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Top 4 Moisture Wicking Underwear for Men 2023

Top 4 Moisture Wicking Underwear

Top 4 Moisture Wicking Underwear for Men 2023

Nobody enjoys the crotch swamp. And yet, as boys, we are often forced to put up with it. Whether it’s from working outdoors or simple exercise, it seems the universe has conspired to keep the twig and berries waterlogged. You can’t make a fire with wet wood. Fortunately, modern science has the solution: moisture-wicking underwear.

Moisture-wicking underwear is God’s gift to man. Not only does it tend to make boxers comfortable, but it also wicks away all the sweat that builds up over time, so you don’t swim in your stink. The prominent problem people run into is trying to find a reliable pair that won’t break down in the washing machine, ride up your butt, or scratch the family jewels.

Having run into all these issues, this guide focuses on finding not only the best moisture-wicking underwear on the market today but also teaching you a couple of tips and tricks for finding the best ones.

Now, because I know that not all men are the same size, this list tries to include a few options that have plus sizes. Most men’s underwear has started to run a lot in this day and age anyway, so every man is bound to find something that works for him. Just remember to check out these options and appreciate the best moisture-wicking underwear for men in 2019.

What to look for in moisture-wicking underwear?

Let me describe the holy grail of underwear: comfortable, soft, dry, clean, snug, invisible under clothing, and never rides up. It’s not an impossible list, so why do so many underpants fail at their jobs? They creep uncomfortably, look lumpy underwears, or turn swampy when the temperature hits over 70. And while these shortcomings might make you grumpy on a typical day, they’ll make you miserable when you travel.

Just try to last a walking tour of a city, a walk of a day or an eight-hour flight while constantly moving to adjust your nether stuff. It is not to worry. Here we have your back (side). So before you give up underwear, consider this list. These six trusty briefs deserve a spot on your packing list, right next to those perfect walking shoes.

Not all underwear is created equal. While some might be like wearing a cloud on your butt, others are Lucifer’s stinging fire strangling your blemish. When trying to find high-quality briefs, paying attention to a couple of crucial factors that can make or break your confidence in your new purchase is essential. While the colour and style are up to you, you need to pay close attention to the material and tweak it if you want the best experience. If you don’t follow this advice, the consequences are all yours.


Fit will vary from man to man, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple of aspects that are important to comfort and effectiveness.

In particular, although many athletes tend to favour tight-fitting compression shorts, moisture-wicking underwear shouldn’t be as close to the skin. Instead, there should be a little space between the fabric and your skin so you don’t end up rubbing your skin against your sweat and developing even more roughness and bacteria. Moisture-wicking works best when the material has room to breathe.

Do not believe the guide? Place one piece of damp cloth against a heater and the other an inch away. Make sure the one that further away dries much quicker, even as they are both made of moisture-wicking fabric.

In addition to this general information, you should also choose comfortable underwear. A basic rule of thumb is that you won’t wear anything uncomfortable, so wear a fit that you enjoy. Whether it’s tight around the buttocks, goose down loose, or even a sequined thong, do what you do and be confident in your choices.


The most crucial element in moisture-wicking underwear is the material. Many guys ignore the fabric their clothes are made of, but textiles have potent effects on overall comfort. In terms of moisture-wicking, most natural fibres absorb sweat, making them uncomfortable for exercise or preventing crotch bog from forming. Natural fibres include fabrics like cotton and wool.

Instead, we recommend that men purchase underwear with synthetic fibres capable of wicking sweat and general moisture away from the crotch and closer to the surface, where it will evaporate. Some examples of high-quality synthetic options are spandex, nylon, and polyester.

However, the best underwear will combine materials. It creates a better fit and ensures the crotch isn’t too tight and uncomfortable. For best results, make synthetic material around the thighs and buttocks and use natural fibres around the crotch. The resulting underwear will be great to wear and won’t make you feel like you’re wearing itchy camel hair.


No, we’re not talking about what pattern to sport in everyday drawers (though that is always a nice touch). Think of more form and fit with the proper support depending on your daily life needs.

If you’re not a fan of underwear that goes too high, opt for boxer shorts with a longer leg and a slim fit, such as compression underwear perfect for the gym. A low-waisted model is another way to avoid wedge-shaped or saggy buttocks (for those with more petite butts). Low-waisted underwear will not be too tight or change position to the correct size during the day.

It mostly comes down to preferences regarding underwear length unless we’re talking about performance underwear for sports during gruelling training sessions. You’ll need a longer leg to prevent chafing on your thighs, which will come in handy during those hotter sweat sessions as well.

Finally, if you’re constantly in one of those awkward trash adjusting moments, look for boxer shorts and boxer shorts with contour pouches to help keep your male parts from moving too freely. The right seams on the side will secure your goods in place.

The 4 Best Moisture Wicking Briefs for Men

Guys also have particular concerns about underwear. Men who have jobs that require them to do a lot of walking tend to be sweatier than the average Joe. Mechanics, construction workers, and plumbers sweat a lot. If anyone knows how much crotch bog stinks, it’s them.

Guys with active lifestyles who live in hot environments also struggle to find the perfect pair of underwear that won’t inhibit their performance while playing sports. Finding the right pair of odour-absorbing and sweat-wicking drawers is no easy task. But you have help. Here are our picks for the top 10 moisture-wicking underwear for men:

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1. Adidas Men Climalite Sports Performance Boxer Short Underwear

For: Seams without chafing.

Con: Waistband doesn’t last.

No More Hornets: A common problem with briefs of any kind is chafing from seams or misplaced elastics. It is especially true when someone wants to wear tight or athletic underwear because the seams press into the flesh and leave irritation or welts. Fortunately, the Adidas Men’s Climalite Sports Performance Boxer Briefs, in addition to having a long name, use chafe-free seams to enhance comfort when running, working out, or even being lazy on the couch.

Another great feature of this model is that the material is 91% polyester and 9% spandex, so it is fully moisture-wicking and has some stretch. The waistband sits comfortably above or around your hips, and the design means your upper thighs are covered. This extra fabric also helps prevent chafing, as not all men have a gap between their legs. We have all been there. Thigh gaps can be challenging.

These Adidas underwear adjust to the weather and help you stay warm or cool, depending on the environment. They’re sold in packs of two so you can switch between them, and they’re machine washable, too. No more sweaty, nasty underwear for you! In terms of colours, these can be bought in blue, orange, black, red, and just about any other ‘manly’ colour possible.

If there’s a downside, the waistband isn’t exceptionally durable. After a couple of washes, it loosens and may fall off. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you hand wash your underwear or let it air dry so that it is not exposed to all the stress and heat from appliances.

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2. Reebok Men’s Quick Dry Moisture Wicking Boxers

For: High-performance material.

With: Slightly tight.

MAKE YOUR ATHLETIC DREAMS COME TRUE: Reebok has been a name in the fitness world for many decades, and it’s easy to see why. While the company focuses on innovating and improving, it also makes excellent underwear. In particular, these Reebok Men’s Performance Quick Dry Moisture Wicking Boxes are high-performance and built to last through high-impact, high-octane sports and activities. It means the material doesn’t wear out and will always back you up, even if your teammates or spouse don’t.

The fabric for these boxers is 92% polyester and 8% spandex, a familiar yet efficient blend. It means the material is excellent at wicking away moisture and keeping you cool and dry, but it also has some stretch for days when you’ve overeaten and are trying to hide your gut. The design includes extra fabric that helps protect and protect the upper thighs from rubbing and damage. The waistband is quite versatile and fits perfectly without leaving any uncomfortable red lines.

These Reebok boxers are sold in packs of two or three and come in many colours when it comes to aesthetics. The standard design is blue or black, but there is still room for creativity if your spouse finds orange underwear sexy.

The only downside to these briefs is that they can be a bit tight, especially if you’re the type of person who stores their weight in their booty and thighs. If this is the case, check the size chart and get the size that is one above yours. So if you usually wear a small but are on the cusp of the medium, go medium. Or, more frankly: go big or go home.

3. New Balance Men’s Boxer Brief with Pouch

For: Durable.

With: Unsupportive.

Wear groin armour: A significant problem with shopping for underwear online is that you never know what you’re getting. Although guides like this one can help, buying blinds always makes you wonder if you’re going to get underwear or three garbage bags with a possum inside. The New Balance Men’s Boxer Brief with Pouch manages to live up to the hype by providing men with underwear that is not only moisture-wicking but also durable and comfortable.

New Balance is used to make clothing for athletes, so the material needs to be durable. In these briefs, the design calls for a thicker fabric that is less prone to wear and tear and will also survive in the washing machine. The waistband won’t give in to these bad boys, and you can wash it without fear. The fabric itself is also a polyester/spandex blend, which means sweat won’t last, and it still has some stretch for comfort.

These soft, tag-free boxer briefs are great for keeping boys cool during even the most challenging workouts. They come in three packs, so it’s easy to switch between pairs. The colour will not fade, and the underwear is available in all traditional masculine shades.

If there’s a downside to this underwear, New Balance models aren’t compatible. And by not being supportive, we mean that your crotch may be moving and bobbing up and down. However, the looser fit does suit some guys, so we leave it up to you what works for you.

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4. David Archy Men’s Mesh Ultra-Soft Quick-Dry Sports Underwear

For: Fast drying and moisture-wicking.

With: Uncomfortable bag.

Fastest Dryer in the West: This review will be short and sweet: When you’re interested in moisture-wicking underwear, shop the David Archy Sporty. Sold in packs of three, these pants come in all the traditional ‘manly’ colours and feature material that’s soft, durable and wicks away all the sweat and moisture you could throw at it.

The fabric is 77% polyamide and 23% spandex, which means it’s breathable while still stretching. The design firmly cradles the butt and covers the upper thighs, ensuring no chafing or another discomfort. The underwear is machine washable, can go in the dryer with no problem, and has a comfortable waistband that’s not too big and not too small. Even the ladies will love this underwear, although they might try to steal it.

What turns many men away from this underwear is the pouch. While most modern men’s briefs only have extra room for the twig and berries, this model has a pocket that your penis can slip into. It’s not necessary, but underwear encourages it.

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Top 4 Moisture Wicking Underwear for Men 2022

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