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Which Is Better, ISC CISSP Certification or ISACA CISA Certification?

Which Is Better, ISC CISSP Certification or ISACA CISA Certification 2022

From the perspective of social recognition, ISC CISSP Certification is a little higher than ISACA CISA Certification. It seems that it will take you a lot of efforts to pass CISSP Exam, however, CISA Test is much easier. When I pass the CISSP Exam, I also pass the CISA Test without preparation. To put it in a nutshell, CISSP Qualification is not easy to get.

What Are CISA and CISSP?

1. CISA: Auditor of International Registration Information System

CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) has been registered by ISACA since 1978. CISA certification cciespoto has become a symbol of the achievements of the holder in the professional fields of information system audit, control and security, and gradually developed into a globally recognized standard. CISA certified auditors in China play an important role in the field of information security and control, and information system audit is increasingly recognized by domestic enterprises.

The learning objects are generally:

Information system audit Consultant

Traditional audit professionals

Employees in charge of information system audit in Enterprises

Employees in charge of information system security management and planning

IT manager, information security manager

CISA candidates

2.CISSP: International Registered Information System Security Expert

CISSP is the abbreviation of Certification for Information System Security Professional. It is a kind of certificate reflecting the level of information system security practitioners. CISSP can prove that the certificate holder has the information security knowledge and experience that meet the requirements of international standards.

At present, CISSP has been widely recognized all over the world, CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) is a kind of certificate reflecting the qualification level of information system security practitioners. It can provide new opportunities and greater convenience for those engaged in the field of information security to improve their professional qualifications. CISSP certification examination is organized and managed by (ISC) 2.

The personnel participating in CISSP certification should abide by CISSP code of ethics, and have at least five years of direct working experience in at least two of the ten fields of information system security common knowledge framework (CBK).

Both of them are internationally recognized and they are English certifications.

CISAhas Chinese and English test, CISSP only has English test。

Relatively speaking, CISSP is more difficult. If you have to know which one has higher social recognition, CISSP is more advanced.

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(ISC)² is an international, not-for-profit membership association for information security leaders. Committed to helping its members learn, grow and prosper.

How can the ISC² portfolio help you in your career and advance in the industry? Through globally recognized certifications and vast networking and collaboration opportunities.

We are committed to educating the general public through the Center for Cyber ​​Safety and Education support.

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Distinguish yourself with globally recognized certifications

(ISC)² Information Security Certifications recognized as the global standard for excellence allow demonstrate your expertise and highlight your mastery of skills. Having certified employees means the organization is better prepared to protect your critical information assets infrastructure.

(ISC)² created maintains the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) on which certifications are based. CBK defines global industry standards best practices in information security.

Which Is Better, ISC CISSP Certification or ISACA CISA Certification?

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