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What Is The Roman Empire TikTok Trend? [Explained]

What Is The Roman Empire TikTok Trend? [Explained]

September 16, 2023: The Roman Empire has fallen for centuries, but its legacy is still alive and well. A new TikTok trend is sweeping the internet, where people are asking their partners, friends, and family members how often they think about the Roman Empire.

The trend started in early September 2023, and it has since gone viral, with thousands of videos being posted. The responses are varied, but many people admit to thinking about the ancient civilization on a daily basis.

So, what is it about the Roman Empire that has people so obsessed? Let’s Know it in the article below!

What Is The Roman Empire TikTok Trend?

Social media users across the USA have been posting videos on TikTok asking their significant others how often they think about the Roman Empire- a period that lasted from 625 BC to AD 476.

To the amazement of every woman, the response is frequently “all the time.”

“Every boy you’ve ever met is like, ‘I wonder if I could survive in the Roman Legion,’ like that’s a normal thing,” one user said in a video.

Why Are People So Obsessed With The Roman Empire?

Now that it has been proved that a sizable portion of the public thinks about the Roman Empire frequently (which is still wild), we need to understand why.

There were a variety of responses when several TikTokers told their spouses about their fascination with the Roman Empire. Because of things like roads and languages that came from the Roman Empire, many people appeared to be interested in it.

Another person stated: “Every time I’m listening to a really cool song, I imagine that scene from Troy,” while a third claimed they think of “two people in the Colosseum that fight to the death.” For others, it may be the gladiator association.

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Although there is a lot to consider when it comes to the Roman Empire—it did exist for a thousand years—some users on TikTok are skeptical that anyone would be so interested in it. Many wonder whether this is simply a giant practical joke that individuals are pulling on their partners.

On TikTok, one user wrote, “They all have to be in on this because WHY,” while another said, “I feel like I’m being pranked.”

But, with nearly a billion TikTok views, surely there are some die-hard Roman Empire lovers out there? We doubt it will be us, but the next time we eat a Caesar salad, we’ll remember the Roman Empire.

When Did The “Roman Empire TikTok” Trend Start?

A Roman reenactor from Sweden named Gaius Flavius, who has more than 100,000 Followers on Instagram, shared a reel with an on-screen caption that read: August with the message, “Ladies, many of you do not realize how often men think about the Roman Empire.”

TikTok ultimately caught on to the trend. The author Sam Slupski recalled seeing the meme and asking their husband in the video with the most views (5.1 million).

Slupski recalled, “He said every single day, and then we had a 45-minute discussion about the Roman Empire.”

In a different clip, TikToker Kira Kosarin asked her lover in private, to which he replied, “3 times a day.” There were 3.7 million views of the video.

In a TikTok video with 3.5 million views, Laine Bullinger also captured her boyfriend’s response to the query, in which he deadpanned “not a lot – twice a week.” She questioned him as to why, and he answered, “They were the second most powerful empire.”

But is this actually the cause of men’s frequent thoughts of the Roman Empire?

What Is Main Principle Of The Trend?

The main premise of the Roman Empire TikTok trend is to ask people how often they think about the Roman Empire and to get their reactions. Many of the videos are funny and lighthearted, but some of them also offer more serious insights into people’s fascination with the ancient civilization.

The trend is a way for people to connect over a shared interest, and it is also a way to start conversations about history and culture. The videos are informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking all at the same time.

What Is The Roman Empire TikTok Trend? [Explained]
What Is The Roman Empire TikTok Trend? [Explained]

Why Do Men Think About The Roman Empire So Much?

Women wonder why males think so much about the Roman Empire while this trend is spreading like wildfire.

While some men have tried to explain their interest in the historical period in comment sections, one TikToker even went so far as to create an entire explanatory video for why males think about the Roman Empire so frequently.

A Person on TikTok, whose username is “themasculineedge” shared a TikTok reel with the caption: “Roman Empire trend explained from a man’s perspective.

“Men inherently need to conquer,” he said. “We always have, and we always will. We want to conquer. We want to conquer everything. We’re adventurous. We need and seek that, and if we don’t have it, then we imagine it.”

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He continued: “There’s a quote: ‘The masses of men lead lives of quiet desperation.’ If your man is thinking about their empire and then conquering, it’s because he’s not conquering enough in his life himself.”

However, not everyone who commented agreed with his theory. One response stated, “It’s not only about Roman conquest; it’s about civilization, glory, honor, culture, longevity, etc.

Another person wrote, “It’s just interesting to see how big it got with its impact and to look at all the things the inventions and how they fell.” This individual had a different theory.

Has This Trend Reached Other Social Media Platforms?

Yes, the Roman Empire TikTok trend has reached other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. People have been sharing videos and memes about the trend, and it has even been discussed on news shows and podcasts.

What Have People Said About The Trend?

After the trend went viral, several people took to various social media apps to express their views on it.

“The tiktok trend of women texting men how often they think of the Roman Empire and being shocked by men saying ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ are killing me,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“the trend on tiktok of women asking their husbands if they think about the roman empire is the greatest. Because i, too, think about the roman empire often. & I also just took a roman epics class recently,” another added.

“It’s amazing, the women cannot fathom the answers of “once a day” ‘few times a week’ etc. Hilarious stuff,” a third user wrote.

What Is The Roman Empire TikTok Trend? [Explained]