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How You Can Enjoy a Healthy Balanced Life With Physical Therapy

How You Can Enjoy a Healthy Balanced Life With Physical Therapy

How You Can Enjoy a Healthy Balanced Life With Physical Therapy

A healthy mind and body empower you to lead a fuller life. No matter where you currently find yourself, a few targeted changes could make a positive difference in your day-to-day routine. Fortunately, you won’t have to starve yourself or spend hours each day at the gym to see benefits. The first step could be as simple as searching for physical therapy clinics near me to find a professional organization that will guide you on your way forward.

Healthy & Well-Balanced Diet

One area to address for better health involves your diet. Most people can make changes in their eating habits that will result in feeling better every day. Consuming too much sugar or eating too many fried foods often results in energy swings and can cause increased inflammation in the body. The World Health Organization recommends a diet based on these principles:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit
  • Eat less fat, especially unsaturated fats
  • Reduce the amount of salt you consume
  • Limit soft drinks and other drinks high in sugar

When you visit Wichita physical therapy, your highly-trained therapists will no doubt recommend you follow a healthy and balanced diet. This remains a central foundation of any treatment plan. Your first visit will include a consultation where you describe your situation and go over your goals. From there, your therapist can develop a treatment plan that will focus on your main concerns.

Most visits will take between 40 to 60 minutes and you will engage in a variety of activities depending upon your situation. A typical session has you do about 6 to 8 exercises or stretches designed to address specific muscles, joints or other areas of the body. In general, you won’t need to endure much if any physical pain, though sometimes your therapist will ask you to reach new levels of motion.  Some patients experience mild muscle soreness after the first few sessions.

Preventative Physical Therapy

While much physical therapy focuses on recovery from an injury or illness, it also works well as a preventative strategy. If you have lost muscle strength or experienced a limited range of motion or if you have poor balance or continual joint pain, you put yourself at risk of trips and falls and other injuries. These injuries can have devastating consequences for your health. A proactive approach with physical therapy sessions can preserve your health.

To find the best place to go, simply search for PT clinics near me. Look for a place with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of committed physical therapists who practice compassionate care. Once you and your therapist have agreed upon a treatment plan, you will have a good sense of how frequently you will meet and you should also have a good understanding of the costs of the treatment plans. For most situations, health insurance will cover a portion of the bill.

Professional physical therapy provides a proven way to reach better health and prevent injuries. It can speed up recovery and reduce daily pain in your life. Reach out for a consultation today.

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How You Can Enjoy a Healthy Balanced Life With Physical Therapy