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Best Timeless Gift For Your Loved Ones: Diamond Studded Necklaces

Best Timeless Gift For Your Loved Ones

Let These Diamond Studded Necklaces be a Timeless Gift for Your Loved Ones

To begin with, the first excavated beads of diamonds date to the 2nd Millennium BC, and India was the only country to mine diamonds until the 1700s. Most of these stones were transported through the Silk Routes between India and China. Strength, lustre, ability to engrave metal, and exemplary refractive properties as the alluring qualities of a diamond.

Moreover, diamonds were believed to possess supernatural powers according to the lore of the yore. They were worn as embellishments, used as carving tools, and symbolically used as a talisman to drive away evil. The discovery of diamonds as a commercial product sparked a rush of thousands of diamond prospectors, and we know the rest is history.

Cut to today; diamonds are massively popular across the world. Its rarity, brilliance and strength have made it an emblem of love and resilience. They are embedded in engagement rings and earrings and studded in necklaces. With their rich history, lustrous brilliance, and sense of permanence, diamonds are traditional gifts to commemorate lasting unions between married couples.

And, since it is that time of the year when most people celebrate their weddings or anniversaries, we are sure you are looking for one. For instance, if your search for exquisite range of diamond studded necklaces has taken a toll, we recommend you take a look at the handpicked selections mentioned below for a vast collection that awaits you. Here, check them out and gift them to your loved ones.

14kt Yellow Gold Necklace – Ripple In The Ocean

This diamond studded necklace echoes the ripple effect in the still ocean, illustrating the feeling of joy. The diamond rimmed in the interior elicits a sense of delight and zeal. The fascinating layers of the 14kt golden pendant with diamonds caked in the middle are enticing. The intricate craftsmanship is reflected in the radiance of this exquisite diamond studded necklace. It pairs well with a Bardot as it highlights your neckline. Adorning it with a pair of gold earrings to complete your look.

18kt Yellow Gold Layered Necklace

Like the shimmering grains of sand that make us nostalgic about the seaside, this diamond studded necklace radiates a sheen of its own. With diamonds strung between the layers of this gold chain, your partner will love it. The layers render more depth to the design of the neckpiece and make it more enchanting. Team up this diamond studded necklace with a lavender-coloured off-shoulder gown and let it speak for you.

14kt Gold Butterfly-Inspired Necklace

One of the purest friendships we see in nature is between flowers and butterflies. They inspire delicate patterns in dainty gold and diamond studded necklaces. The assortment of purple-coloured stones and diamonds symbolizes a butterfly perched on a flower. Besides, the delicate pearl suspended on it adds to the quintessential timelessness of this diamond studded necklace. Team it with pastel hues and nude lip colour to complement your attire.

A Necklace For All Occasions

With the kiss of spring, you experience luxury and panache like no other. A piece of jewellery so stunning, like the diamond studded necklace, always stands out. This elegantly designed neckpiece is flexible with its intricate, thin gold wire work. This timeless piece is a classic combination of gold and diamond, symbolic of feminine elegance and essence. Quintessentially feminine, this captivating piece of jewellery is sculpted to complete any ensemble, especially if you are considering gifting it to your loved ones.

14kt Yellow And White Gold Diamond Necklace With Circular Pendant

This gold-diamond studded necklace is 14KT and has seventeen brilliant-cut, round diamonds that fall within SI2 clarity grade and the I-J colour range. The diamond studded necklace highlights a rope chain and a circular pendant in rhodium plating and yellow gold. The poised pendant is suspended from the chain via partially rhodium-plated bail. The diamonds embellish the rhodium-plated area of the pendant connected in shared prong settings. The pendant derives its brilliant shine from its high-polished finish.

Make a Choice Your Loved Ones Will Love!

Having gone through the history of diamonds and the various selections available in this list, we are sure you understand that a diamond studded necklace is not just a neckpiece. With the rich history, culture, tradition, lore, and heritage status of diamonds, you must consider getting one for your loved ones.

Mia by Tanishq offers a vast collection for all your diamond jewellery needs, including the well-coveted diamond studded necklace. Their collection is exquisite as they make you style them up with a diverse range of ensembles. And their collection is not just meant for a bride-to-be or the newlyweds, but for anyone who wants to celebrate love. So, surprise your loved ones and let these diamond studded necklaces be a timeless gift for your loved ones. Then, make it special with Mia by Tanishq! 

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