The Key to Successfully Transitioning Your Baby To The Crib

The Key to Successfully Transitioning Your Baby To The Crib

The Key to Successfully Transitioning Your Baby To The Crib

You will witness a lot of milestones in your baby’s life. From a newborn, they will turn into a toddler in the blink of an eye. In their first months in life, they just sleep and are fed. As much as possible, they are always at our side. One of the most important milestones in a baby’s life is when they transition to a crib. When babies are in their crib, they are free to explore and learn about their world. A change in a baby’s sleeping routine is also part of a child’s development. 

As your baby develops new skills every month, the more they become mobile, and having them stay in the same arrangement may cause them harm. There are options for the sleeping arrangement as a family. Some prefer to co-sleep with their newborns or put them in a bassinet. It’s up to parents what sleeping routine they prefer. But as the child grows and develops, they will eventually transition to a crib. In this article, we will discuss the important factors on how to transition baby to crib

The Benefits of Transitioning Your Baby To Their Own Crib

Let’s talk about the benefits you get when you transition your baby to a crib. Sleeping in the crib is not only part of the child’s growth and development, but it also has advantages for you and your baby. 

According to pediatricians, co-sleeping with your baby puts them at a high risk of sudden infant death syndrome. They are safer when they are in the crib than being by your side. 

When they are in a crib, you can be assured that they are safe, they will also learn independent sleeping and self-soothing. In addition, they will stay put in the crib if they haven’t learned to climb over, and you can monitor them 24/7 using a baby monitor. 

It also has benefits for parents because you can have the bed by yourself without worrying about rolling over your little one. When your baby has already adjusted to the new routine and environment, they will look for you less and  it will give you enough rest and sleep. And you don’t need to think about spending on a new bed for your baby because you can convert the crib into a bed.

Why Is It Hard To Transition Your Baby Into Their Own Crib?

Babies get used to a routine and their environment. If there is a disruption in their habit, it may cause temporary sleeping difficulties. Because they are used to being near you, when they see you leaving them in their crib, they may take it negatively and may protest so you won’t leave them. They are also used to being soothed every time they cry. They won’t stop crying until you tap or carry them. 

Because we are anticipating these things could happen during the transition of your baby to a crib, you should know what kind of approaches you can use to avoid them happening. 

Implementing A Sleep Schedule In The Crib

To promote a healthy sleeping pattern for your babies, you need to have a bedtime schedule for your baby. You gradually transition them to a crib. Before using the crib for their bedtime, use it first for their daytime naps and use the bassinet for sleeping. When they are already familiar with what a crib feels like, you can start your sleeping schedule in the crib. You can put the crib on the first days of transition in your room, and when they can adjust to the crib already, you can transfer it to the nursery room. 

Create a bedtime routine for your baby

Routine is one of the keys to a successful transition of your baby to a crib. Incorporate a sleeping routine before bedtime because babies recognize patterns, and when they are used to routines, it will be easier to make them sleep. 

Your routine can be night bath, playtime, and reading a story. You can sing lullabies for them, let them listen to alphabet songs and breastfeed them before putting them in the crib. It doesn’t matter what compromised your bedtime routine as long as you do it consistently. 

Do not be afraid to do what works for you and your baby, do not be pressured by other people’s progress and compare the transition with them. You can choose any method and approach as long as you prioritize your baby’s safety. It is you and your baby’s journey after all. As parents, it gives us a tremendous feeling to witness our baby’s milestones in life.  

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The Key to Successfully Transitioning Your Baby To The Crib

The Key to Successfully Transitioning Your Baby To The Crib

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