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What are the Trends in Body Contouring?

What are the Trends in Body Contouring?

What are the Trends in Body Contouring?  

The shape of your body can be altered over time by a number of different factors, such as pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and even the simple effects of aging. You may realize some day that you just aren’t happy with how your body looks anymore, and you might decide to do something about that. One of the things you can do to address the situation is body contouring.

There are several different types of body contouring that might appeal to you, depending on the specific area that needs tightening. Most people who investigate body contouring have one or more stubborn areas of fat they’d like to lose, and contouring represents one of the best approaches to that. At this website, you’ll be able to see how one of the most advanced centers in the country addresses the whole issue of body contouring, and you may even want to arrange for an initial consultation.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the hottest trends in body contouring today, so you can have a better idea of what it’s all about, and some of the ideas described may even be just what you need to restore that youthful, appealing look you used to enjoy. Continue reading below to find out just what’s happening today in the wide world of body contouring.

Non-surgical body contouring

Non-surgical techniques are one of the most significant trends in the entire industry because they’re non-invasive, and because recovery time from them is very rapid. Non-surgical procedures will provide the results you’re looking for in most cases, with no associated downtime and no recovery time required. Here are some of the most popular non-surgical body contouring procedures now being offered in many of the cosmetic centers around the country:

  • Ultherapy – this is one of the most recent body contouring procedures developed and put into practice. It is a technique that makes use of ultrasound energy to tighten up and lift sagging areas, if necessary, for instance, the face, the brow, and the entire chin area. It addresses the deeper layers of your skin without having any surface impact whatsoever. This provides patients with a boost in collagen production, so that in a matter of about two or three months, it will be possible to have a much more youthful appearance.
  • SculpSure – This is a procedure that can be accomplished fairly quickly using a temperature control device that issues heat from a laser. This method is used on some of the stubborn spots around your body, such as the flanks, thighs, or stomach, and it delivers localized intense heat that gets absorbed by fatty tissues in those areas. After a single treatment, it will be possible, in the neighborhood of six to 12 weeks, to see some very visible results of this contouring process.
  • CoolSculpting – this is a procedure that makes use of an FDA-approved device capable of eliminating fat in the most stubborn areas of your body, like the stomach, inner thighs, and upper arms. It does this by permanently freezing them away after exposure to a device which generates extreme cold temperatures. After about three months, fat cells will completely die off and be absorbed by the body, prior to elimination. This is one of the most successful procedures you can undertake for a permanent solution to achieving your ideal appearance and optimal weight loss.
  • Kybella – this is an injectable solution which specifically addresses the ‘double chin’ area that frequently develops as you age. It has the effect of removing fat cells in the chin area, so that patients can look their best in as little as three to six weeks. Assuming you don’t put on more weight in the future, results from the Kybella treatment will be permanent.

Surgical body contouring solutions – What are the Trends in Body Contouring?

Surgical body sculpting techniques are indicated when more serious body contouring is required, and a higher volume of fat must be eliminated. Be advised that any surgical techniques have the potential to cause some amount of down time on your part, which means you might need to miss work for a short period of time while you recover from the surgery.

You’ll want to be sure that you don’t injure yourself in the aftermath of surgery, thereby triggering the need for some kind of follow-up procedure to correct the problem. In any case, there are some very effective surgical procedures which can be undertaken to help achieve your optimal appearance, and to allow you to feel good about yourself again. Here are the most popular surgical solutions to body contouring at the present time:

  • Body lift procedures – these kinds of body contouring procedures are generally undertaken so that patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight can have excess skin removed to provide a more sculpted appearance. Some people use these body lift procedures in tandem with liposuction, so as to remove stubborn fat pockets and optimize their results. Some of the most popular lift procedures include a neck lift, arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift, and a tummy tuck. Some of these procedures can also be addressed concurrently, if you require more than one kind of surgical treatment. This happens fairly often in the aftermath of a pregnancy, weight loss surgery, or a lower body lift. This will call for some fairly serious discussion with your cosmetic surgeon, so that he/she can determine exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and help you decide on the best approach to accomplish those results.
  • Liposuction – this is still probably the most popular surgical solution to fat loss and body contouring in the entire cosmetic world. There are several different types of liposuctions available, some of which involve laser-assisted techniques and others which are tumescent in nature. Liposuction procedures of today are far more precise than they were in the past, and they also require considerably less downtime, while providing a much higher level of safety. This is a very versatile procedure which can achieve a significant makeover on several areas of your body, sometimes even having them done all in a single session.

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What are the Trends in Body Contouring?