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Who is a good person in the whole world?

Who is a good person in the whole world?

Who is a good person in the whole world?

The answer is that everyone is good in the world but not perfect. Every human has their own positives and negatives. None of the people in the world can find only positives.

Now, whenever you go out, you see a person you look at and start contemplating whether he is good or bad. Now, it’s your vision that makes a person good who is in front of you and evil. However, what you think about a person defines how he is. If you say in mind, “I think this person is bad,” you say, “I think,” without even talking to that guy and understanding him, you start judging and creating conclusions about that guy. Maybe that guy is good and pure from the heart, but you made a pessimistic vision of him.

Now, if he comes towards you to show his good gesture towards you, then again, instead of focusing on his sound quality, we have already created a vision of his, and we will look at him from the eyes of threat! And this affects your mental health as well. How?

Try this Next time you go out. You need a person to try to meet at least one person a day and think about him negatively. In some ways, you will find out it created an effect on your brain, and you start getting uncomfortable as, without knowing that guy, you made a bad imagination of him.

Try this for a week, and you will find you started feeling fear of every guy you meet, even in your house. Now try doing the exact opposite for whomever you meet for the next week. Try to create a positive imagination in your brain, look at everyone with the eye of equality, and find some connections between them, and suddenly, you will start becoming more positive. Your vision starts getting more apparent, and once you do that successfully for a week, you suddenly start seeing a significant change in your life. And can say, “You are in heaven irrespective of your location.”

What are some simple traits of a truly good person?

  1. They tell you who they are, what 
  2. They stand for what they’ve done, what they’re proud of, what they’re aiming for, and where they’ve messed up. No false modesty. No clap-trap about humility. There’s no bragging, either. They tell it like it is and expect you to do likewise. They listen intently to you and show genuine interest. They shut up. They refuse to take your silence or excuses about shyness for an answer. They include you.
  3. They never tell an even better story, however relevant or brilliant, than you’ve just described. No one-upmanship. If it’s your moment, it’s yours. If it’s their moment, it’s theirs. They see a stage as something to be shared, not hoarded.
  4. They compliment absent people.
  5. If something’s hurting you, they respect your pain on your terms. They don’t judge your pain by what they would or wouldn’t feel in the same situation. They don’t say things like ‘There are people worse off than you,’ ‘Get over it,’ ‘it could have been worse,’ ‘we’ve already talked about this,’ ‘forget it,’ ‘you’re taking it too personally,’ ‘it can’t be that terrible/painful/ uncomfortable,’ ‘it’s/he’s/she’s not worth it.’
  6. They avoid empty niceties such as ‘we should have lunch sometime.’ They offer to schedule lunch with you right now. Checking their calendar for an available slot is the only time they show the slightest interest in their smartphone during their entire conversation with you.

What are the qualities of a person with good character?

Uh, a wise question from an intelligent mind indeed.

Let us begin:

1. They care about others; in short, they are human.

2. They are open-minded. I am straight, but I would never stone a gay man.

3. They are courageous enough to defend the weak. Simply because everyone is doing something does not make it right.


5. They always pay attention to you when you need them most.

6. They APOLOGIZE when they do wrong.

7. They cry. Bad people hit you; intelligent people call.

8. They encourage you to be healthy physically, spiritually, mentally, intellectually, and financially.

9. They DATE ONLY YOU, NO side dishes.

10. They do not depend on others to feel attractive and intelligent. They know they already are.

11. They also care about your sister and brother and mom and dad. They aren’t selfish.

12. They aren’t racists.

13. They respect when you can’t have sex. They can wait.

14. When you let them into your world, they WANT to MARRY YOU. Not just fun and games.

15. They are KIND and OPEN and DEPENDABLE and simply WONDERFUL.

Who do you think is a good person?

I would rather have a different opinion on this. A reasonable person does not intentionally bring or do bad things to others. They must be smart enough to avoid unintentionally doing bad things to others. They don’t need to donate their monthly salary or be a “movie good guy stereotype.”.

Who is the most excellent person in the world?

You are the most excellent person in the world. Don’t stop being nice by breaking the hope of 7 billion people being nice.

Do you think you’re a good person? If so, how are you a good person?

I do believe I am good person !! since

I make girls get wet and hard

I make guys get hard and horny

And for free to both sides

Who is a good person?

We all want to become a good person by doing good to others. 

Still, before doing good, we think bad for others, consciously and subconsciously imagine them in adverse situations, and pray for their misfortune.

At this point, our positive mindset changes to evil just because we want to help them out of their dire situation and do good to them to portray our image as a reasonable person in front of them and impress them. But this will not make us good; this will only make our image good. By doing this, we become a pseudo-good person in front of others.

Think deeply, do we want to become like this? This creates a contradiction in the definition of “A good person.”

According to our definition, a good person is one who 1) thinks good for others 2)and does good for others. 

Now the question arises: why do we want to become a good person? Why? Why? To impress others and become famous. Many of us would not accept this reason, but deep inside, we all know this is true. The question arises about why we want to impress others; maybe we are famished with fame.

Now, the definition of a “good person” has changed, and it becomes ‘ a good person is one who 1) is famished for fame and 2) wants to impress others.

 We also know that this is not true and proper. But this definition will become appropriate if we remove the first point and in the second point, if we impress ourselves instead of others, only we can become good people.

“A good person is one who thinks good for others & himself as well and does good for others just to impress and satisfy himself and never tries to proove himself as a good person.”

Do we still have good people in this world?

YES, I have met them.

They are HUMBLE and live quiet lives.

They do not THINK more of themselves than they should.





What would your perfect man be like/look like?

There are days when I go to him and start blabbering about how people dislike me or how bad I am. And he calms me down and tells me that nobody is perfect. He accepts my flaws.

There are days when I somehow manage to be with him and sleep. And he, instead of getting mad for wasting time, admires me sleeping even if I sleep while kissing.

He writes me no letters. He buys me no gifts. He doesn’t speak much. Yet, his eyes say how much I mean to him and make me feel the way no letter would have done.

I am not bound to him. All he wants is my happiness, with him or without him. He is a man of his word. He understands me. And I, him. He doesn’t compel me to lie in any way because he is courageous enough to hear the truth. Because he knows that I am his at the end of the day. And he, mine.

That’s how my perfect man would be. That’s how my ideal man is.

Who is perfect in this world?

This guy, right here. This guy is the embodiment of perfection.

Who is he? His name is Blade, and he is from the TV show Community.

You must be wondering what is so perfect about him.

Well, you see, when Blade was a kid, he met with an accident that injured the part of his brain that caused him to feel shame.

Because he doesn’t feel shame, he doesn’t want to prove anything to anybody. He doesn’t want to be something other than wealthy, successful, fit, witty, or wise. So even if you call him a loser, he doesn’t care. Or, to be accurate, he cannot feel that emotion to manage.

He is just happy the way he is.

Viktor Frankl once said that even though we are not in control of our situations, we can choose our thoughts about that situation. We can either choose to feel shitty about our job, our love life, and our place in life at the moment. Or we can choose to be happy and focus on the positive.

But we all have limits. We are human, after all. Even the worst situations may scar us.

But Blade, he has no limits.

He doesn’t care if he doesn’t have a girlfriend

He doesn’t care if he gets rejected by a girl

He doesn’t care if he is going to start a business

He doesn’t care if he fails in his business

He doesn’t care what his friends think of him if he fails

He doesn’t care if he gives up or keeps going

He doesn’t care if he becomes homeless

He doesn’t care if he has to live on government welfare

He doesn’t watch if he grows old

He doesn’t care if he is going to die alone

He doesn’t care about going through all that, so he works a menial carnival job.

And yes, he doesn’t care if his name is “Blade.”

Even the most successful people whose lives are almost perfect in our eyes are worried about all this. They are concerned about competition, fame, media, etc. But to Blade, his menial job at a carnival is already perfect for him. So, who are we to judge?

Because Blade cannot feel shame, he will live a problem, negativity-free life. He will be the master of his life and live on his terms. Plus, he is immune to failure and judgemental people.

Oh, and because of his ‘don’t care’ attitude, he almost caused a hot girl to go crazy for him and a sexy womanizer lawyer to beg him to tell him the secret to getting girls. So, yeah.

Are there charming people on Earth?

If I asked, ‘Are there evil people on earth?’ there would be a plethora of confirmations. It is logical to believe there is an equal number of people at the other end of the spectrum.

There are far more nice people than the opposite.

Since my accident, which left me completely paralyzed from the neck down, I have learned to walk again (I look like a drunk penguin!), but I did, for a while, rely on a mobility scooter to help me get the kids to school and back.

Despite being rush hour, I often had motorists stop, or people even flag down cars so that I could cross busy roads, and not once did I get anything other than smiles or waves from those delayed drivers. I even have had total strangers stop and drive me home when I’ve been struggling.

There are plenty of charming people out there!

Who is an actual “good person”?


Yes, I am a good person because I am always ready to help a needy person no matter what kind of help they need. Although I am not a rich guy who can donate lots of money to charity, I always give my hands to those who needneed me without any greed. 

For example, if someone needs a job, I try my heart out and contact all my friends to find that guy a job. If someone has lost in government offices or hospitals, I help them do their work efficiently.

Let me share one of my deeds today at the government cancer hospital.

As I used to go there for my mother’s treatment, this lady waited for very long to get her husband’s file from the file room, but no one was there in the staff willing to do their duty. So I went to the RMO office and complained about that, and within 5 minutes, the lady got her file.

So, I am a good person.

There are lots of other good people, too. I only want to say that you can not be a good person by donating massive sums of money; you need to give a hand to needy people who get upset with the system.

Be kind to everyone 🙂

What is a sign that someone is a genuinely good person?

A Genuinely good person is recognized by the following, in my experience. They keep an open Mind about 

others’ Opinions. They accept when they’re Wrong and try to learn from their Mistake.

They have a positive energy that draws others in.

They’re trustworthy and Dependable, not only when it Counts.

They are warm, and you feel like you can tell them anything.

They always have a Positive Outlook on life.

They let people have their Moment to Shine.

They don’t try to one another, sharing their own experiences.

They give others a chance to finish their Thoughts and stories.

They have Patience, Compassion, and Empathy.

They also have Amazing Emotional Intelligence.

They’re truly Happy about others’ Success and offer their support.

They’re slow to Speak and quick to Listen.

Just a few things I’ve noticed!

How does an extremely good person get treated by this world?

Extremely good people are always ignored and not 


  • People rarely recognize them as good people, people who go unnoticed, and those who remember them will never come out in the open to support them.
  • It is a rare quality that is relatively uncommon, and good people never harm anybody, so people never praise them.
  • Harmless people never get appreciation from the mass people.
  • People usually support harmful people so they will not harm them.
  • Extremely good people are appreciated by the people when people want to take benefits from them. People keep a good relationship with them as they are helpful in challenging situations.
  • People are pretty aware of their qualities, so when they need them, they approach them.
  • Suppose any minor points and weaknesses of a good person are always highlighted. People like to love to talk about it.
  • A reasonable person has many enemies, and some people are afraid of the excellent quality of a good person, which is quite common at the global level. People always unite against the perfect person to bring his morals down.

Who do you think is a good person?

Good and evil are the labels we give to the results of a choice. For me, it is their intention. Those who intend to do what benefits anyone rather than want to do what causes harm would be a good person. Since choices labeled sour can be used to do good, and choices labeled suitable can be used to do wrong, their intentions count.

Most who make choices that end badly do not intend to cause harm; they do not consider all the things that would happen due to their choices. Also, many who make choices do not plan anything to happen; they do then think when the shit hits the fan.

Most people are good; they just do not put much thought into what they do BEFORE they do it.

There are many good persons in the world. People who have love in their hearts for all are good. Love is the cause of all good nature. The one whose heart is filled with love for all cannot do any bad things that bring harm to others.

Who was the perfect man in the world?

There’s no such thing as “the perfect man”. Because for a man to be perfect in certain areas, he’ll have to surrender that quest for perfection in other areas. For example, a man like Steve Jobs — reached the top of his field as a businessman and entrepreneur.

However, he had to be focused 100% on his work for the first decades of his career. Which is why, when he first got his college sweetheart pregnant… he abandoned her. And he denied the daughter she gave him was his.

 He even claimed he was infertile and couldn’t possibly have fathered her to get away with the responsibility. He didn’t reconnect with her until much later in life. Only when Jobs was already an established, successful, and billionaire, did he marry and have a second family.

The second time around, he did have time. Not that much, however — he died at 56. There wasn’t enough time. There never is. The perfect man doesn’t exist. There are good husbands, good fathers, ruthless business people, conquerors of worlds, and great inventors. But no man is all of these things.

Who is not a good person?

Rather than giving my opinion on which person is not good (Trump? Putin?) I want to provide an example of my own experience as a college teacher in Japan, working with several different people. My relationship with Japanese people in Japan needs to be more relevant. The case could have been similar in the US, Britain, or elsewhere.

I couldn’t get along with many people because of the circumstances of local academic politics, their personalities, and (yes) cultural differences. Sometimes, my conflicts with them became intense, and I remember them today as clearly as if they happened yesterday. Yet, in retrospect, I don’t think they were terrible people. They had their perspectives and values, which were very different from mine.

However, there was one individual, “Mr. X,” who seemed to be a borderline psychopath. Many of my colleagues hated him, but despite their efforts to have him fired, he worked 26 hours daily to curry favor with just the right people and anticipate his enemies’ next strategy. He was so dedicated to self-preservation and ingenious in promoting it that he remains on the university’s staff today despite years of rumors and scandals.

He liked to bully some of the students in his seminar, turning most of the other students against them, and when he went on study tours overseas with them, he did some pretty scandalous things. But because he was constantly lobbying his superiors and covering up for himself, he could get away with it.

He was different from the others, which teaches me a valuable lesson. There are lots of people in life that you’ll never like, but that doesn’t mean they are evil. However, there are a very few exceptions . . .

How can I prove to the world that I am a good person?

That is a strange question. It is similar to asking, “How can I prove to the world that I am not a wife beater, child abuser, serial killer, and evil person?”

I would assume that most people don’t need to prove anything. The burden of proof is on the accuser and not the accused. Innocent until proven guilty. You are a good person until proven otherwise.