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How to learn about Coding & History with Minecraft & SeekaHost this Winter at Home? 2023

How to learn about Coding & History with Minecraft & SeekaHost this Winter at Home 2022

How to learn about Coding & History with Minecraft & SeekaHost this Winter at Home? 2023

With governmental travel restrictions still in place this winter, many families may spend their time indoors. So, on a cold and snowy day gaming is a popular choice for many youngsters and why not combine fun with learning during the holidays?

The hugely popular online game Minecraft, which has amassed 126 million active players worldwide provides excellent and innovative activities with its education version. Minecraft Education has recently launched a new download called TimeCraft, enabling players to learn to code while traveling through human history. 

How to learn with Minecraft & SeekaHost?

With the latest TimeCraft lessons for Minecraft, which can be downloaded for free in the Minecraft Education Edition and installed on any Minecraft server, players can travel back in time and save the future by learning computational thinking with block-based coding in MakeCode or code with text for competent Python coders.  

Access the lessons even if you don’t have a Minecraft Education Edition log in or official license from your school if you’re at least seven years of age. Players can host their own Minecraft game with a Minecraft game server host like SeekaHost for the most individual experience. 

Because Minecraft supports children’s learning like some other free online games for kids, it is a fantastic resource for learning at home while school is closed. 

The ten activities available in TimeCraft should keep players occupied, especially as they can always continue playing to explore the rest of the activities or restart the game to go on another adventure. Let creativity and coding come together with this great new Minecraft Education Edition download this winter while hosting your own Minecraft game with your friends in your protected Minecraft world where only your whitelisted fellow players can join.  

How to make the most of Minecraft for Home Learning?

Minecraft offers many extended free resources to assist with home learning and to make the best use of these, players can follow the below outlined tips: 

  • Collaborate & Construct: Players can collaborate and communicate via the Minecraft server, solving problems together or creating interactive environments. Groups of players can come together in a Minecraft world hosted on their own game server. Players can give and follow simple instructions also in the form of code as they explore the world, while they improve their attention, listening and communication skills by exchanging ideas to improve their Minecraft game or add cool and fun features. With TimeCraft they can even travel through time together and experience featured historical events together. 
  • Additional Challenges: Non-player characters can act as guides in the Minecraft game, giving instructions, setting additional challenges by inserting active web links to additional references or resources. If the players complete challenges set from their teacher as homework, they can evidence their learning in the game through tracking their player progression by taking screenshots of their work, documenting the development of their homework. In combination with TimeCraft teachers or instructors can set coding or history related challenges. 

How to learn about Coding & History with Minecraft & SeekaHost this Winter at Home 2023

  • Interaction& Cooperation: Players can communicate via live chat (add ons may be required) and turn off/on some world settings to enhance the experience or to adjust the difficulty levels. Players can cooperate to complete challenges or build their own unique Minecraft world. Instructors can use chalkboards to communicate learning goals or challenges or provide additional information within the game. The group of players can also use chalkboards to communicate with each other. This can be great fun when exploring TimeCraft together for the first time by testing each other’s coding or history knowledge. 
  • Coding & History Skills: With TimeCraft players will travel back in time to solve 10 fun puzzles to encounter some of history’s greatest innovators and inventions in science, architecture, music, and engineering. Players are encouraged to write code in a code editor which is then executed in the program so that they learn to give instructions in code form. Players can build geometrical and mechanical structures and research and educate each other about different historic facts to incorporate their knowledge into their Minecraft game. 

How to learn about Coding & History with Minecraft & SeekaHost this Winter at Home 2023

Playing the Minecraft game on your own Minecraft game server is especially beneficial for a bigger group of players as SeekaHost Minecraft game servers offer up to 76 player slots per server. To guarantee uninterrupted gaming fun many factors come into play such as 24/7 uptime, DDoS protection, technical support, and more. This is why a game server on a home computer can be difficult to manage for beginners. And where children are involved, safety should always come first, which is why a private game server is the more secure option. 

Light up those dark Winter Days with Minecraft Gaming & Learning from Home 

Minecraft Education Edition’s latest release of TimeCraft offers outstanding free learning features for fun coding and history lessons to engage with at home. Enjoy this free download safely by using your own Minecraft server hosted with SeekaHost game server hosting, which contains various custom minigames and features to ensure you certainly won’t get bored during your winter holidays. 

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