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A Guide to Choosing a Diamond Bracelet in South Lake, TX 2023

A Guide to Choosing a Diamond Bracelet in South Lake, TX

A Guide to Choosing a Diamond Bracelet in South Lake, TX 2023

Diamond bracelets come in a variety of styles and designs and it’s hard to choose if you have a wide variety of choices. It will be better to follow a guide to choosing a diamond bracelet in South Lake. You can also check diamond bracelets for sale at Shira Diamonds in Southlake, TX

Factors To Consider in Choosing a Diamond Bracelet

When do you plan to Wear It?

Before buying a diamond bracelet ask yourself when you will wear the bracelet. Are you going to use it daily? Or Are you going to wear it occasionally? Or Are you buying for a certain occasion? These questions can help you decide what type of bracelet to buy since they come in different styles and designs. If you plan to use it every day then choosing a simple design can be good and make sure to choose something durable enough to be worn every day. But if you will use it for a certain occasion make sure to pick something that matches the occasion. 

Pick Something with your Style 

Wearing a bracelet is part of your fashion so make sure to pick designs that match your personality. Intricate designs can be good if you are an outgoing person since a lot of people will notice and appreciate their beauty. But if you don’t want to be noticed all the time then picking a simple design can be good. As they say, your fashion defines your personality and wearing a bracelet close to your personality can be a good way to express who you are. 

Pick a Good Choice of Metal 

Picking the right metal can affect the lifespan and durability of your bracelet. For daily wear bracelets, gold can be a good choice since they are durable enough to last for long years and can hold your diamonds well. Plus gold can have several choices such as yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Golds are good to match with any attire too. Silver can also be a good choice if you are on a budget. When picking metals you have to include them in your budget by knowing their cost so you can add up to the cost of the diamonds. 

Get Your Exact Size 

Wearing a bracelet that fits you right makes it more presentable as well as comfortable. To check if the fitting is right, slide one or two of your fingers between the chain and your wrist. If it won’t fall off then that fits perfectly. Measuring your wrist with a tape measure to get your size or a strip of paper can also be a good way to know your exact size.    

Know how Many Carats For your Bracelets

Since diamonds are priced per carat, put in mind how many carats you would want your diamond bracelet to be. So you can set your budget for it. Having a budget can help pick the best choice for your bracelet. Since you can focus on designs and settings that fit your budget compared with checking every available bracelet in the store.  

Choosing a Shape for your Diamonds

The most common shapes used for bracelets are round diamonds and square princess cut diamonds. However other shapes are also possible for bracelets especially if you want a unique one. Some jewelers offer a customized diamond bracelet and you can pick your diamond shape. 

Choosing your Jeweler

Choosing a jeweler can lead you to a good-quality diamond bracelet. Checking with different stores can be good so you can compare prices and offers. Checking different stores can give you knowledge of the average price, this way you would know which store is giving the right price and who is overpricing. 

Getting familiar with a guide to choosing a diamond bracelet in South Lake can help you know what to look for in a diamond bracelet. Having a choice in mind before buying a diamond bracelet can save you time and money since you will have time to check and compare prices plus you can limit your choices in your budget to avoid wasting time on checking items that are out of your budget. So do your research as a customer and you will surely be able to buy the diamond of your choice. 


Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet (or line bracelet) is one of the most popular and well-known styles. In addition to the classic tennis style, these stunning bracelets come in a variety of beautiful designs, including diamond drops, diamond crown, ripple, bezel-set and floating diamonds, to name a few. There are also adjustable bolo chain versions.

Anjolee is the creator of the diamond tennis bracelet and is a leading manufacturer to this day. Did you know that the term “tennis bracelet” was coined in 1987 when famous tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a US Open championship match? That’s true!

The clasp on his diamond bracelet broke, causing it to fall off, and when this happened, he asked game officials to stop the tennis match until they could locate his jewellery. After that, this style of diamond bracelet became known as the “tennis bracelet.”

Designer Diamond Bracelet

Designer diamond bracelets are more luxurious than everyday tennis bracelets due to their unique designs.

Anjolee’s signature designer bangles are the perfect complement to a pair of diamond earrings or necklace or as decorative jewellery.

Some designer bracelets are offered in two-tone metal, a mix of white gold and yellow gold, which gives them a unique look.

Red Carpet Bracelet

You will find the most extravagant designs in a collection of red carpet diamond bracelets because they are designed to turn heads. Each dynamic bracelet is carefully designed to turn heads. Incorporating one of these beauties will ensure you arrive in style if you need something remarkable to wear to a special occasion.

Vintage Bracelet

Vintage or antique-style bracelets are timeless designs that combine the highest quality materials with exquisite style. Many vintage bracelets feature intricate attention-getting details or unique edge details, such as milgrain or filigree.

Gemstone Bracelet

Adding gemstones to a diamond bracelet adds a pop of colour for a dazzling effect. Many people choose their birthstone or mix and match the birthstones of their family (i.e. mother, father and children) to get a personalized bracelet that will always be cherished. Gemstone bracelets also make great gifts for your loved ones.

Men’s Bracelet

A men’s bracelet can be worn on both wrists, regardless of the watch. In many cases, a men’s bracelet is more comprehensive than a women’s classic tennis bracelet and emphasises gold or platinum settings and diamonds. There are a variety of designs, from simple to bold.

Bangle Bracelet

The bracelet is an elegant and sophisticated design that looks beautiful on your wrist. Bangle bracelets are perfect as a unique sparkle point on your arm, or you can stack them with other bracelets for a sleek, modern look that’s truly yours.

The only important point to keep in mind when purchasing an Anjolee bracelet is that they generally come in a fixed size of seven inches (that length is not adjustable). However, we offer flexible bangle bracelets, which have a permanent opening on one side and a strong wire running through the links, giving it stretch.

Gold and Platinum Shiny Bracelet

The bracelets in our gold and platinum collection are the “add diamond” styles. You can choose one of these bracelet designs and add as many diamonds or gemstones as you like, or order a bracelet with sparkling links (no diamonds). With ‘add a diamond’ bracelets, the creative idea is to add a diamond to your bracelet for each year together or for the number of children you have.


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A Guide to Choosing a Diamond Bracelet in South Lake, TX

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