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What’s All About the Thin Skin Hair System?

What's All About the Thin Skin Hair System?

What’s All About the Thin Skin Hair System?

Is it always better to use a lasting, thin skin hair system? In general, the term “ultra-thin” refers to skin base hair systems having a super thin skin base. However, most of the time, an ultra-thin hair system is not meant to last. 

What’s the Lifespan of an Ultra Thin Hair System?

The lifespan of hair replacement systems is essential when choosing a hair system. Because it frequently prompts queries like “How long does a hair system last?” and “Is a non-surgical hair replacement permanent?” KA Hair Solutions is aware of the significance of this factor. 

However, several factors, such as the base material, base thickness, hair treatments and products used, ventilation technique, and more, all contribute to how long a hair replacement system lasts.

Helping our clients make informed decisions on hair replacement systems and how it will affect their appearance, we have examined these factors in-depth in this blog post. Let’s start by looking at the various base components used in hair systems.

Base Materials Determine the Longevity of Hair Systems

A variety of materials, including French lace, fine monofilament, clear poly or clear PU, poly with gauze, poly coated, thin skin, silk mono, injected silk, and fine welded mono, can be used to create hair system bases. In general, the lifespan of bases decreases as they become thinner and more realistic-looking.

Swiss Lace

For instance, Swiss lace bases that are extra-invisible frequently only last a few weeks. With a potential lifespan of 6 to 9 months or even over a year with proper care, mono bases like mono lace and injected silk are the most resilient if you want a base that will last longer.

French Lace

Due to its natural appearance and breathability, French lace is a preferred material. However, with proper maintenance, it typically lasts 3 to 6 months due to its thin and delicate nature.

Fine Mono

However, fine mono hair system offers exceptional strength and durability. Its cloth-like texture and tiny holes produce a naturally looking, well-ventilated base that doesn’t generate excessive heat or perspiration. If used carefully, fine mono bases can last for up to 12 months or longer, giving the look of having a thick head of hair.

Ultra Thin Hair System

Hair systems with thin skin base are available in clear poly, poly with gauze, and poly-coated varieties. Different thicknesses of clear poly are possible, providing a variety of appearances. The lifespans of thin, clear poly bases are shorter. 

How Did the Ultra Thin Hair System Become Popular?

For instance, an ultra thin hair system with v looped hair only lasts 3 to 4 weeks due to its fragility and ultra-thin clear poly skin. It has a short lifespan, but because of how natural it looks and how cheap it price is, it is growing in popularity.

Rule to Choose Thin Skin and Ultra Thin Hair Systems

To sum up, the rule of thumb for choosing a base is that the hairpiece will last longer if the clear PU is thicker. The expected lifespan is influenced by the thickness of the skin base and can range from several weeks to several months, or, with the right care, even longer than a year.

The Most Practical Skin Base

An alternative that increases the base’s strength and offers a lifespan of more than six months and up to a year is poly with gauze. The internal gauze, however, prevents it from being as thin as clear PU. The thickest and longest-lasting poly-coated bases—those with additional layers of poly—last about a year.

Poly with Gauze for the Ultra Thin Hair System

Your preferences will determine the best base for your hair replacement system. Poly with gauze or fine mono bases are suggested if high density and longevity are desired. French lace or clear thin skin systems are suitable options for a natural appearance and light density.

Take Care of Hair Systems

In addition to the base material, how well you care for your hair replacement system will determine how long it lasts. Regular maintenance visits, usually once per month, help maintain the hair system’s peak performance and increase its lifespan. To maximize the lifespan of each hair replacement system, it is also advisable to have two of them.

Free Consultations

We encourage you to have consultations with New Times Hair if you have any further inquiries or want to see samples of our hair replacement systems. We are available to help you locate the ideal hair system for your requirements.


It’s important to take into account additional factors that may affect the lifespan of your hair replacement system in addition to the base materials and maintenance. These consist of your particular requirements, tastes, skin type, way of life, and the products you use.

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What’s All About the Thin Skin Hair System?