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What You Need to Know About the Main Coon Cat 2023

What You Need to Know About the Maine Coon Cat 2022

What You Need to Know About the Main Coon Cat 2023

Description. The most important features of Maine Coons are the head, body shape, and coat texture. With a head slightly longer than wider, these cats show a slightly concave profile with high cheekbones—ears large and wide at the base, moderately pointed, inside tufts resembling lynxes.

Cat lovers may find Maine coon cats to be very special breeds that they can keep as pets. The cats took their name from their state of origin, Maine, in North America. They are among the oldest pure breeds in the country. It is not enough to admire and want one of those kitties; you should have full knowledge of them at your fingertip. 

A Brief Background of the Breed

Though this species of cats do not have an identifiable story surrounding its emergence, there are some speculations by some scholars. Most breeders believe that Main Coon is a product of crossbreeding longhaired domestic cats with shorthairs, which the Vikings brought into America.

Furthermore, the breed was used for shows but lost relevance when new and fantastic breeds like the Persian were introduced into North America. This continued for a while until the 1950’s when things changed, and the Maine coon gradually began to attract attention again. Its fame traveled beyond the shores of New England.

A Vivid Description of Main Coon

You may be wondering what exactly makes this breed unique and a center of attraction in its state of origin. The striking features of this cat are its head, the shape of its body, and coat texture. Its head is a bit wide with a concave profile and high cheekbones.

Additionally, the cat has large, moderately pointed ears that show some form of wideness at the bottom. You can also find tufting that looks like lynx inside the ears. Its eyes are expressive, large, and round. In fact, the eyes are the most distinctive characteristic of the breed. Maine coons that are well-bred have a rectangular and balanced appearance.

The most interesting part of this breed is that it displays a variety of patterns and colors. Its eyes also have different magnificent colors like green, blue, and gold. You can also find a combination of two eye colors in some white species.

What You Need to Know About the Main Coon Cat 2023

A Maine coon cat rarely makes the normal cat sound – meow. Even when it does, it sounds so soft and highly intonated, that it almost makes melodious music that directly opposes their size. This quality makes them unique and sought after. 

Furthermore, something worth considering in this special breed is its outstanding personality. The cat is usually full of love and sometimes funny as it displays humorous actions. It tries to help in any home where it belongs by taking part in family activities.

The cat loves chasing objects, so you can teach it how to fetch and catch. This skill is very helpful especially in rural homes where pest control is essential. Because the breed is strong and hardy, novice cat breeders see them as a good option for healthy litters of kittens. You can visit to learn how to train your cat to fetch.

The Temperament of the Cat

Unlike some breeds, Maine coons do not excessively rely on their owners. Instead of disturbing you to get your attention, they prefer staying close for companionship. They are not exactly lapping cats, but they like sitting beside their owners, not on top. They make great friends for children, and they socialize with any other pets you have at home.

Another thing you should know about this laid-back and relaxed breed is that does not develop fast. Its growth is slow, but it starts gaining maturity around 3 and 4 years. As the cat grows old, it still remains playful, displaying a temperament that is kitten-like and a reputation as the gentle giant of the kitty world. Unlike other breeds, Maine coons do not jump to higher levels; they prefer staying on the ground.

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Special Training and Care 

If you want to get this breed, you need to know about its weight. Maine coons are naturally large in size, and most breeders recommend feeding them a high-quality diet to curb weight gain. It is recommended to switch to a diet that is low in calories when an indoor cat is between 5 to 10 years.

Also, this breed loves drinking water, so ensure to always provide clean water. Its coat is quite easy to groom. You can also comb the furs to keep them from shedding. You can comb them weekly starting with a comb that has a wide tooth formation and then finish it with a narrow one.

Additionally, Maine coons are habitual creatures. This makes it easy for you to train them using associations to good habits. You can also train them to accept the leash and harness when you use positive reinforcement by rewarding good behavior.

Medical Issues

All cat breeds showcase weaknesses and strengths, and Maine coons are not an exception. There are genetic weaknesses, but they only affect a minority. If you want to keep this breed as a pet, it is important to understand that Maine coons suffer from inherited health issues like cardiomyopathy and hip dysplasia. 

Reputable breeders try to track these health issues in their stock. So before adopting one, ensure you find out if the breeder noticed any disease in the previous litters. Also, find out how much they screen the new litters. Reputable breeders usually provide health guarantees when they sell a pedigreed kitten. You can read this article to learn more about the cat’s characteristics.


If you are thinking about adopting a cat, a Maine coon will make a great choice. They are fun to live with because they are helpful, playful, and humorous. We highlighted the things you need to know about the breed, and these will guide you when you want to get a kitty.

What You Need to Know About the Main Coon Cat 2022

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