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Does Target Sell Magazines? [Types & More in 2024]

Does Target Sell Magazines? [Types & More in 2023]

Does Target Sell Magazines? [Types & More in 2024]

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy reading magazines. When you want to vacation from reading books or browsing the internet, they are the ideal thing to read. As a result, Target is an excellent location to start looking for a nice magazine to read. But does Target carry magazines?

Target covers you, whether you enjoy cooking, fashion, or travel. There is a wide selection of magazines that cover various topics. From what I can tell, as a customer, Target has a pretty standard newsstand selection. All of the top titles in several categories: men’s/women’s, food, travel, health, cars, sports, entertainment, bridal, etc. I’ve noticed some local titles, too. For example, the Target stores in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area) usually carry San Francisco magazine and sometimes carry Diablo magazine.

There are a few types of magazines that hold 100 rounds, starting with the Thompson Submachine Gun “C” type drum. There is also the Beta C Mag that is available for a number of different popular carbines.

The only magazines I am familiar with that hold more that 100 rounds for for the American 180 submachine gun. It uses pannier magazines that range in capacity from 177 rounds up to 275 rounds. As you were asking firearms small Firearms I assume that you’re talking about pistols not rifles and that case it would be the Glock 18 which also has select fire.

Target carries a variety of magazines, including popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, People, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated. Learn more about Target’s magazine collection by reading on.

Does Target Sell Magazines?

Yes, magazines are sold at Target. You can find practically any variety in their magazines, like National Geographic, People, Cosmopolitan, and Sports Illustrated.

At Target, magazines typically cost between $7 and $15.

Also, any magazine may be delivered to your door via home delivery. Additionally, they offer same-day delivery. Remember the free shipping on orders above $35.

The only real concern I would have is that it changes your gun’s balance. An extended magazine (let’s steer clear of “high capacity”) is heavier when loaded (only marginally heavier than when unloaded). This means that it may change how you point with it. On the other hand, a heavier gun means that it more readily soaks up recoil. That usually translates to more accuracy.

People generally don’t carry extended magazines because they are more likely to print unless you dress around them. My Glock 22’s extended magazine is several inches longer. It can be uncomfortably long when carried in a mag holder.

Some people might claim that if you need the 15 rounds in your first magazine and the 22 in your second magazine (for a total of 27 rounds), you need to stop carrying. I’m not sure that’s completely true. You may have to deal with multiple assailants. You may have to deal with multiple assailants using cover. In a recent “Shoot with the Sheriff” event I attended, the head deputy advised us that we should carry whatever we could carry.

What Type of Magazines Does Target Sell?

There were, from 2013–2015. Target entered the market by acquiring the leases to empty stores, rather than by taking over a going concern (as when Walmart bought Woolco in 1994). This meant they had no sales history, no working inventory control system and a leadership that knew little-to-nothing of the Canadian market.

As a result, there were enormous supply problems–store shelves were wiped while inventory was so backed-up in the supply chain that Target was renting extra warehouse space. Target also set the ridiculous goal of making a profit in only its second year of operation. Even Walmart Canada wasn’t profitable that quickly. When the operation wasn’t on track after Christmas 2014, Target CEO Brian Cornell made the decision to shut the division down entirely.

The following magazines are available at Target, a general merchandise retailer:

  • Women’s
  • Men’s
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Home Decorating
  • Parenting magazines

Does Target Sell National Geographic Magazines?

Yes, they do. Target has various Nat Geo magazines like:

  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Weather
  • Cutest Animals on the Planet
  • National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America
  • Ultimate Weird But True 2 and more

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National Geographic is a great magazine for anyone interested in learning more about the world around them.

It has Packed amazing photos, interesting history, science, and culture. More articles.

Does Target Sell Bridal Magazines?

Indeed, Walmart sells bridal magazines. This department offers a good selection.

Enter “bridal magazines” in the search bar on their website. Alternatively, you can ask any of their personnel if you are shopping in-store.

The prices for bridal magazines start at $5.29 and go up.

Does Target Sell Vogue Magazines?

Yes, Target carries Vogue magazines. They typically stand close to the checkout counters.

A copy of Vogue is currently available for $46.99.

Does Target Sell Fashion Magazines?

Yes, Fashion magazines are available at Target. Starting at just $12, copies can cost high as $50.

Additionally, they frequently feature promotions like discounts on purchases made with RedCard or free delivery on purchases over $35.

Does Target Sell TV Guide Magazine?

A TV guide magazine is available at Target. They could be better in this category, though.

For $7.99, you can purchase Brain Games – TV Guide Magazine Word Search. We suggest checking out other stores like Amazon for additional selection in this category.

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Does Target Sell Sports Magazines?

Target genuinely sells sports magazines. They can be found next to the checkout counters in the magazine area. The typical cost per copy ranges from $8 to $15.

Are Target sports magazines good?

Yes, the sports magazines at Target are good.

They provide a selection of excellent articles on numerous sports-related subjects. Additionally, they frequently include illustrations and photos of a high level.

Additionally, they’re ideal for staying current on news and advances in your preferred sport. Sports magazines from Target are a great present for any sports fan.

A sports magazine from Target is a good option if you’re searching for a present that a sports magazine will enjoy.

Can I buy magazines online from Target?

Yes, you can buy magazines online from Target’s website. Numerous magazines on topics like entertainment, fashion, health, home, and sports are available at Target. You can use the search bar on Target’s website to find specific magazines or look through the books and magazines area to see what’s available.

Once you’ve located the magazine you want, just put it in your shopping cart and go through the checkout process. Target also provides a range of shipping and delivery alternatives for your convenience.

Does Target offer any discounts on magazines?

Depending on sales and promotions, Target may occasionally discount magazines. To receive discount updates from Target, subscribe to their email list. They frequently give discount codes and coupons that can be applied to magazine purchases.

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You can also visit the Target website for any current magazine sales or promotions. Target also offers the REDcard, which offers an extra 5% off of all purchases, including magazine subscriptions, when the card is used as payment. Before buying a magazine at Target, it’s a good idea to look for any special offers or discounts that could be running.

Can I return magazines to Target if I change my mind?

According to Target’s return policy, magazines can only be returned or exchanged if received damaged or faulty. This implies that if you decide against keeping a magazine you bought from Target, you won’t be able to swap it for another one or get a refund.

However, you can contact Target’s customer service to ask for a replacement or refund if the magazine you got is harmed or flawed. Before committing, it’s wise to carefully consider your purchase, especially if you’re buying anything that can’t be returned.

How do magazines Target audience?

Target audiences center around a specific group of people. These can be men, women, teenagers, or children. They generally share an interest such as reading, running, or soccer. Personas can help advertisers investigate relevant magazine titles or industry publications.

Which gender reads more magazines?

Both genders are heavily engaged with print magazines, but more women are engaged to a greater extent. Of the 135 reported magazines, 84% of women (vs. 75% of men) read at least one of the titles. Female magazine readers averaged 17.1 issues from 7.7 titles, roughly 16% more than men.

What age group uses magazines the most?

While 91% of all adults read magazines, those aged 35 and younger are more likely to read magazines (93-94%).

Why shouldn’t my spare magazine be extended/high capacity since I obviously won’t be carrying my gun with it?

It’s a bit oddly phrased, but eh, let’s go with it. Like several people have already mentioned, several things you’d want to keep in mind:

  • Will the addition of the larger capacity magazine throw off the balance/handling of your firearm? If so, you may want to regularly train with it to remove the handling penalties.
  • Higher capacity equals more bulk, which sometimes can be harder to conceal. Can your current carry rig handle that? Do you have to go to off body carry? Perhaps stash the extra magazines in not easily seen locations such as a desk drawer in an office environment? Would doing so cause legal or employment issues (If you’re at your place of employment), or just cause awkward scenarios? Be ready to explain.
  • Higher capacity also equals more weight. Can your current carry rig handle it? Does it cause awkward positioning or modifies your carry cant? If you have to go to off body carry, will the additional weight cause visible issues if you move your carry bag or other carrying device around? Accidentally swinging your bag onto a desk and the audible thumb of heavy magazines might cause issues where you happen to be at that point in time.
  • If you are off body carrying, you’ll need to keep in mind at all times that you have loaded magazines there. Don’t be that person that has magazines in a diaper bag and then gets caught at Disney security because you forgot they were there (It’s happened). Also just don’t forget the bag. No need to lose the bag and give someone free magazines. The cost of those things can be prohibitive.

Personally I carry spare magazines that are higher capacity in an off body bag that I carry with me at all times. On one of the inside zipper pouches they have MOLLE straps that allow me to just slip in the magazines into them, holding them secure. The pouch itself has soft padding around it to help absorb any drops or hits.

While I don’t think it would be necessary to have to go to the bag (My EDC is a SIG P365XL with a 12 + 1 carrying capacity, which should be enough for any self defense scenario), if I’m in a terrible situation that I have to go to the bag OR if I have a magazine malfunction I know I have a lot more ready to rock with extended OEM magazines that I have trained with. Having standard magazines vs high capacity magazines in my case scenario in the bag wouldn’t make much sense as the bulk and weight of the higher capacity magazines is mitigated by the bag itself. However, if I were to carry another magazine on my person in a day-to-day carry system it would be with a standard capacity magazine. This is because the bulk and weight needs to be minimized in my day-to-day routine.

Hope this helps!


Target sells a variety of magazines, both high-profile and not-so-well-known. They have affordable rates, making it easy to get your hands on the latest issue without breaking the bank. Target provides all the information you need, whether you’re looking for advice on gardening, fashion, or how to tour the world on a tight budget.

Unsold magazines are returned to the publisher. If the magazine has been damaged, the store may be told to recycle the magazine, but this is far from common. When it comes to the (often free) local magazines, a delivery person will typically show up with the new magazine issue. They’ll take the old magazine and replace them with the new(er) issue.

It’s extremely rare for a store to be told to trash or even recycle a magazine. The gun can be manipulated without having the magazine in place. If the hammer is in the fired position, pulling the slide back can be difficult – this is a blowback action in a fairly powerful chambering and so the springs are likely heavier than you are accustomed to. It could also have a round jammed in the chamber, or have rust or corrosion…

*Since you haven’t checked the chamber from the breech to see if it is loaded, please take a moment to safely verify the empty or fired chamber – I would generally stick a cleaning rod down the muzzle until it stops and then record the depth with my finger grasp at the muzzle. While maintaining that grasp, remove and compare the length from the muzzle on the outside of the gun – the end of the rod should go all the way to the breechface (rear of the ejection port). All of this is done with the muzzle pointed away from anything you wouldn’t want to get shot!

I have not noticed trouble getting magazines… Triple K makes aftermarket ones, and I see used original magazines at SARCO.

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So why are you still waiting? Explore their collection right away!