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5 Types of Digital Storages that You Should Know Today

5 Types of Digital Storages that You Should Know Today

5 Types of Digital Storages that You Should Know Today

As the world is approaching the paperless world of data and information sharing, storing, retrieving, producing, and utilizing lots of various techniques and strategies are being engineered and innovated by data and information scientists, technologists, and engineers. Indeed, it is time for us to improve data storage with easier and quicker access.

Now that we are amid the Information Age, we want to be aware of these techniques and strategies that have emerged over the past few years. The modification and improvement in data storage techniques could be truly obvious, but the goal of the information scientists remains the same: it is to store the data and information in a manner that humans could benefit from.

5 Types of Digital Storages that You Should Know Today

Digital Versatile Disc

Now that you are in this generation, you might want to know these types of digital storage. To be truly familiar with them, dive into this list:

1. Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)

Also known as Digital Video Disc, DVDs are indeed popular for many as movies, songs with music videos, and lots of entertainment media are mostly being stored there. For its name Digital Versatile Disc, this type of storage is indeed versatile and can be used for lots of settings.

As a disc that is intentionally designed for images and videos, this type of storage is indeed perfect for these types of files. Yet, lots of problems might emerge in this type of storage despite its simplicity and convenience to access the information it contains. Some DVD storage helpful solutions from Storables company, fortunately, are there to guide you in order to prevent those unwanted mishaps from various DVD storage protecting and securing techniques.

They offer bags, cases, and even boxes wherein you can guarantee the maximum security of your DVDs as their products are intentionally designed for them. Its quality and materials are finely made despite its economical and acceptable prices. They also ensure that they created various designs and styles to suit your preference and the interior design of your home or entertainment room. Enjoy the movies with your loved ones indeed!

2. Compact Disc (CD)

Compact Disc or CD is like a brother of DVD for its appearance. What makes CD different is that it can contain lots of digital file types ranging from songs, videos, documents, and a lot more. From its slim and thin design too, CDs are ideal to take anywhere for their great portability.

What you want to know about CDs is that they can store the bulk of data and information. Hence, CDs are mostly used in academic settings, also because of their formal and thin appearance.

CDs are usually utilized as the storage of thesis or dissertations in academic setups. In work settings, CDs are used to be a storage of huge files such as an annual report of the company, project plans, and a lot more. CDs are less vulnerable too from malware that can destroy and steal the data and information contained.

3. Flash Drives

This type of digital storage is well-known for work settings, and even academic ones. Flash drives are small devices that are linked to the universal serial bus (USB). A famous misconception of the flash drives is often called USB, which is actually the type of connection that can also be found in televisions, car radios, and computers.

What makes flash drives ideal for lots of people is that it is compact and diminutive compared to the first two above mentioned digital storages. Yet, the downside is that it can be easily infected by malware such as viruses and trojans as it is usually connected to lots of computers.

Once that computer is infected by the malware, there is a possibility that it can transmit these all to another device when linked. When using flash drives, you need to beware and careful with those devices as it can lead to huge dilemmas.

You should also make sure that you only access the safe and secure sites when browsing online while using the flash drive. Additionally, you must also make sure that when pulling the flash drive from a certain device, you can eject it. It allows your data to be safe and far from the wreckage when disconnecting it.

4. External Hard Drive

Many say that it is like flash drives but with a larger capacity. Acting like a flash drive, external flash drives also use a universal serial bus (USB) to connect to devices, Aside from its vast size physically, it also has a larger size digitally than a flash drive.

External flash drives are used to contain a bulk of data and information from various types of documents and file extensions. Hence, it allows various types of sizes to be stored, no matter if it is in huge or small size. What makes an external hard drive ideal is that it could be truly used without thinking too much about the shortage of storage.

Many people also use this to contain movies and videos, as it has indeed an enormous digital space. Yet, just like a flash drive, it is vulnerable to malware if not properly cared for.

5. Cloud Storage

Cloud storages such as virtual desktop or azure virtual desktop are perfect for those people who want to prevent the data and information from being lost, most especially when the digital storage is being missed or destroyed. Cloud storage is being accessed through the use of the Internet, making sure that the data can be accessed whenever you want as long as you have an Internet connection.

The downside is that, when there is no Internet connection too, you cannot the data and information stored. Aside from that, it also requires power or electricity.


In a nutshell, more types of digital storage emerged through the times. The catch is that you must choose the best and most suitable storage for your data and information. Given that these files vary in sizes, types, and file extensions, you must select the one that will suit its capacity and volume without compromising its access, quality, and even cost. 5 Types of Digital Storages that You Should Know Today

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