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Know-How You Can Style Yourself The Perfect Bedroom 2023

Know-How You Can Style Yourself The Perfect Bedroom 2022

Know-How You Can Style Yourself The Perfect Bedroom 2023

Your bedroom is your getaway. It is the place you com3 to at the end of a long tiring day to relax and unwind. It should be cozy and make you feel good. Striking the perfect balance between style and functionality can sometimes be a challenge, so we have compiled a few ways in which you can bedroom the perfect place for you. 

  1. Keep it Simple

Wanting to have everything that you might need right there in your bedroom is tempting but it is a recipe for disaster. You do not want to clutter your space with hundreds of things and occupy more than half the space. Consider the scale and keep only the furniture that you require. Keep it cozy and simple and make sure you have enough space to move around. A bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser, and an office chair (if you work from home) are the necessities. You can take a look at office chair designs offered by this brand. Your bedroom layout should be simple and functional. 

Infuse Your Personal Style

Since it is your bedroom, it should reflect upon your personality. Choose colors, materials, textures, and furniture based on what you like and resonate with, while keeping it practical and easy to use. Go for subtle colors first and add more vibrant hues later on as and when you feel like it. The furniture you choose should be easy to maintain and fun. Feel free to add things like frames, neon signs, swings, bookshelves, etc, just as long as it matches your vibe. Remember that there are no hard and fast rules and it is your room. 

  1. Leave Space For Storage

To ensure that your room is not cluttered with stuff, having an ample amount of storage space is necessary so you can store things out of sight. Choose a dresser with roomy drawers or have drawers built in your bed or have mirrored almirahs to make the most of these spaces. Having custom-designed furniture is a great way to infuse storage space into your furniture. 

Invest in Good Bedding

It is said that we spend 1/3rd of our life sleeping. So naturally, having a cozy and comfortable bed is very important. Invest in a good mattress that offers support and comfort and linens that have a high thread count. Your bed should feel like it is straight out of a hotel room. Have multiple pillows with good quality covers and choose a blanket that is warm and inviting. You can add different textures like silk and faux fur to make it feel more luxurious. 

With these tips, you can style a perfect bedroom for yourself and get the rest that you deserve. So start redecorating your room now and make it your sanctuary. 

House Upgrades That Really Pay Off

The perfect standard bedroom does not exist. Since decoration is a subjective art and the degree of perfection depends on each person.

But there are some rules, tricks, and tips that I will teach you in this article so that you can achieve your perfect bedroom. The perfect bedroom for you, of course.

Trust me; it’s easier than it looks. These 13 tips and tricks will help you do just that.



The first thing you should do to design and decorate your perfect bedroom is measured it, draw it on a plan, and know every inch.

It is the first step to knowing the advantages and limitations of any space. iT is where it starts.

You may think your bedroom is small and you know it like the back of your hand. And I believe you. But believe me when I tell you that the moment you take a sheet of paper and a pen and write down all the measurements of your bedroom, that is when you will know it.

It has sometimes happened to me that, when skipping this step in a project that I initially thought was simple, I had to return furniture, rugs, or any other element for not having perfectly measured every inch of the space.

Doing this makes sure you are not disappointed and start from a realistic base.

Regardless of the style you want to print in your bedroom, you will know what furniture, carpet, bed, cabinets, or any other element fits or does not fit, whether it will eat up a lot of space. If it is going to allow you to move comfortably or it is going to close off the area and many other details that, if you don’t measure, you will never know until you put a piece of furniture and say, okay, it doesn’t fit me, I have to return it.

You do not have to know how to use any CAD-type program to create a sketch of your bedroom with all the measurements noted down. Although if you know how to do it and it is more comfortable for you, go ahead.

It is more than enough with a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

So before you start, take a ruler, a sheet of paper, and a pen and write down all the measurements.

What do you have to write down?

Here are some measures that are essential for me:

  • Length and height of all walls.
  • Size and height of all windows.
  • At what peak do the windows start.
  • Size and height of the doors. (Normally, they are standard).
  • Size and height of cabinets.
  • Length, height, and depth of any furniture already in the bedroom and you are not going to change.
  • Width of cabinet doors, windows, and doors. (This way, you will know how much ground they eat when they are open).
  • Ceiling height (To tell if a particular lamp is going to fit you well or be too low or high).

It is the “most boring” part of designing a bedroom. But it is the best foundation. In addition, in an hour you have it finished.

Okay, now that you have the bedroom measurements and know it in-depth, let’s move on to the next step to having a perfect bedroom.


We are talking about creating a beautiful bedroom, from a magazine, the perfect bedroom. But all the decoration, styling, and design are useless if the space and furniture do not meet your functional needs.

What are your functional needs?

These needs are the practical and pragmatic part of any space.

  • Do you need a large table to store many things or just a small one to leave a few things on it?
  • Do you need storage space? To keep shoes, bags, or for what?
  • Do you need a desk? With many drawers or something simple?
  • Do you need a large or small bed?
  • Do you need a lot or a little artificial lighting? Do you have enough light points, or do you have to take some?

In short, you need to make a list of all those things you need to live comfortably in a practical and functional space.

This step is vital, like all the ones we will see. If you don’t consider your functional and practical needs, it’s like designing the most beautiful and decorative office in the world. Still, then working in it there is no printer, or the computer does not fit on the desks, the chairs are too low, or there would not be enough light to read reports or make bills.

So, retake paper and pencil and make a list of what you need in your bedroom, yes or yes, to make it a space that is not only beautiful but also practical and functional. Some examples of what you might want to put on your list:

  • I need a closet with a lot of storage capacity.
  • Good artificial lighting to compensate for the little natural light that enters.
  • A space to store shoes.
  • A bookstore to keep all my books.
  • Etc.

In short, everyone knows what they need in their space, right? Well, write it down.

What are you going to get with this?

In addition to making your priorities clear, you will also choose the furniture with tremendous success since you will know exactly what works for you and what does not. An example:

Imagine that you only use the bedside tables to leave your glasses, mobile phone, and a book. You don’t need to store anything in them because you keep everything in the cabinets. With this premise in mind, you probably won’t buy a nightstand with three drawers that take up a lot of space since you won’t be using it because you keep everything in the cabinets. Instead, you’ll buy a lightweight side table with a shelf or two that meets your practical needs but doesn’t take up more space than necessary. Do you see how practical this point is?

Let’s move on to the next one:

Know-How You Can Style Yourself The Perfect Bedroom

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