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Diablo 4 release date and everything you need to know

Diablo 4 release date and everything you need to know

Diablo 4 release date and everything you need to know

From Diablo 4 gameplay impressions to news on co-op, crossplay, classes, Game Pass and so much more. 

Diablo 4 is now just weeks away, following a successful open beta weekend. Given how much of it we’ve already played, there’s a very good chance that this will be every bit of the sequel we’ve spent close to a decade dreaming of playing.  

Diablo 4 is a hell of monster-slaying and open-world exploration, and everything we’ve played of one of the most anticipated new games of 2023 has been extremely impressive. With its refined focus on a shared world, more customization options than ever before thanks to the new Diablo 4 character creator tools, and expanded combat capabilities for the five core classes, there’s a lot to love about Diablo 4. So keep on reading to find everything you need to know about the game ahead of its release later this year.  

The Diablo 4 release date is June 6, 2023. The news was announced as part of The Game Awards 2022, where Blizzard announced the date alongside the reveal of a new cinematic trailer. The confirmation of a June release for Diablo 4 comes after years of speculation and anticipation, following its reveal all the way back at BlizzCon 2019. 

Diablo 4 unlock time and early access

Blizzard has already confirmed the Diablo 4 launch times and confirmed that if you purchase a Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game you’ll be able to get early access to Sanctuary. 

The Diablo 4 unlock time and early access period for pre-orders is Thursday, June 1 at 4 pm PDT / June 2 at 12am BST / June 2 at 8 am KST.

The Diablo 4 launch time if you haven’t pre-ordered the game will be June 5 at 4 pm PST / June 6 at 12am BST / June 6 at 8 am KST.

Diablo 4 platforms confirmed

Diablo 4 will release simultaneously for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. Given that crossplay multiplayer has been a goal for Blizzard since the outset of development, it’s promising to know that the upcoming action RPG will be available across all platforms from June 6, 2023.   

Diablo 4 isn’t coming to Game Pass

Blizzard says that there are “no plans” for a Diablo 4 Game Pass release. With the Xbox Activision Blizzard deal still ongoing, it’s unlikely that this will change anytime soon. Should the acquisition close this summer, there’s a good chance that Diablo 4 would quickly become a part of the full Xbox Game Pass list. 

Diablo 4 collector’s edition is now available

The Diablo 4 Collector’s Edition pre-order went live in December 2022 and, despite its steep $96.66 price point, does not include a copy of the game(opens in new tab) – the things we’ll do for a candle, mousepad, Sanctuary map, art book, diablo 4 gold can get online, and more. Blizzard has also opened Diablo 4 pre-orders(opens in a new tab) for the Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition.

Many of you are wondering whether you can still play the Diablo 4 beta. Sadly, Blizzard is yet to announce another play session ahead of the game’s release on June 6. The original open beta ran across two weekends, with the first comprised of early access for pre-order customers from March 17-20; the second weekend was an open beta, and was accessible to the world from March 24 through March 27. You can read our impressions of the Diablo 4 open beta here. 

There will be five Diablo 4 classes at launch. These archetypal adventurers will give you the opportunity to dial into your preferred playstyle – be it melee, ranged, support, or something in between. Blizzard is also introducing a greater deal of customization, meaning that your class is just a starting point. You’ll be able to change your character’s facial features, gear, and armor, and you’ll have a lot of freedom to refine your identity and combat capabilities as you progress. 

Diablo 4 Barbarian class details

The Barbarian class is a Diablo classic and will be making a return for the fourth instalment. If you’re new to this type of game, the Barbarian class is exactly what it sounds like – a storm of swinging weapons both blunt and sharp; tactless, brute, and unforgivingly effective. Barbarians will also be able to take advantage of an ‘Arsenal’ system which will let you wield and customize four different types of weapons. 

Diablo 4 Druid class details

The Druid class is returning from Diablo 2, although they feature a new design and set of shapeshifting magic skills. The Druid wields elemental powers based on the earth and the wind to transform into powerful Werebear and Werewolf forms, which you’ll transition into automatically as you use particular skills. Those who go the way of the Druid will also be able to utilize companion summons to help manage crowds and give your group an extra shot at survival in the more challenging dungeons and boss encounters. 

Diablo 4 Necromancer class details

A favourite class from the Diablo 3 era, the returning Necromancer was the fifth class to be revealed by Blizzard, as part of the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2022 showcase, Diablo 4 Boost will get online, although it may well have saved the best for last. The Necromancer uses blood and bone magic to raise an army of the dead to assist it in combat, while a new Book of the Dead feature will allow for in-depth customization of your undead companions to help you dial in the further specialization of your overall build. 

Diablo 4 Rogue class details

The Rogue hasn’t, technically, appeared in this series since the original Diablo, and Blizzard has gone to great lengths to overhaul the class. This is a versatile class type which serves as a sort of hybrid of the original Rogue’s long-range skillset and the cloak-and-dagger melee of Assassins from Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction; a bow will help you crowd control foes, while you can deal big damage with daggers up-close. The Rogue class will also utilize ‘combo points’ to further enhance your abilities as you dominate in combat encounters.

Diablo 4 Sorceress class details

The Sorceress is for you ranged spellcasters out there, with the class focused on elemental magic. You’ll be able to wield attacks like fireballs, ice arrows, and honing bolts of lightning which deal massive damage – making up for your vulnerability at close range. There’s also an ‘Enchantment’ system in place which will let you utilize three Enchantment slots to turn skills into passive abilities, further increasing your viability and survivability in combat encounters. 

Diablo 4 is an action RPG which lets groups of players join together to slaughter a near-endless horde of ancient evils. With five classes to choose between, a depth of customization and specialization options to let you dial in a unique character build, a distinctly gothic world to explore, legendary loot to collect, and procedurally generated dungeons to explore, there is a lot going on in Diablo 4. Blizzard is also introducing some new features for this long-awaited sequel to Diablo 3, such as a shared open world – where you’ll be able to meet with friends to trade in towns or go up against towering world bosses with others – and challenging PvP zones to test your combat skills. 

In the GamesRadar+ Diablo 4 gameplay impressions, we found that Blizzard is laying good foundations for a new Diablo adventure – particularly if the studio is able to truly deliver “thousands of hours” of gameplay, an ever-evolving endgame, and suitably balanced PvP experience as promised. There’s still a lot of Diablo 4 gameplay for us to experience, but our early exposure to it is certainly promising. 

Diablo 4 open world explained

Diablo 4 will feature an open world, which is a shift from the instanced zones that previous games in the series have offered. The world of Sanctuary is made up of five regions which can be explored in any order, with lead environment artist Matt McDaid teasing “How you chose to make your way through this vast world is up to you.” The five regions are known: 

  • Dry Steppes
  • Fractured Peaks
  • Hawezar
  • Kejjistan
  • Scosglen

Blizzard offered a look at the five zones of Sanctuary(opens in a new tab) in a video back in February, alongside a look at some returning (and redesigned) enemy types. For what it’s worth, our hands-on time with the game has led us to believe that Diablo 4’s unsung hero could be its open world. Diablo 4 release date and everything you need to know

Diablo 4 skill tree

The Diablo 4 skill tree is designed to give you maximum flexibility over the build of your hero. The Skills and Talents system is still being refined ahead of launch, but the version which exists today is positioned with separate sections for Skills and Passives. 

The upper Skills section is where you’ll be able to spend Skill Points, which are earned by levelling up; you can unlock brand new skills for your class, increase your utility or combat efficiency, or improve your favourites. Doing so will unlock Passive Points which can then be spent in the Passive section of the skill tree, which are general upgrades for your character. 

Blizzard also notes that you(opens in new tab) “will not be able to acquire every Skill Tree node. We’re currently aiming for 30~40% of the nodes filled in for end game so that players can have very distinct, and different ways they build out their character.” And yes, you will be able to respec – although the cost to do so increases the further you invest in your hero. 

Diablo 4 co-op and couch co-op support

Diablo 4 co-op support will be featured from day one. If you’re playing on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One, you’ll have the option of four-player cooperative play; on console, there’s the option of two-player couch-op available. There are also in-game bonuses for partying up with friends, such as a percentage XP bonus if you’re near a party member while vanquishing a demon. Diablo 4 release date and everything you need to know

Diablo 4 crossplay confirmed

Blizzard has confirmed that there will be full Diablo 4 crossplay support from day one. This means that players across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One will be able to play, party up, and fight together without restriction. You’ll be able to experience this first-hand in the Diablo 4 beta, so be sure to get your friends together for the open session. 

Diablo 4 battle pass will enhance the endgame

Blizzard confirmed in a December 2022 video(which opens in a new tab) that there will be a Diablo 4 battle pass. This seasonal content model will likely be familiar to players of Diablo 3, with each Season lasting three months and coming equipped with its own Season Pass. Completing ranks in the Season Pass will let you complete activities to earn new ranks and cosmetic rewards. There’s a premium $10 Season Pass, as well as a free offering – although Blizzard is yet to detail the difference offered between the two. 

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Diablo 4 release date and everything you need to know