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House Upgrades That Really Pay Off 2023

House Upgrades That Really Pay Off 2023

Are you planning on making home improvements in the new year? Making home improvements can both be a way to improve your life at home as well as add value to the property if you decide you want to sell later down the line. 

There are a handful of home improvements that can really make a big difference to both and be worth the expense. Keep reading for a few of the best house upgrades that will really pay off by improving both your home and property value.

New Heating System

Upgrading your home system is smart, especially if it has not been done for a while. If you find your house takes longer to heat up, there may be an issue with the boiler. It’s highly recommended to service your boiler yearly to ensure it works well during the colder months. However, if you find you need a replacement, consider getting a combination boiler. Combi boilers are worth the investment because they can heat up your home quickly, but they are also more efficient, which means that you can reduce your bills while also reducing your environmental impact.

House Upgrades That Really Pay Off 2022


Decorating is a great way to revitalize the space that can be much easier and cheaper than major upgrades. Learn about the latest interior design trends and try to incorporate these to keep your house looking its best and to revitalize the space. You may also want to try and keep the house modern but neutral, especially if you have plans to sell anytime soon.

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh lick of paint to give the house a boost. If you do plan on selling, keep the tones neutral so buyers can picture themselves in the home.

Add Another Bathroom

When you have a few people in the house, you will always find an extra bathroom to be useful (particularly if you often have guests). This is a practical upgrade that could make a big difference both to your life and the value of the home. 

If you do not have space for an extra bathroom, you could remodel your existing bathroom as a way to upgrade and improve the space. Turn it into a spa where you can relax and unwind after a long day, or you could simply update the grout and tiling to inject some life back into it.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home, but it can also become dated, worn, and dingy after a while. A kitchen remodel can transform your entire home and will be one of the best ways to add value while making your home more desirable to potential buyers. 

House Upgrades That Really Pay Off 2022

Upgrades like new countertops, new appliances and a kitchen island can make a big difference to the space. Aim for appliances with a good energy rating to make your home more energy efficient.

Basement/Attic Conversion

Many people find themselves needing more livable space in the home, especially with people working remotely. An extension can be expensive, disruptive, and challenging, which is why a basement/attic conversion is often the best solution. Converting these spaces into usable areas can increase your living space, which will both improve your life and add value to your home. And with many of us working from home at the moment, it’s the perfect excuse to start planning an office up there!

These are a few home upgrades that are always worth considering. These are upgrades that could make a big difference to your home, which could improve your experience of living there but also add a fair amount of value. Whether you plan to sell anytime soon or not, it is always worth making upgrades that will improve both your life and add value to your home.

House Upgrades That Really Pay Off 2022

The long-running debate about the relative merits of renting or buying a home rages on. It is doubtful that a definitive settlement is on the horizon. There are too many variables at play, and too many unique factors affecting individual homeowners’ situations, to make an overall judgment on the matter.

But one thing is for sure: rent and homeownership have their fair share of costs. Even if it makes the most financial sense for you and your family, you probably know that owning a home doesn’t come cheap.

 The US Census Bureau reported that the average household pays $2,127 in property taxes. In contrast, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average homeowner paid $4,808 in mortgage principal and interest in 2013.

House Upgrades That Really Pay Off 2023

The typical household spends a significant portion of their net income, often 30% or more inexpensive housing markets, on recurring housing costs such as mortgage principal and interest, private mortgage insurance, and homeowner’s insurance—living place. Add utilities, essential maintenance, and other recurring expenses, and the total cost of homeownership goes up even more.

The good news is that homeownership costs are not fixed. If you’re willing and able to absorb their upfront costs, which can be reduced by state and federal tax credits or financed with rehab loans, some of these home improvement projects will permanently lower your recurring homeownership expenses. Others avoid expensive repair projects, possibly forever, until you’ve moved out of the house.

Profitable Home Improvement Projects – Inside the House

  1. Get a Home Energy Audit or Professional Assessment

House Upgrades That Really Pay Off 2023

The best way to build and prioritize your list of profitable home improvement projects is to conduct a home energy audit or perform a professional home energy assessment. Audits and inspections assess your home’s major systems and components to identify where you’re wasting electricity, losing heat, and otherwise falling behind in the efficiency department.

For example, the following areas are marked

  • Drafts and air leaks emanating from windows, door frames, vents, outlets, and other imperfectly sealed places
  • Insulation in the attic, walls, basement, and crawl spaces
  • Mechanical devices, such as furnaces, boilers, and water heaters
  • Other appliances and electronics, including refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, and televisions
  • Lighting inside and outside the home

After your audit or assessment, your to-do list may include several cost-effective improvements, such as

  • Exchange of old and inefficient appliances for newer and more efficient ones
  • Add or replace poor insulation
  • Patch drafts and leaks
  • Replace inefficient lighting
  • Upgrade to innovative home systems like intelligent lighting and smart thermostats
  • Replace inefficient windows, roofs, and other fixtures
  • Other improvement projects are listed below

Cost and time to break even

DIY audits have negligible costs. Professional evaluations can cost up to $600, but some public services and state agencies offer a free or reduced-cost assessment. The time needed to break even depends on what the audit reveals and the cost of each solution.

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House Upgrades That Really Pay Off

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