Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

Rin was made into the Jinchuuriki of the 3 Tails by Madara, acting like her was from Kirigakure, only she was also Sealed with the “Forbidden Individual Curse Tag” which was made so she got into Konoha, Isobu would immediately be brought out, she was also Sealed so she could not commit Suicide.

Even if Kushina, Minato, Sarutobi, and so on, were there and stopped it it’s mere presence would have caused destruction and panic.

However Rin figured this all out and asked Kakashi to kill her, he actually refused, but later on, in a fight with some Kiri-Nin sent to chase down Rin, Rin jumped in front of his Chidori, committing Suicide the only way she could.

So Rin decided she needed to die. You can debate if that was actually necessary, if done right she could have stayed out of the village and brought Minato/Jiraiya/Kushina to fix her Seal, so either she’s out of harm’s way when things go down, or she’s fixed, but it was war, they were young.

Kakashi DIDN’T kills Rin.

Rin Nohara committed suicide.

This is the truth.

It goes back when Madara was alive. Here is the story in points.

  1. Friends, Madara wanted a pawn to fulfill his Eye of The Plan.
  2. Madara intentionally tried his best to make Obito as his pawn.
  3. Madara sent a team of White Zetsu with a fake appearance of Cloud Shinobi.
  4. These fake Cloud White Zetsu Shinobi kidnapped Rin.
  5. They planted 3 Tails inside her. They planned to unleash the beast when she will reach Konoha.
  6. Kakashi tried his best and successfully saved Rin. Rin told him to leave as she knew the danger that Konoha would face if she went back to the village. She asked Kakashi to kill her.
  7. But Kakashi refused. He made his move with Lightning Blade to kill the fake Cloud Shinobi.
  8. Rin at the same moment, jumped in between to save Konoha and prevent the 3 tails explosion. However, unintentionally the lightning blade went through Rin.
  9. Meanwhile, White Zetsu told Obito to save his friend and love.
  10. Obito reached the very same moment when Kakashi’s lightning blade was through Rin’s chest.

and the Result was this.

Why did Kakashi kill Rin
Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

It was a perfect planning by Madara to turn Obito as a pawn.

So Long

RIP Rin Nohara, Obito Uchiha.

I am the reason behind your deaths. Forgive me

Does Rin love Kakashi?

I’m surprised by the number of people arguing against this, to be honest.

Canonically, yes, Rin had feelings for Kakashi. It’s nice to imagine a fairy tale ending where she falls in love with Obito, the guy who loves her and certainly deserves a win, but we see in Kakashi’s back story that she was in love with Kakashi — or, at the very least, infatuated with him.

The evidence lies in her interactions with him. With all the blushing whenever he does something relatively impressive, her almost fangirl-ish cheering when she feels he needs support and arranging secret gift promotion parties behind his back — wall, it’s heavily implied.

Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

Why did Kakashi kill Rin?
Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

At that age, it can’t really be considered true love (most of the time, anyway), so I’d describe it as more of a childhood crush, but there were definitely some romantic feelings involved there.

It’s a similar situation to everyone crushing on Sasuke — the girls are impressed by Kakashi’s talent and genius, and Rin is no different. So yes, Rin was attracted to Kakashi. How serious her feelings were, we’ll never know.

It was definitely somewhat serious, because not ten minutes after she and Kakashi witness Obito’s “death”, she hysterically confesses her love for Kakashi while he’s trying to defend her from Iwagakure shinobi.

(I mean, terrible timing Rin, Obito literally just died, but she spoke in the heat of the moment — there’s truth in her words).

Kakashi turns her down because he knows Obito liked her, though unfortunately, I don’t think Rin ever realizes how much Obito cared for her.

If Obito, Rin, and Kakashi had all survived and lived happily ever after in Konoha with no crazy Madaras trying to ruin their lives, I think Rin would end up with Kakashi.

Not out of any personal bias, but honestly look at how Kishimoto writes romance in Naruto — have you ever noticed the girl always gets the guy she likes?

Here, a few (simplified, but true) examples:

  1. Sakura likes Sasuke. Sasuke doesn’t like her. Sakura ends up with Sasuke.
  2. Hinata likes Naruto. Naruto likes Sakura. Hinata ends up with Naruto.
  3. Ino likes Sai. Sai likes nobody. Ino ends up with Sai.
  4. (Ino liked Sasuke originally but she changed her mind, so I’m counting it as her getting what she wants).
  5. Temari likes Shikamaru. Shikamaru likes Temari. Temari ends up with Shikamaru. (Okay, this one’s mutual).
  6. Anyway, you get the point. It’s likely Rin would end up with Kakashi if you follow Kishi’s trend. Also, Kakashi’s team is hailed as the older version of Naruto’s team, so Kakashi would be Sasuke, Rin would be Sakura, and Obito would be Naruto.
  7. Naruto had a crush on Sakura = Obito has a crush on Rin.
  8. Sakura ignores Naruto and goes for Sasuke = Rin ignores Obito and goes for Kakashi.
  9. Naruto finds true love with Hinata = Obito finds true love with an unexpected soulmate.

So that’s my logic because Kishi likes to follow generalized formulae, but any other opinions are welcome.


It was an accident in which he honestly tried to avoid. At the time he was able to control Chidori.

As he charged at a hidden mist Shinobi, Rin jumped in front of his Chidori, killing Rin.

He did not want this to happen and was trying to save Rin, Rin knew there was no hope in saving her. So she did what she felt was the only option.

Her decision led to the 4th war being a possibility. As this is when Obito decides, the Shinobi world is Hell.

Rin killed herself because she was afraid of the three-tailed beast that was put inside her, afraid that she might get controlled by this beast to destroy Konoha, so she wanted to break the seal in her heart with Kakashi’s Chidori, so while Kakashi was using his Chidori on some mist ninjas, she jumped into this Chidori and died.

She’s the one who ran to Kakashi to “save Konoha”. She was a Jinchuuriki who was kidnapped by some shinobis (of Kiri?) who wanted to have the power of the 3 tails. And she killed stupidly herself, even if she was safe.

Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

Well, she’s the one who destroys Konoha, almost the entire world, because of the fact that Obito saw her death and lost hope.

Rin knew the Mist’s plan, hence she asked Kakashi to kill her. But, Kakashi hesitated as he didn’t want to kill his comrade and also not break the promise he had given to his dear friend Obito Uchiha.

So, Rin decided to take it on herself- When Kakashi was about to strike a Mist shinobi, Rin jumped in between and got herself killed by Chidori. Truly, a great shinobi, isn’t she? She sacrificed her life for the sake of her village!

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Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

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