What does OUT FOR DELIVERY mean – UPS?


What does OUT FOR DELIVERY mean – UPS?

Out For Delivery – General Meaning in Ecommerce tells you that – The product Ordered by you have reached your nearest HUB and will be delivered before the End Of the Day, from the date you have received the Message / Update.

Specific to Snapdeal, Mostly they have Third Party Courier Partners, and their supply chain and Logistics will vary accordingly. I have seen Courier Partners, keep fake updates, and will deliver in the next 1–2 days from the day you receive the update due to their unavailability at your Location.

Not just Snapdeal any Online portal like UPS, when they say the product is OUT FOR DELIVERY, it means the product has reached the nearby hub and picked up by the courier partner to deliver it to you on that particular day.

The screenshot attached below displays how the orders move from the seller to the buyer.


Can’t believe out for delivery on Snapdeal. I ordered something and needed it urgently. They mentioned that they will deliver it between 8-10th. Usually, on other sites like Flipkart and Amazon, it comes on time or before time.

These people didn’t get it by the 8th (on time) so on the 9th I called them and they said they gave it to the courier. They had given the tracking code given by the courier so I called the courier, Mahindra courier.

They said the package hasn’t even reached Hyderabad (city of delivery) and they will deliver it by the 12th. WTF? Snapdeal said 8-10th. These people are saying 12th.

I think Snapdeal should cancel their contact with Mahindra courier. Plus, this courier delivers by road whereas Flipkart and Amazon’s courier partners use planes or trains. Horrible.

What does OUT FOR DELIVERY mean – UPS or Snapdeal 2021

Simply it means that the order you placed with Snapdeal is ready to be delivered by the delivery boy. The company informs through SMS and mail so that you will available to receive your ordered product and be prepared to arrange cash if opted for COD (cash on delivery).

Generally, companies also send the delivery boy contact, so that you can call and inform about your unavailability to avoid inconvenience. In simple words, your order will be delivered that day when you receive the message “OUT FOR DELIVERY”. You must be ready with cash in case you have opted for COD (Cash on delivery) and also if you are not available you must arrange an alternative.

As competition within the Indian e-commerce area heats up, native on-line marketplace Snapdeal aims to deliver the product in exactly 2 hours from the time of inserting associate order by fixing forty fulfillment centers across fifteen cities to assist its over 30,000 sellers.

“Snapdeal and service have been launched by the corporate as an attempt to additional modify businesses particularly little and medium-sized businesses to sell products on the marketplace platform to over twenty-five million Snapdeal members across five, 000-plus cities and cities within the country.

Already 1,000 sellers area unit a district of the Snapdeal and service,” it aforementioned in an exceeding statement.

The service also will enhance the searching expertise for patrons on the location with shipping time when the order is placed for the majority of the product shrinking from twenty-four hours to only a pair of hours, it added.

What does it mean when the USPS says your item is out for delivery?

It means that the parcel has arrived in the delivery unit, been scanned Arrival at the Unit and the clerks who sort the mail have done an additional scan stating that all mail is sorted. Once those are done and the scanners with those scans have been downloaded, the tracking system creates the “Out for Delivery” scan after that since the carriers are now heading out for delivery for the day.

An article is scanned arrival at the unit by a scanner operated by a clerk at that facility. This automatically generates the out for the delivery message. The assumption is the carrier will make the next scan either an attempt or a delivery. One failure of this system is if an item arrives after the carriers have left for their routes.

This leaves a Supervisor the unenviable position of attempt or delivery with no-one available as everyone is out delivering. Another failure of this system is if the carriers are domiciled in another zip code.

This is done to maximize facility usage. It causes the following problem. Customers receiving the message available for pickup have to wait a day since the pickup location is their nearby post office, not where the carriers are domiciled.

The carriers return to the office, turn in their undelivered items which will be sent to their local post office the following day. This means that the delivery person has left the post office to complete their deliveries and that your item is with him/her.

It does NOT suggest that the item will be delivered right away, or at any particular time, only that it has gone out for delivery that day. It might not even be delivered at the same time as the rest of your mail; if it’s large, for instance, your carrier might come with it before or after your other mail.

On very rare occasions, the mail piece might be delivered by someone, not your regular carrier, but that would be rare. “Special Delivery” ended many years ago.

It can happen (not supposed to) that the piece will not get delivered that day at all. It can happen that delivery is not possible because something/someone unexpectedly interferes or even that time constraints necessitated that the item is returned to the delivery office. So the phrase means exactly what it says.


The package says it’s out for delivery and it’s 10 PM. Will it be here tomorrow or tonight?

There is a 99.9% chance you will receive the package tomorrow, not after 10 pm and before midnight. If the tracking information says “Out for delivery”, it means your package was scanned that morning and ‘directed’ to be placed on the delivery truck for your neighborhood.

The most common reason why the delivery status hasn’t changed by 10 pm is that the package was mistakenly never loaded onto the delivery truck that services your neighborhood, and was misloaded onto a truck out of your area.

While some delivery companies go to great lengths to update the package status in the case of misloads (re-scanning the package and rescheduling delivery for the next delivery day), so the customer isn’t waiting unnecessarily.

There are occasions where a package will not get a new scan until the following day and will show “out for delivery” even at 3 am and the status will not change until a new scan of the package happens at the hub, or by the driver, or both.

Out for delivery‘ means that the package has been scanned to indicate that it was put on the mail truck and will be delivered that day. Occasionally, there can be a delay for one reason or another and the package does not get delivered. You’ll know because the day will go by without a ‘Delivered’ scan update.

Once it’s listed as Out for Delivery it takes 4H:37M:42S before you are signing for it. If it takes even one second more the UPS driver is fired that evening.

How late does UPS deliver? Other than time-definite air deliveries, shipments are generally delivered anytime between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (and sometimes later) to residences, and by close of business for commercial addresses. UPS cannot schedule a specific delivery time within that window.

Like with UPS and FedEx, the “end of day” for businesses would be 5pm (when the majority of businesses close) and for residential deliveries, it could be as late as 10pm, depending on how late your driver is running. “End of day” for DHL delivery would mean the package will be delivered before 12 midnight.

It’s not coming tonight, not if it’s 10 pm already.

If they took it back to the depot, the tracking information should be updated to show they took it back, when the package is scanned on entry to the depot. Could be the driver had an accident or some other unfortunate event.

But I would also make sure there is no door knocker somewhere, which can be a problem, especially in highrise condos or apartments. A door knocker is the ‘We’re sorry that we missed you’ sticker they slap on the door if nobody is home.

Sadly, some drivers won’t look up buzz codes to call up to see if you are home. And some just don’t give folks enough time to answer the door or buzzer. Leaving a door knocker is quicker for the driver than waiting for the elevator. Some companies are better than others this way, but, it can happen, and usually, it’ll happen on the day you stay home, waiting and waiting.

Check to be sure that your parcel isn’t now being held for you to pick up somewhere.


When the carrier comes into pick up mail for their route, all parcels are in bins are the carrier will scan the barcode on the bin which will mark all packages in the bin as ‘Out for Delivery‘. It means the package has departed the destination Post Office and is somewhere between the buyers PO and his mailing address.

Out for Delivery, especially in e-commerce, means that your package has left the nearest hub/center of the courier partner for the destination address (delivery address). This status can be seen on the day of deliveryDo expect your package the day when you see this status.

In fact, I am learning from all the SMS/e-mail messages that I get when your order something from e-sites. In fact, I found Amazon’s tracking service helpful as then I can plan my activities around the delivery and it is helpful to the extent that you can inform the delivery people to give it to the neighbor; too!

Friends, In answer to your question; it means that your order is on the last leg of delivery to you. I find that normally it gets delivered by/before 09.00 am in the morning; between 12.00 to 13.00 hours in the afternoon and from about 17.00 to 21.00 hours in the evening – based on my own experiences.


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