Where is the 844 area code Location?

Where is the 844 area code Location?

844 doesn’t have a physical location. It’s just the next in the series of “area codes” (800, 888, 877, 866, 855…) that allow for toll-free calling from anywhere in the United States.

The 844 area code was put into service in December 2013. 800 numbers, known for being toll-free for the caller, had simply run out of options.

It became common to see 866 and 877 numbers that would provide the same service.

Currently, toll-free area codes in the U.S. are 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

These area codes have become commonplace and many people don’t question them as they were once linked to legitimate businesses, organizations, and government agencies.

If 800 numbers are the norm, what makes 844 so special?

While it is offered to businesses for a fee, just like the other numbers, the percentage of scam calls using the area code is very high.

Many reports detail calls from the number using scare tactics demanding return calls and/or personal information.

Currently, area code 844 is located in 20 North American countries, including the U.S. and affiliated territories, Canada and several Caribbean countries.

toll-free calling
844 area code location

It’s part of the North American Numbering Plan, an integrated telephone numbering system that allows area codes to be shared with participating countries.

Getting an 844 number is relatively easy.

Legally, the person or business requesting the number must purchase and register it with legitimate phone service.

Illegally, a user can use VoIP services to mask their number using any prefix they like.

Receiving Unknown Calls

If you receive an unknown call with an 844 area code prefix, be cautioned. It may well be a legitimate phone call.

Let the call go to voicemail. The message the person leaves (if any) will tip you off if it’s a scam. Some people have reported receiving calls regarding:

  • Arrest warrants
  • Health Insurance or Medicare
  • Legal Issues
  • Fraudulent credit cards or banks
  • Lotteries
  • Charities
  • 844 area code

Before you return a call to a number in the 844 area code, use a reverse phone search to learn if the number is legitimate.

If the call is an 844 area code scam, user your phone to block the number to cut down on the calls.

If the caller makes threats, report the information immediately to local law enforcement.

You should also ask your phone company about spam blocking tools and do a search to find apps that you can download to your mobile device.

Go to fcc.gov/robocalls to receive information on available robocall blocking tools.

You should register your number with the National Do Not Call Registry.

The Do Not Call Registry was created to stop sales calls from legitimate companies, so it may not stop calls from scammers.

However, it could make it easier for you to spot the calls. It’s recommended that you report unwanted calls immediately and avoid answering calls from that number in the future.

Where is the 844 area code Location?

Area code 844 is primarily located in 20 North American countries, including the United States and its territories, Canada and a number of Caribbean countries. 

The area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan, which is an integrated telephone-numbering system where numbering resources are shared among participating countries.

Area code 844 is used for toll-free numbers in a number of countries covered under the NANP. Toll-free numbers allow callers to contact people and businesses without being charged for the call, and the cost for using the number is paid for by the toll-free subscriber. Other area codes covered by the NANP include 800, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

The area code 844 is one of many utilized for toll-free calling by businesses and organizations in North America:

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • The Caribbean Islands
  • Any other country participating in the North American Numbering Plan

The answer from Chris Owen gives some pertinent data to behind the scenes workings of some toll-free numbers that redirect your call to a line where there is a charge for the call.

This is somewhat of a scam because callers are not informed about the charges.

The links below provide helpful information regarding toll-free calling.

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Calling a toll free/freephone number from abroad

  • To satisfy the market, 888 numbers were created in 1996.
  • 877 and 866 numbers became available in 1998 and 1999.
  • 855 debuted in 2010.
  • 844 area code

There is such a vast market for toll-free numbers that new toll-free prefixes have been created. Sep 14, 2016.

Where is the 844 area code?

844 area code location
844 area code

Somewhere, Nowhere, Every Where!

844 is NOT an area code.

844 is a redirect number.

So if you call 844 555 5555 that number is call forwarded to another number somewhere else.

The difference is if you called the number directly that the 844 number is call forwarded to then YOU pay for the long-distance charge that is associated with the number.

Companies early on did not want to burden customers with charges and elected to PAY FOR the costs to complete the call.

Hence TOLL-FREE numbers were set aside for them.

833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. So

888, 877, 833, 800, 844, 855, 866 and there are others in wait to be used to FORWARD to a REAL number somewhere else.

Someone asked if they BUY a toll-free number if that would stop Robo or scam calls.

LOL, nope, the 800 toll-free numbers even the 900 toll number are re-director numbers to a real phone number, so you still need a regular phone number a THAT is the number that scams and robocalls are targeting.

Why do I keep getting calls from area code 844?

On ALL robocalls and on ALL sales solicitation calls, the Caller ID, all ten digits of it, are ALWAYS FAKE.

The digits are chosen by the illegitimate phone company hired by the sales firm to make you curious enough to answer it so you can receive a sales solicitation.

If you elect to call them back instead, you’ll probably be directed to a salesman who will give you the sales solicitation anyway.

You have two choices: Either don’t answer or hang up as soon as you hear a sales pitch.

How many stamps do I need to send letters within the United States?

As has been noted, caller ID has been rendered moot, as a tool to avoid unwanted solicitations, by rogue phone providers.

Recently I started fighting back the only way I could think of: pretend to be interested and consume as much of their time as possible.

I made up a bogus credit card number to give him (written down for reference) and, the first “attempt to pay” gave him only 15 digits.

He informed me of this, so I read the whole number but transposed 2 of the digits.

He pointed out the discrepancy, so I made him wait for me to “look for my glasses.”

Of course, after finally giving him the same 16 digit answer twice, that number failed.

He asked if I had another card to try, and I said, “you know it would be really helpful if you took me off your list and never called me again, could you do that for me, please?”

The dude was livid, “why would you waste my time like that,” he snarled through clenched teeth.

“Right back at you man, sometimes you call me 3–4 times in a single day, what part of I’m not interested don’t you get?”

Then he became very unprofessional, using homophobic epithets and suggesting things that are anatomically impossible.

I find that to be unconstructive, so I wished him a nice day and hung up… and then laughed for a good 30 minutes, it was MOST entertaining!

844 area code

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844 area code

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