with full debugging features such as breakpoints, watches, and real-time code changes.

We are doing everything we can do to make sure the emulation is the same as the real deployment process. You can be confident about everything being exactly the same as you developed and it only takes a few seconds to see your application in action. That’s why we named our helper app “Smartface in Action”.

Can I run iPhone apps on my PC?

There are no perfect ways to run iPhone apps and iPad apps on your Windows or OS X PC. The best way to use your favorite iOS apps on your laptop or PC is by using a simulator. The best way we’ve found is iPadian: a free Adobe AIR-based iPad simulator which allows you to run more iPhone- and iPad apps in an iPad-like interface on your own PC desktop.

However, there are some significant downsides: you can’t access the Apple App Store, so you’re restricted to iPadian’s own custom app store. If any reader knows of any iPhone- or iPad simulation software that can run all apps. With iPadian’s own store there are plenty of apps, but it’s still quite limited. Choose the Games category, for instance, and you’ll find fewer than 10 apps on offer.

There are also interface issues that will affect most PCs and laptops running any simulator of this type. The iPad is designed for touch, so using anything similar on a desktop, with just a mouse and keyboard, is never going to be ideal. You can still find your way around by clicking on buttons, but it all feels a little clunky, and the program doesn’t allow you to use the mouse to simulate swipes (although spinning the mouse wheel will scroll occasionally).

That’s the bad stuff, here’s what’s great. iPadian provides a complete iPad-like environment: a web browser, email client, social networking apps, music, videos, photos and more, with plenty of free apps to explore.

And, surprisingly, it’s portable, so there are no hassles with installation (as long as your system is already equipped with Adobe AIR, anyway). iPadian works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X, and Linux.

How to run iOS apps on PC?

First of all download iPadian here. Unzip the download file, run iPadian.exe. Some security software incorrectly pings iPadian as malware – if you have downloaded from a reputable source such as PC Advisor Downloads you need not worry – just click through to download.

During the install process, you may need to install Windows .NET Framework. When prompted to do so, do so. You’ll also be asked to update to the latest version of Adobe Flash. This is important for security reasons.

At the end of the install, iPadian will open up. You’ll be taken to a desktop that is a cross between Windows and iOS. Key apps such as Facebook and YouTube are already installed. Head to the ‘App Store’ to install more apps.

Open up and use apps as you would on your iPad.

When you want to return to Windows simply click the Windows symbol in the bottom righthand corner.


Emulators are virtual programs that are used for creating a different OS environment than the native OS of the device. iOS emulators for windows create an iOS environment for running iPhone apps on Windows PC.

While simulators also develop an OS environment, but they do not try to create a copy of hardware as emulators do. Due to this limitation simulators fail to run some apps.

Most of the users prefer iOS emulators over simulators. Most developers use emulators for developing and testing apps.

Which is the best iOS emulator for Windows and pc?

Smartface allows you to emulate your iOS and Android application on a Windows PC with a single click. To emulate your application on any iOS device, like an iPad emulator or an iPhone emulator, download Smartface app from the iOS App Store and connect your iOS device to your Windows machine.

There are no perfect ways to run iPhone apps and iPad apps on your Windows or OS X PC. The best way to use your favorite iOS apps on your laptop or PC is by using a simulator. … However, there are some significant downsides: you can‘t access the Apple App store, so you’re restricted to iPadian’s own custom app store.

No, there are no iOS Emulators for Windows similar to BlueStacks for Android.

Short: There currently are no iOS emulators for PC and there probably aren’t ever going to be emulators for iOS on PC in the future either. Why?

Because frankly, Apple has no incentive to have people run their OS on any system that they did not sell (iPhones, iPods, etc). As opposed to Google Android which is not tied to a specific hardware company.

Top iOS Emulators for PC and Mac | 2023 Edition

  • Corellium
  • iOS Simulator in Xcode
  • TestFlight
  • Electric Mobile Studio
  • Remote iOS Simulator for Windows
  • iPadian

Fake iOS Emulators: Simulators

Anything you may find online that claims to be an emulator for iOS, will be software that will simulate something that looks kind of like the Apple iOS, but really has none of the core functions that a real emulated iOS would have: you won’t be able to connect it to your apple account, install apps, perform purchases, you won’t be able to jailbreak or root the thing. Essentially it’s just a fancy, Apple-looking skin that is sold as an “emulator”.

Most of these fake emulators will come with monetization that automatically installs unwanted software on your computer, ads, etc. In other words, it borders on unwanted software/malware in some cases.

Is there an iOS emulator for Windows PC similar to BlueStacks? 2023

An iOS emulator is – to put in a nutshell – software that you can install on Windows 10 operating system on your PC. This emulator enables you to run iOS apps on your PC.

Why iOS Emulators probably never will exist

iOS for Apple devices is an operating system, but the company, Apple, is primarily in the business of selling hardware. They sell Phones, Watches, Tablets all using the iOS operating system.

From a monetary point of view, most of their money comes from hardware sales. So allowing people to install their iOS and all the Apps that can be installed on a PC or any kind of device not issued by Apple is not In their monetary interest, as it will probably decrease their hardware sales.

So Apple keeps the source code to themselves, as it is their good right to do and there probably will never be a real iOS Emulator.

Probably at some point, we might see a program that can run IPA Apple Apps, but even that seems very unlikely since Android emulators are so incredibly easy to come by and will essentially run any App that iOS would.

Difference between iPhone 6 and 6s

The only solution for now: Go Android!

Since there are no iOS Emulators, legitimate ones anyways, available for download anywhere, the only way to still play your favorite mobile games on PC is to simply go for Android.

There are literally dozens if not hundreds of Emulators for Android devices out there and Google is not planning on changing that anytime soon.

They are not in the business of selling hardware and want as many people as possible to use their store and software, therefore not suppressing and discouraging the porting of the Android OS to any other kinds of devices.

If you want to hack mobile games, want to root a device on PC, bot mobile games, etc, then Android emulators are really the way to go for now and probably will be for quite some time.

To emulate your application on any iOS device, like an iPad emulator or an iPhone emulator, download the Smartface app from the iOS App Store and connect your iOS device to your Windows machine.

Make sure you have iTunes installed for your PC to recognize your Apple device and then start developing a native application with Smartface.

For the Android case, just set the Android SDK path in your project settings in Smartface and click OK. It quickly generates the files in less than a minute and deploys them to the device. You can use a virtual Android device as well.

For more information about the Smartface emulators and a demo, you can visit the Appcircle In-Browser Emulator & Simulator product page.

Smartface with Appcircle provides full-featured Android and iPhone emulators and simulators online that can run in many desktop operating systems including Windows, Linux, macOS, and ChromeOS.

You just need an x86 build of your app. Many OS versions are supported from Android 4.4 to Android 9 emulators and iOS 9 to iOS 13 simulators.

Apps downloaded from the App Store (such as iMessage, GarageBand, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Clash of Clans, Mario Kart, Pokemon Go, etc.) will not work with Smartface in-browser emulators. For these applications, you need a real device.

Six best iOS emulators for Windows to build and run iOS apps

Suppose you don’t have an iPhone available but would like to work with some iOS applications. In that case, there are still possibilities for you: you can use the iOS emulator for Windows to run iOS applications on your PC. Install an iOS emulator for Windows; you can work with iOS applications as if you were using the iPhone. Certainly, you may be wondering which is the best iOS emulator app. You don’t need to look elsewhere. This article listed the top 6 iOS emulators for Windows PC to run iOS apps.

What is an iOS emulator?

An iOS emulator is a software that allows the host to function like another iOS operating system. Allows a Windows computer to emulate or mimic an iOS smartphone or tablet. IOS emulators will be useful if you need to test your applications before submitting the necessary files to the Apple App Store; Additionally, users will be able to work with iOS apps and games without buying the expensive iPhone or iPad. There are many iOS emulators on the web developed by various companies for you to find out. However, choosing the correct option is difficult as you don’t know which software is good and safe, as some may be malware or viruses.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Several software programs allow you to use Windows 7, 8, and 10, as listed below.

MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio helps you emulate the iOS environment on a Windows PC to run various iOS applications, including developing iOS applications easily. More than half a million developers have downloaded the software since its release eight years ago. The application includes unique features, such as custom user interface templates, which can use drag and drop for portrait orientation and landscape orientations.

MobiOne also provides support for reviewing and testing large applications with the help of App Sync technology. However, The MobiOne Studio has been discontinued. If you still want to install the application, you can download the relevant EXE file from trusted third-party sites. Nevertheless, it would help if you were careful because EXE files can be prone to viruses and malware.


Smartface allows you to develop and provide basic functions with unlimited applications free of charge on the Windows operating system. You can work with the Smartface tool easily. You need to install the software on the host device through the App Store and establish the connectivity with the Windows PC. Of course, you also need iTunes installed on your computer.

Then you can develop native apps through Smartface after the iOS is emulated on the Windows device. The program also includes a module for debugging your applications with various features such as breakpoints and real-time code changes. Applications can test in a wide range of iOS environments.

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator is used to create realistic iOS emulation effects and is considered a premium program. The Air iPhone Emulator effectively uses the Adobe Air Framework to create the GUI of the selected iOS on Windows computers. As a developer, you can load newly developed applications on the Air iPhone emulator.

Therefore, you can test the functions before uploading the final code files. Although the emulator comes with various parts, the applications installed by default on iPhone / iPad, such as the Safari browser, are not available. The app was initially developed to allow users to make and receive free calls through Ribbit, which BT later acquired in 2008.

iPhone Simulator

The iPhone Simulator is a top-notch tool when it comes to simplicity and the number of such features. The user interface is brilliantly designed to allow you to work with iOS applications with minimal effort. The iPhone Simulator does not provide access to applications such as the App Store and the Safari browser.

However, you can work with Clock, Notepad, Calculator and much more. The iPhone Simulator is a flash application with limitations. The program will be useful for those developers who want to experience the iOS environment during the initial stages of their programming projects. It should note that the tool does not offer advanced capabilities such as debugging.


The iPadian is designed for PCs running Windows XP and higher. The tool helps you launch an alternate desktop that looks like an iPad screen. The iPadian is not a true emulator but rather an iOS simulator. The tool is used as a desktop application based on the Adobe Air platform. The program comes with its application store, which includes various applications that can run on Windows.

And therefore, you will experience the feeling of using the iOS applications even if you are using the Windows platform. The problem with iPadian is that it cannot emulate the entire iPad, like the touch function. You will not experience the same touch interaction when working with the tool in Windows. The swipe function associated with the iPad will not work properly.

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Some features of iPadian for PC:

  1. The free version of iPadian provides a basic iOS feel for free.
  2. Access to the personalized App Store in the free version.
  3. You can work with any application for free with the Apple App Store in the Premium version.
  4. The Premium version is free and cheap at $ 10.

How to use iPadian on your Windows computer:

  1. Download iPadian on the computer and run the installation file.
  2. You should follow the options on the screen and click Next accordingly.
  3. Once you have successfully installed iPadian on your PC, you can follow the additional steps to run iOS applications on your Windows computer.
  4. After the installation is complete, open iPadian from the desktop.
  5. To use the iOS apps, go to Store on the iPad interface and download the apps you want from there. Once installed, you can use iOS applications on Windows PC, therefore.
  6. Appetize.Io

Appetize.Io is a cloud-based iOS emulator, and therefore you will not be able to download and install the software directly on your PC or laptop. The developers have rated the tool as an excellent iOS emulator for Windows. It might be a good option if you are looking for an alternative tool similar to the abandoned

Is there an iOS emulator for Windows PC similar to BlueStacks? 2023

The software is available for free for the first 100 minutes of the month, and you will have to pay $ 0.05 per minute after you have exhausted the limit. However, installing any application on the emulator is impossible as the demo is based exclusively on the.IPA test files. To work with Appetize.Io, you need to upload the IPA file in the upload form and provide your email address. The corresponding link will send later to your mailbox. Then you have to click on the link to test the relevant IPA file in online emulator.

Last words

Although you don’t have any iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can use the iOS emulators described above to work with the iOS apps. You don’t need to change the computer as you will install the emulators on your laptop or Windows computer. With the help of emulators, you can access an Apple virtual device from Windows systems easily without any additional cost.

IOS emulators provide an ability for application developers to develop, build and test their applications in the real-world iOS environment. Also, they will be able to tweak the app with new features before the official release, and this will help developers grow faster by offering a bug-free app after testing.


No, a PC and an iOS device have different architectures. Pc is Intel x64 based and iOS Device arm64 or arm7 which is clearly different. A release application is compiled for iOS Devices, so it’s impossible (I hope not having mistakes) to do this.

According to all legal precedents, emulation is legal within the United States. However, unauthorized distribution of copyrighted code remains illegal, according to both country-specific copyright and international copyright law under the Berne Convention. iPadian is a free application that allows you to bring the look and feel of an iPad interface to your Windows device.

iPadian is malware. It does not run as an emulator. … iPadian itself is safe, its that on their webpage the installer has malware in it, but the CNET download is clean. BUT iPadian isnt even an emulator, its a simulator which is much different, Fallout Shelter likely won’t be on there & if it is, it won’t work.

Is there an iOS emulator for Windows PC similar to BlueStacks

Emulators are legal to download and use, however, sharing copyrighted ROMs online is illegal. There is no legal precedent for ripping and downloading ROMs for games you own, though an argument could be made for fair use.

Is GBA4iOS Safe?

Yes. The developer is well-respected n the iOS community and takes pride in his work. He has ensured that GBA4iOS is entirely safe to use and because it can work without Cydia, there is no need for root access, and that keeps your device secure.

Bluestacks is very safe to Download and install on your laptop. We have tested the Bluestacks app with almost all anti-virus software and none of detected any malicious software with the Bluestacks.

There are no iOS emulators as iOS is a closed source operating system which means it source code is not published by Apple. The source code is not shared with the public for anyone to look at or change.

There are lots of iOs emulators for windows similar to Bluestacks for android. Here is a list of the best iOS emulators that you would love to use on your computers.

  1. iPadian
  2. iPhone simulator
  3. Ipad simulator
  4. Mobione studio
  5. SmartFace
  6. AIR phone
  7. Xamarian Testflight
  10. Ripple.
  11. Delta Emulator.
  12. Xamarin Test Flight.

There are a bunch of iOS Emulator for windows similar to Bluestacks where it is used to run Android apps on windows PC. But, iOS emulators let you run and play ios apps and games within the Emulator without any hardware need. So, if you want to know the top iOS Emulators for Windows PC? Then, take a look at this.

Is there an iOS emulator for Windows similar to BlueStacks for Android?

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