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4 Tips to Strengthen Your Home Security 2024

4 Tips to Strengthen Your Home Security 2022

4 Tips to Strengthen Your Home Security 2024

Improving your home security is crucial for the safety of your family and belongings. Here are four tips to strengthen your home security:

  1. Install a Security System:
    • Invest in a comprehensive home security system that includes surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and door/window sensors. Modern systems often come with smartphone apps, allowing you to monitor your home remotely.
    • Display signs and stickers indicating that your home is protected by a security system, as this can act as a deterrent to potential intruders.
  2. Secure Entry Points:
    • Reinforce doors and windows with high-quality locks. Deadbolt locks are generally more secure than standard locks.
    • Consider installing smart locks that can be controlled remotely. These locks often provide keyless entry options and allow you to monitor and control access through a mobile app.
    • Use security bars or film on windows to make them more resistant to break-ins.
  3. Illuminate Your Property:
    • Adequate outdoor lighting can deter burglars and make it easier for you to spot any suspicious activity. Install motion-activated lights around entry points, pathways, and other vulnerable areas.
    • Use timers or smart lighting systems to simulate your presence at home when you’re away, giving the impression that someone is inside.
  4. Landscaping and Visibility:
    • Keep shrubs and trees near windows and entry points trimmed to eliminate potential hiding spots for intruders.
    • Maintain visibility around your property. A well-lit and visible home is less likely to be targeted. Consider removing obstacles that could obstruct the view from your windows or provide cover for burglars.

Remember, it’s essential to tailor your security measures to the specific needs and layout of your home. Regularly assess and update your security measures to adapt to any changes in your living situation or advancements in technology. Additionally, consider consulting with a professional security service for personalized advice based on your home’s unique characteristics.

Your home is your sanctuary. It should be somewhere you can feel safe and secure, but that’s not always the case. If you are concerned about the safety of your family or yourself, then it’s time to take precautions! In this blog post, we will discuss 4 tips for strengthening your home security so you can protect what matters most.

Leave lights on when you leave for a long period of time.

Here are some ways to improve your home security:

  • Install a home security systemYou can add cameras and video doorbells to your system. Security cameras are one of the easiest and most effective ways to monitor your home. They can also provide visual evidence of things going on.
  • Lock windows and doorsLock your windows and doors to reduce the chances of an intruder gaining access.
  • Improve outdoor lightingBright lights around the outside of your home can help bring dark corners and shadows to light.
  • Reinforce doors and windowsReinforce your first-floor doors and windows. Damaged or unlocked windows and ripped screens can be easy access points for intruders.
  • Use smart locksSmart door locks can add a multifaceted security level and allow keyless entry. They can communicate using communication systems like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave, and can be controlled using platform apps like Wink. 

Here are some other things you can do to improve your home security:

  • Store hazardous substances safely
  • Dispose of expired or unused medications
  • Remove brush and flammable material
  • Inspect and replace water feed lines
  • Improve the lighting around your home
  • Lock down the garage
  • Consider installing a garage door opener that includes security features that close and lock your garage door automatically
  • Check your homeowners or renters insurance
  • Keep your wifi network protected by using a strong wifi password and not sharing it with anyone 

Leaving the lights on when you leave for a long period of time is the easiest thing you can do to improve your home security. When it comes down to cost, leaving lights on will not increase or decrease how much electricity you use in the long run because they won’t reach full brightness until after you start using them again anyway.

From an outside perspective, this indicates that someone is likely home, making it less of a feasible target for a potential intruder.

Install a home security system with cameras and motion detectors.

A security system is another great way to improve your home’s safety while also adding some convenience into the mix. Whether you have an apple watch or just simply use your phone, many systems can be monitored from anywhere in the world so if something does happen, help will be on the way as soon as you need it.

Therefore, home security is paramount, and finding the right security camera installation near me can fortify your property against potential threats.

Invest in professional security monitoring

This will usually cost a bit of money and hopefully, you will never have to use it, but it’s still a great move to make. If an intruder is caught on camera or there are signs that something has happened at your home, then the security company will contact local authorities immediately if you don’t respond so they can apprehend them before anything worse happens. This is also beneficial for other things, such as a fire that may happen while you are away or a medical emergency in which nobody else is able to call for help.

Some home security companies, like ADT Home, offer this service as a standard for all of their packages, while others offer it as an add-on for between $10 and $30 monthly.

4 Tips to Strengthen Your Home Security 2022

Make sure your doors and windows are always locked

This one is a no-brainer. It’s the simplest thing to do and yet many people still forget or don’t take it seriously enough. The chances of someone breaking in through your front door are higher than you might think, especially if they know that nobody is home because there won’t be any signs of forced entry.

To track whether you have locked all your doors and windows, many smart home security systems have motion sensors and smart locks. If this is something that you find yourself forgetting to do a lot, this may be a good investment for you. You will be able to control the locks remotely from your phone.

These are just a couple of ways you can start to take your home security seriously! If you are serious about protecting what matters most, then these tips will help make this goal achievable.

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It is not a circumstantial fact; it is in our nature. We are concerned and will be concerned about our safety. That, of course, extends to housing. And it is that it can happen at any time; weekdays, Sunday afternoons, early mornings. That’s why it‘s important to make sure your home is protected.

According to a report by AXA, thieves tend to avoid acting on weekends. This is so because, as the days of the week are free, they are aware that the probability that the property is occupied is high.

So when is home security against break-ins most important? The first days of the week, specifically, Monday. Thursday and Friday also follow closely behind. The reason is simple: the children are in school, and the parents are at work.

In addition, there are two predominant times when it comes to stripping someone of their assets: in the morning or between two and four in the morning. However, it should be noted that the latter is rather a cliché: the vast majority of robberies occur in the morning during the week.

Also, single-family homes tend to have a lower success rate among burglars than block flats. Why? Well, compared to individual houses, the latter is usually much less protected.

Why is it important to have security at home?

Not having a home security system makes any property inside vulnerable. It is a very important risk and, above all, avoidable, as there are a variety of methods to effectively protect the home.

Robbers closely study the habits of the people they are going to rob. They know if on Fridays the cohabitants celebrate the end of the week, or if on Mondays they go to work at eight or nine. Do we then change our habits?

The idea with which we work at home and with which it operates throughout the sector is to offer tools that avoid just that. That is, they force you to change your life to avoid criminals.

It is always better to adopt a series of changes in behavior when dealing with security issues. Not only is it easier and more effective, but it will also save you both time and money.

Below we present a series of recommendations that will allow you to have a safer home.

Tips to improve the security of your home

Security should be the first thing one thinks about when buying or renting a home. It does not matter what type of property it is; it is crucial to ensure the most efficient protection possible.

We must not forget that logic does not work with thieves. In other words, no matter how much you think you are smarter than anyone else and do all kinds of juggling, you will always be behind them.

We are talking about people dedicated body and soul to crime. They know all the homeowner protection tricks and spend their days innovating to find the best solution for that next-generation alarm you just installed.

Of course, there are a series of minimums that we cannot ignore. Not even in terms of safety, but simply in terms of common sense.

On the one hand, things as simple as making sure doors and windows are securely locked can detect burglars. Be careful; you should not install glass doors near handles because they will use them to break the glass and access the home.

Also, to avoid being the target of an attack, it is recommended to store valuables in places where they cannot be seen. That includes both the most striking jewels and the console that you are so used to seeing.

4 Tips to Strengthen Your Home Security 2022

All this brings us to a key insightit is better never to leave a key hidden. Contrary to what is taught in Hollywood movies, they are candy for thieves who want to break into someone else’s house without making any effort.

As an additional protection barrier, you can also take note of the people or vehicles that are loitering in the neighborhood. That way, you will detect the possible thief if you have been suspecting for a while.

We do not need to remember it because it is common sense, but we must never open the door or the portal to strangers.

And what about the lights? It is valid both for flats and single-family homes: it illuminates the doors and patios. If you don’t have one, leave a couple of rooms that can be seen from the street with light.

The most advisable lights in single-family homes or chalets are those that have motion sensors because they let you know when someone approaches the vicinity of the property. Of course, be careful not to be clever.

Some neighbors have been on vacation for two weeks, they left lights on, and there are thousands of correspondence. I say that the

thieves must be very confused 

I’m going on vacation: how do I protect my home?

If you are thinking of going on vacation, it is best not to reveal your destination to anyone. That is, not that you do not talk to people who are not very close. It seems obvious, but the boom in social networks has fueled this problem again.

Already in terms of strategies, you must make it look like the house is inhabited. Therefore, if it is a house with a garden, someone nearby should be in charge of mowing the lawn, collecting the letters, or turning on a light periodically.

Do you live in a flat? Do not draw the blinds on the windows or leave the mat rolled up in front of the door. If you trust a neighbor, it is also interesting to be able to leave them a copy of the key so that they pass by a couple of times a week.

There is a wide variety of home alarms that provide the best possible protection, some cheaper and some more expensive. We recommend you HomeGO floor alarm and not because it touches us on our part.

We point it out to you as a good option because it combines everything that we consider vital in a modern protection system: it is simple, it is based on day-to-day technology, and it has an easy-to-understand service.

It is an infallible mix of the camera with direct video, plus an alarm system. This first allows access to a live broadcast from the Telegram phone application (app available on iOS and Android).

For its part, the alarm system is made up of 4 devices that connect to your Wi-Fi to control what happens in the home. These have a variety of functions, such as the motion and door opening sensor or the previously mentioned camera.

4 Tips to Strengthen Your Home Security

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