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Dental Perfect Medical Courses Sharing: Know More about Protaper Rotary Files 2023

Dental Perfect Medical Courses Sharing Know More about Protaper Rotary Files 2022

Dental Perfect Medical Courses Sharing: Know More about Protaper Rotary Files

Protaper rotary files have changed root canal procedures in many ways. These pieces of dental equipment are easy to use and more flexible than their conventional counterparts. Dental Perfect shares medical courses that will help you learn more about protaper rotary files. Learn more below.

Three excellent courses you can’t miss from Dental Perfect

Protaper rotary files are among the most practical dental instruments you can use for root canals. There’s a lot to learn about these files, which is why the courses below are incredibly helpful. 

Rotary systems: an insight about alloys and cross-sections in the function of root canal anatomy

In this course, you learn the basics of protaper endodontic files. The course teaches you how to maintain the original anatomy, avoid iatrogenic errors, and shape the root canal system. Basically, you can learn how to deal with curvature and every step of the process from beginning to end.

Technological Innovations in Endodontics

The main focus of this course is tech innovation in endodontics, where the lecturer speaks about protaper rotary files such as MTF Blue and RC gold. The course covers the basics of an effective and smooth treatment process. 

Fully mechanical instrumentation myth and reality

The course puts an emphasis on whether fully mechanical instrumentation is a myth or reality. This subject is important, especially because the new technologies allow dentists to perform root canal procedures with minimum risk of error. The procedures are faster, safer, and more effective now.

Why protaper rotary files are ideal for root canal-treated teeth?

Protaper rotary files are perfect for root canal-treated teeth because they are easy to use. Also, they save time. 

Additionally, these files are flexible, stronger, and have a higher wear resistance than conventional rotary files. Furthermore, their unique design allows dentists to create uniformly tapered shapes in curved canals. 

What factors affect the service life of protaper rotary files?

The service life of protaper endodontic files depends on several factors, such as the size of the file, quality, and materials used, dentist’s expertise, as well as cyclic fatigue and torsional stress. 

Besides size, radius and angle of the curvature play a major role in cyclic fatigue. The rotational speed is also a factor here.

Cyclic fatigue happens when the file is freely rotating in a root canal and flexes until it fractures. On the other hand, torsional stress is when any part of the file, usually the tip, is bound or locked in the canal while the shaft continues to rotate.

Why should you choose Dental Perfect as your protaper rotary files supplier?

Although there are several manufacturers of protaper rotary files on the market, Dental Perfect is the best one to choose. Dental Perfect has over 15 years of experience in this industry. Over the years, the brand has become a synonym for high-quality dental instruments. With a strong emphasis on productivity and quality, Dental Perfect produces over 45,000 files a day. Also, the company has all the necessary certifications and adheres to the strict industry requirements and rules to ensure the safety of the instruments too. 

Excellent protaper rotary files from Dental Perfect

High-quality rotary endodontic files are crucial for every professional in dentistry. Dental Perfect is a great source of top-notch rotary endodontic files. Some of the best pro taper endodontic files are listed below.

MTF Plus

The MTF Plus is a type of file with a variable taper and an off-centered rectangular cross-section. Made of NiTi, these pro taper rotary files are available in silver and gold variants. The gold MTF Plus rotary file is heat-treated. Both rotary files improve efficiency, flexibility, and performance.  

PX One

The PX One pro taper rotary file is the best in glide path management. Dimensions of this rotary file are 21mm/25mm/31mm. The rotary speed is 300 rpm. The file is available in gold color, meaning they are heat-treated. As a result, it increases flexibility and improves resistance to cyclic fatigue.

V Blue

The V Blue rotary endodontic files are all about improving torque strength and increasing cycling fatigue resistance. The standard blue files have a rotary speed of 250 to 360 rpm. Interestingly, the unique approach to processing makes these files appear slightly curved. But, it is not necessary to straighten them. 


As one of the most reliable makers of pro taper rotary files, Dental Perfect shared three amazing courses you need to check out in order to learn how these files work and what to expect. The courses share tips to make your procedures more effective, without error.

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Dental Perfect Medical Courses Sharing: Know More about Protaper Rotary Files

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