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How do Taurus and Virgo get along?

How do Taurus and Virgo get along?

How do Taurus and Virgo get along? compatibility

Really well. Nobody gets me like my best friend, who is a Virgo, and I’m a Taurus. I have loved that girl like nobody else since the day we met when we were 5. It’s been a lifelong friendship, and we just naturally click without effort in our friendship. I trust her like nobody else. She knows all my secrets, and I do hers, and we never break that respect or trust. She’s the most loyal and awesome friend I’ve ever had. Ride or die! Everyone should have that one in their life.

Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs, which means they often share similar values and practical outlooks on life. They tend to appreciate stability, security, and a strong work ethic. Both signs are also known for their loyalty and reliability, which can create a strong foundation for a relationship.

However, Taurus may be more focused on physical comforts and material possessions, while Virgo may be more concerned with intellectual pursuits and personal growth. Communication and understanding each other’s needs and priorities are key for any relationship to thrive, but overall, Taurus and Virgo can have a harmonious and supportive partnership.

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The Taurus-Virgo friendship is full of kindness and honesty. Also, they shall never be dishonourable with each other even in the crankiest times. Thus, consider them one of the most compatible friendship duos.

How well do a Virgo woman and a Taurus man match?

It’s a perfect match! They are alike enough to understand each other and different enough to complement each other.

Virgo likes the stable influence Taurus has on their nervous disposition; Taurus likes that Virgo pays attention to and takes care of details. Virgo is a worrier, and sensible Taurus makes them feel safe. Taurus wears themselves down, and Virgo will make sure they are cared for. Virgo can get bogged down in details; Taurus keeps them focused on what matters. Taurus can be inflexible, while Virgo is adaptable and helps them see new paths and new solutions. When one of them is upset or stressed, the other knows instinctively how to help and comfort them.

Their common element of earth means they have similar priorities in life and are likely to have compatible goals and worldviews. They are supportive and understanding of each other. It’s a happy and comfortable relationship, with very few fights to worry about.

I myself am a Virgo woman, and I’ve been with my Taurus man for 17 years!

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Why a very good match?

Because, in a married life, it is a must to have balanced emotions. I have seen numerous examples of this type of match, and every pair is very happy with each other. My answer has scientific as well as personal explanations. Scientific in the sense of birth signs of a Virgo and Taurus having similar earthy resemblances compared to other matching signs. I am not considering any astrological aspects here. This very fact is associated with the moon sign not getting disturbed when a Virgo girl marries a Taurus boy.

Second point with respect to personal explanation: my wife is a Virgo, and I am a Taurean. We have very good compatibility and understanding of each other’s requirements. We fight on almost every issue, but that is actually a difference in opinion to arrive at a conclusion. That is also the best possible conclusion. What else do you expect from your partner in the long run?

It is only required to make sure that the girl’s kundali has no maanglik dosh. In the case of maanglik dosh, the boy has to be equally maanglik to result in another nice pair. If at all the girl is maaglik, you should go for a certain astrological remedial solution after a few years of married life.

How do Taurus and Virgo get along?

My father had a Taurus Moon; I have a Virgo Sun and a Gemini Moon (double intelligence). I always like Taurus; their fixed calmness and stability soothe my mutable flightiness and neuroticism. I also seem to receive respect from them and an appreciation for my intelligence. Don’t forget that Taurus is the third eye; it has powerful results, like Shakespeare, Trollope, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Hitler, Krishnamurti, Bertrand Russell, etc.

As many are aware, they are both Earth signs, and hence, they should get along very well. You need to check other signs, aspects, etc. to confirm via a bigger picture with more details. On the whole, Virgo will be more adaptable and work harder than Taurus. Taurus prefers to work at their own pace, maintain a congenial environment, and resist excessive changes.

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What do you guys think of a Virgo and a Taurus?

This is a wild-card relationship. However, it’s not a romantic pairing; I’m the Virgo and my daughter is the Taurus. We fight like cats in a sack, then make up, then I protect her fiercely, and she undercuts me with baby sarcasm. She’s very attached to me. Occasionally, I feel smothered. She’s chatty, and so am I, but we’d probably murder one another in a week if the Internet ever vanished.

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How can a Virgo be attracted to a Taurus?

I’m a Virgo; I can say I’m attracted to tauruses, probably because I feel safe around them. They help Virgos calm their minds. Virgo and Taurus friendship is the most effortless in my personal experience because I find Tauruses to be always on the same wavelength as me. There is a synergy between virgos and tauruses that is second to none. I hardly ever have to explain to them what I meant when I said something. They just get me. This is unlike any other sign, including even other virgos.

As a Virgo, I find Tauruses have the most calming affect on me, and I can truly be myself around them, unlike others, including other Virgos. I feel their love and stoic personality reassuring whenever I am around them. Taurases are the only ones that can read Virgos like a book. They get Virgo’s quirky jokes and understand their sarcastic tone and idiosyncrasies.

Despite all this, ultimately, they can see and sense Virgo’s good-hearted nature and intentions. I also find Tauruses down to earth, genuine, and usually the nicest. I am a lefty, and my Taurus boss and friend lean more to the right, but despite this, we have so much in common that I truly feel a special connection with them.

A Virgo and Taurus relationship is very loyal, and a Virgo is very reliable to a Taurus.

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Do Virgo men get along with Leo women?

I’m a LEO woman, and I dated a VIRGO man for 3 years. And I’ll probably never date a VIRGO again! Leo’s needs attention and affection from our partners at all times. Virgo men are always confused. Always change your mind every 5 minutes. Lack of communication and understanding.

How is the friendship between a Taurus woman and a Virgo woman?

The friendship between the Taurus and the Virgo can be strong and long-lasting because these two natives are similar, even if the Taurus sometimes doesn’t admit he or she has been mistaken and the Virgo is known for being very critical.

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How well do a Taurus woman and a Virgo man match when it comes to dating and marriage?

If you just go with astrology, then it says that it’s a stable and compatible relationship. Sometimes you both have to show effort to improve your relationships. But while making decisions for the future, it creates a lot of difference, which can cause difficulties in your stable relationship.

But after studying many cases, it comes out that people with such a match are living a happily married life.

What does a Virgo man like the most about a Taurus woman?

Her calmness. While they are both Earth signs and compatible for that reason alone, he is ruled by Mercury, and this makes his mind hyperactive sometimes. It can effect his health as well, with GI tract problems. Taurus is ruled by Venus and wants nothing more than peace, llove,and affection, which he can give, after she’s calmed him down, merely be her presence.

Virgo and Taurus are quite favorable matchups in the zodiac. Of course, each partner in a relationship may have qualities that stand out more than the others. Simply put, a Virgo man is a conscientious decision-maker who thrives on communication and negotiation.

Here are three things he will like the most:

  1. COMPROMISE: A Virgo thrives on pleasing their Taurus in life, but a Taurus is known for unintentionally making that difficult. Example: When decisions need to be made about anything, a Virgo is willing to compromise and meet their Taurus “halfway” in a situation where the Taurus may be hesitant to make this decision. A Virgo is attracted to a Taurus woman when they are willing to discuss any situation in a mature and reasonable manner in which both of them become pleased in the end. So if he wants to go to the beach and you’d like to go to the mountains, have patience and see how much it will work out for you both if you are willing to come to an agreement in which you are both satisfied.
  2. TRUST: A Taurus woman may tend to be the jealous type who comes off as somewhat possessive of their man. If any sign of insecurity is shown, this will hurt him greatly. A Virgo man is reasonable, trustworthy, and committed. Signs of jealousy would hurt him because it would come off as you not trusting him. So trust that he loves you, show no jealousy, and have faith that you are what he wants. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be with you.
  3. Be spontaneous; this relationship requires work just as all do, but don’t get too caught up in constantly exhausting your effort on pleasing one another’s ideas or finding the right approach to every situation. Relax, and instead of thinking, “Could I be doing something wrong?” Think, “What can I do to jazz up our relationship that may be unexpected?” Write him a thank-you letter. Compliment him. Propose ideas of things to do that you both may have a good time doing.

So in conclusion, remember this: A reasonable, trusting, laid back, open, Taurus is ideal for a Virgo man. If he’s confident in himself, he will be confident that he is pleasing you. And trust me, pleasing you is very high on his list. So LESS is MORE. Don’t read into him too much or suspect he is hiding anything. The more comfortable he feels, the easier it is to thrive in this relationship for both partners.

Astrology:In what ways are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn different from one another?

Virgos are a lot like libras. They are charmers but its all about receiving from others could be physically emotionally doesnt matter They are master manipulators but not always in a negative way. They will charm you hence why everybody says I LOVE VIRGOS. As a capricorn I fully understand virgos for what they really are. They are picky, detail oriented, CHARMING, at times manipulative even more so than a scorpio, perfectionist, SECRETIVE, NOT GOOD WITH MONEY surprisingly they like to spend money on materialistic things, good at keeping money flow, well kept, sharp, CONS again not always in a bad way, CARING, LOVING, Forgiving, nurturing, LOYAL, but they fool easily LOL.

Taurus’ they’re a … Shallow. Same as virgo in a lot of ways. Charming, not very secretive, HARD WORKING, Good money flow, they dont over spend, well kept but very eccentric, ECCENTRIC, LOYAL IN FRIENDSHIPS, Not very loyal in relationships but loyal to their partner if that make sense, They want to receive more than they give, selfish, stubborn, false sense of entitlement, indulges, nurturing, has a lot of friends, social butterfly, manipulative in a BAD way but not as bad as scorpio, emotional, CRAZY at times, looks at the bigger picture, comfortable with whatever life throws at them, bounces back after set backs,

Capricornss. Charming but they mean it, HONEST, realistic, practical, intuitive as HELL, ambitious, hard workers, money flow isnt always great, they NEVER overspend, clean but not always well kept they dont care, ECCENTRIC, loyal to friends partners and even strangers, opinionated because they care, wont cheat unless pushed, loving, caring, hated for being truthful and honest, hated for no reason usually, positive narcissism, CRAZY always, looks at the bigger picture and the details, depressed often, able to handle what life throws at them, good with managing time and money, overcomes setbacks, very secretive, hides true feelings, too trusting, doesnt stand up for themselves, suspicious, cant fool a soul, sensitive AS HELL, will help anybody along the way to the top.

Theres a lot that us earth signs have in common. But you have to look at the people and observe their interactions with not only you but other people not read about it online😉 Some can pull a wool over your eyes with their charm lol.

Why are Virgo men attracted to taurus women?

A number of reasons:

  1. Work motivation – Even though a Taurus and Virgo have different work motivation mantras, for example Taurus does the work so has to buy those expensive dresses, perfumes, and to eat at a fine dining restaurant, a Virgo likes the idea of staying busy, because of their high strung mind, so they like to involve themselves into some form of work, yet a more productive work because obviously they are an earth sign. A Virgo might not understand a Taurus’s work motivating factors because of the Venus debilitated energy, but still respects the sheer determination and hard work that the Taurus puts in into whatever they believe in.
  2. Relaxed vibe – Virgo have an extremely high strung mind because of the exalted mercury energy, so they just don’t know when to relax or how to relax, and at times take it slow and easy. They might get impressed on the work ethics of a Taurus on how they work so hard and then relax and do nothing after all the work is done, thereby recharging themselves for the next set of to-do lists. A Virgo again find it difficult to do that, but again might learn a lesson or two from a Taurus.
  3. Patience – In terms of earth sign, Virgo can be less patient than a Taurus, because of the high strung Mercurian energy and if things don’t align with their mental processes, Virgos can get frustrated and that is why punctuality and timing is very essential for Virgos, But they can learn a lot of patience from Taurus, that in order for certain good things and better results to be obtained in life, one must inculcate patience.
  4. Empathy: Virgos lack empathy, they are kind signs but have poor understanding in terms of other’s feelings and interests, because they are extremely practical, they sometimes don’t get it when people are too much attached to materialistic pleasures and luxurious things in life or even being at times self-absorbed. Self-indulgence is not in a Virgo’s dictionary and they hate self-oriented people, so Taurus can help them be more empathetic towards others and be more understanding of other’s feelings. Virgos because of this nature are critical in nature whereas Taurus is more understanding and willing to see the best in everyone.
  5. So Virgos might learn to be less critical and perfect and be more understanding, and recognising the best and ranking entities and subjects based on importance and essentiality. Taurus can also help Virgos to be less detail-oriented and be more forgiving and accepting. Taurus can also explain Virgo that if you want to be your best then you must be treated with and surrounded by the best to be your best version and hence self-indulgence is after all not a big sin.

Between a Virgo and Capricorn, which one is more compatible or a better match for a Taurus, and why?

I believe Capricorn is the most compatible for us Taurus people!

Taurus is a very down to earth sign and the only people who are more grounded than us are Capricorn. Capricorn is the most grounded of all signs, Taurus is second and Virgo is third, it is hard to be grounded when you are mutable. Although Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are all earth signs our modality affects how we relate with each other.

1. Taurus:

fixed modality ruled by Venus. This causes us to crave physical stability, seek pleasure and a relaxed and pleasant lifestyle with lots of peace and harmonious relationships. We like to stick to a schedule and know that our physical and material stability is strong.

2. Capricorn:

Cardinal modality ruled by Saturn. This causes them to be natural leaders and especially in the work place where a Capricorn feels most comfortable. They are very hard workers but also know how to have a good time. We taurus find Capricorn people very comforting because they make us feel secure because they are devoted and one of the only two signs who can fully match a Taurus’ fierce loyalty (Scorpio being the other sign). Capricorn’s being hard workers also makes us feel secure because we know they are the type of person to climb the social ladder and have a secure job, this is promising for us if we want to build a future together.

3. Virgo:

Mutable modality ruled by mercury. This causes them to be very flexible and go with the flow. Us Taurus are extremely fixed in our ways and don’t tend to appreciate this quality in people because what we value most is consistency and people who stay the same where we know what to expect always with them. We dislike change. Virgo are fascinating to us in some ways because they are so different. They speak and think differently and with such clarity that most people do not have. Their ability for analysis and perfecting anything they focus on is amazing. However, in terms of compatibility Virgo is probably better suited to us as friends only. Romantically there seems to be something missing because we do not fundamentally want the same out of life.

A Taurus and Capricorn in a relationship:

The Taurus helps the Capricorn to unwind and take more time out for rest and recovery as well as enjoyment. The Capricorn helps the Taurus to not be so lazy and inspires us to have stronger work ethic, gives us much advice about careers. Both enjoy life together relaxing and rarely argue because they are in the same headspace. Both are very difficult to anger and so just want an easy life of mostly staying indoors, occasionally visiting familiar places.

Taurus and Virgo in a relationship:

They have an interesting social life with many different types of friends. They go on random travels together and this is exciting for Taurus doing new things. And they have intellectual conversations. They likely argue about commitment due to virgos being so sociable that they are sometimes slightly flirty with opsooties of the opposite sex – this evokes jealousy in a Taurus. Virgo cannot jack a jealous partner. Virgo makes Taurus think about things more because they talk about many subjects to us. And Virgo May find Taurus a bit boring and once Taurus opens up Virgo can’t handle how possessive and deep we are emotionally. Virgo finds us crazy. They want a ‘normal’ partner. Taurus want someone to be equally into us as we are very passionate.

Conclusion: Capricorn is a Taurus’ soulmate.


A Virgo woman and a Taurus man are two of the best compatible signs. Both Virgo and Taurus are Earth signs, which means that they share many common core values. A Virgo, a very feminine and reserved woman, is instantly attracted by the Tauras man, the bull, who is one of the most chivalrous male zodiac signs. A gentleman, the Taurus has all the right tricks to attract the Virgo female. But the biggest obstacle in their way is Virgo’s lack of trust. The Virgo woman can be a bit too scared about getting hurt and might not open up completely too soon. If the Taurus is patient enough to give that space and time to his Virgo woman, they can go a long way.

Together, they have a lot to share and explore. Since the Virgo is not fully in touch with her sexual side, the Taurus can lead her to explore her femininity and sensual side. But again, the Virgo woman needs to trust. Again, more than any other sign, the Taurus is one of the best partners to give her this time to develop a relationship of trust since the bull is stubborn. They get what they want to get, and if the Taurus man can change his stubbornness to patient stubbornness, the Taurus man-Virgo woman is a match made in heaven!

I’m a Taurus sun, and I have to say that I’ve never gotten along very well with Virgos. Maybe it is just me, but the two times I was in very (very) brief relationships with Virgos, they were (thankfully) short-lived disasters. Maybe it would have worked as just friends.

Virgos, in my experience, don’t care for the Taurus “bull in the china shop” energy. And Taurus (at least this one) thinks Virgo exactingness can be exasperating and petty. As someone else answered, though, there is so much else going on in individual charts that my personal experiences may not count for much.

How do Taurus and Virgo get along? compatibility