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Difference Between Bikini, French, and Brazilian Wax – NOW REVEALED!

Difference Between Bikini, French, and Brazilian Wax - NOW REVEALED!

Difference Between Bikini, French, and Brazilian Wax – NOW REVEALED!

Are you a newbie to the waxing lingo? You may often find yourself wondering how to pick the perfect wax for your nether regions. The different names are significant of the process and the results. It’s okay to feel puzzled between a bikini wax and Brazilian wax. Need not to worry! We have compiled all the important info you need to know before venturing into waxing.

Bikini wax, French wax, and Brazilian wax may seem similar, but they do not necessarily cover the same areas. You may feel boggled with these choices, so it is important to know the one that will work for you. Waxing, in general, will keep you smooth and hair-free for longer. Hence, you won’t be grabbing your razors ever again. Read about more tips on waxing here.

Learn below the details and the prep you will need to do before heading on with your bikini or Brazilian waxing.


This is the most popular form of waxing done down there ideal for someone who’s just testing the waters. Waxing in the bikini area can be painful, depending upon an individual and the pain threshold. After a bikini wax, you will be able to sport your shorts and bikinis in the summers without worrying about the bush.

Bikini wax includes waxing of the hair from the side of your thighs, panty line, and below your belly button. Rest is left as it is, and one of the main bikini wax benefits is that you won’t need to strip entirely. So, if you feel uncomfortable doing that, this method is ideal for you. Since less area is covered, there will be no need for ibuprofen and worrying about too much pain.

After this, you can decide and move on to other methods of waxing if you feel your comfort scale has increased. If you are waxing at home, you can start from a small strip of hair. Eventually, work your way through. Consider getting Strawberry Hard Wax Beans by Mello Beauty for an easy at-home waxing session.


What is a French wax is one ladder up from bikini was, but just like a bikini wax, it does not remove all the hair. Some hair from front and back are left behind while removing the rest visible ones. French wax will leave your bikini region feeling smooth and clean for you to enjoy your summer. You will no longer feel the constriction and itchiness for up to four weeks depending upon your hair growth and thickness.

Precisely, when you consider French wax vs. regular was, you are getting more hair removal. Hence, this additional removal will have you feeling like a smooth goddess. The French bikini wax steps are almost the same, but most hairs from your pubic region are waxed. Only the hair that is on your bum and intimate middle regions are left.

Additionally, in French wax, a strip of hair is left on your pubic area in the shape of an inverted triangle or a rectangle. For any kind of wax, you need to make sure you are clean and dry. Furthermore, your hair growth is enough for the wax to form a grip. Both bikini and French wax can be maneuvered at home with the right products like Rainbow Wax Kit Bundle by Mello Beauty. The bundle has everything that you will need.

You have the choice of soft wax and hard wax, but it is recommended to use a hard wax. Hard wax works on its own. Whereas, soft wax needs a piece of fabric to pull your hair off the skin. After any kind of waxing, your skin will be red and sensitive. Hence, do not forget the cold compression and moisturize the region well with some aloevera gel.


This is the most renowned but also the most scary of them all and definitely worth the pain. We are talking about a Brazilian wax. This method of bikini hair removal is ideal for those who do not want a single hair left on their lady bits and want to feel all cleaned up. If you are still wondering Brazilian wax meaning, then yes, all the hair, including your labia and bum, is removed. There are no crevices left unwaxed.

Brazilian wax is popular among those who want to be carefree for up to four weeks while adorning their bikinis. The benefits of Brazilian wax are many, including the upkeep after the first session will be easier and get less painful. You will observe the hair with consecutive sessions of waxing are less coarse. Moreover, does not need waxing that often.


If you are somebody who is used to shaving, you will need to grow out your hair to the size of a rice grain. This will ensure that the hair is removed efficiently without leaving any strays behind. This may take two to three weeks of patience, but it will be worth the smooth results of Brazilian wax.

When you commence waxing, make sure that you do not work out before or after the process. Excessive blood flow may result in more sensitivity and pain. Therefore, we recommend to avoid any physical activities. Also, avoid hot showers or swimming pools immediately after so that your skin can heal.

Bikini wax and Brazilian wax the choice is yours, but you will surely love the extended smoothness and give up shaving. The buttery softness will have you consider waxing over shaving. Plus, knowing that the pain is manageable and not a thing to worry about. With a little massage of aloe gel and ice packs, you can brave through Brazilian wax like a champ.

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Difference Between Bikini, French, and Brazilian Wax – NOW REVEALED!