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What are some true spanking stories?

What are some true spanking stories?

What are some true spanking stories?

I want to begin with. The statute of limitations has already expired, so I can freely say this now.

A friend (a non-troublemaker guy) and I were having a water balloon fight, which was simple and harmless. his name; let’s call him Mark and his sister—let’s call her Alexa—were a cool friend group, but long exposure always got us in trouble. They were always the type to take it way too far. Anyhow, we were playing in the front yard on a hot August day. It was fun, but we got tired of throwing water balloons at each other. We were already soaked, so then Mark decided to start hitting animals and other things, and then passing cars; they would honk and people would scream, but it was funny nonetheless.

Well, we run out of water balloons, so he goes back to make more. When he got back, the bucket of water balloons seemed smaller; they were smaller, and a few in particular were warm compared to the cold ones. Dear readers, you can see where this is going. I did not touch the water balloons at that point because I knew what he did, and then I saw someone with a convertible who lobbed the balloon It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The angelic choir sang their concerto as the water balloons flew and hit the poor balled man’s head as if heaven were smiling back.

A man crashed into his mailbox, twisted metal, cursing a storm as kids that meant HAUL ASS!!! Then my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach when he yelled, “IS THIS PISS?” Mark and Alexa were dust clouds, but I had asthma and was not very fast on my bike The ball-headed man was in his car, chasing me like I did. Quick thinking: I went to my friend’s house, where I knew she was home, but her grandma was in her late 70s and had Alzheimer’s. Bingo!

I flew through the door, making sure to say “Hi, Grammie” the way my friend did. She turned from matlock to wave hi, and I ran to my friends room. I told her everything and what to do. The police came knocking on her door, and her grandma answered. “Can I speak to your granddaughter, please? The cop asked, and my friend came down and confirmed that she had been in the house all afternoon. The police officer asked Grandma if she had another granddaughter or a friend over. To which she replied, This is my only granddaughter, and I haven’t seen anybody come through this door.

What are some true spanking stories?

The guy behind the police officer, cursing up a storm, kept insisting that there had to be another girl, and he saw me enter the house. Grandma became irate and said she was sitting right in front of the TV. The entire time, I haven’t seen anybody interested, and he’s crazy. The police officer thanked her grandma and closed the door.

I stayed there for an hour in her closet, just in case that pissed-on bald man was watching the house. I left my bike at her house and went home to help with the backyard fences. I lived four houses down from her. That bald man saw me a few days later. I flipped him the bird and kept riding my bike. He lived at the beginning of my neighborhood, far from my house. Are we screaming? if you ever saw where I live, I would be in huge trouble.

I would always tell him I didn’t even throw the balloon, and he could screw me into always meeting him. See red, but nothing ever happened or came of it. Quick thinking saved the day, but I totally probably deserved a couple spankings.

What are some true spanking stories?

Many years ago, I dated a woman who was a straight-ahead sexual sadist. She and I were together for about ten years.

During kinky play, she broke a wooden spoon over my ass. I don’t mean a cheap wooden spoon like this, either.

I mean a thick-handled Williams and Sonoma spoon, like this:

Good times. We haven’t dated for a long time, but we’re still friends. I saw her at my wedding a couple months back. 🙂

What is your spanking story as a child?

I was 8. It was a Saturday afternoon. Mom and Dad had a house full of friends over. It was a festive good day. Lots of laughing, eating and drinking. The adults put a couple of tables together and started a card game. Nothing serious. Just a fun way to socialize. Dad thrived in these situations. He was a big good looking man filled with charisma and a great story teller. People loved his attention and approval, and he loved to give it.

My little brother and I were exiled to the other room with toys, pizza, and sweets. It was made clear that we could have whatever we wanted to eat or play with but we were not to interrupt the adults.

What are some true spanking stories?

I forget my reason but I wandered into the party to ask for something. There was a hush and all the adults looked at me. My father said “I told you to stay in the other room.” He was angry. I was surprised by his reaction. He kicked back his chair and stood up towering over me and the others seated. He unbuckled his belt. Dad had never spanked or hit me ever before. I was terrified. Everyone watched in shock. He grabbed me by my shoulder and took me into an adjacent bedroom and slammed the door as loud as he could.

Before I could plead, beg, or cry, he picked me up fast and whispered into my ear.

“I want you to scream and cry as loud as you can.”

He sat me on the bed. He took off his belt and smiled. He turned and struck the wall with his belt with a big, slapping, whacking sound. . He gestured for me to scream. Then I figured out what he was doing. I yelled, “NO DAD. No. I’m sorry. NO!”

He whacked the wall over and over. It was all we could do to keep from laughing.

We walked out back to the party to the shocked, jaw-dropping looks on everyone’s faces. it was priceless.

Then dad and I started laughing out of control. I think I laughed so hard that I peed myself. My mother just shook her head.

“See what I deal with?”

What are some true spanking stories?

Hey there! I see you’re curious about some true spanking stories, and I’m here to share a couple with you. Now, just to be clear, we’re talking about good old-fashioned discipline stories—nothing too wild. So, sit tight, and let me take you on a little trip down memory lane.

First up, we’ve got a classic from my school days. You know how sometimes teachers can be a bit strict, right? Well, there was this one time when I was in seventh grade, and my homeroom teacher, Ms. LaChance, happened to be a close friend of my mom. So, while my mom was out of town on business, Ms. LaChance took on the role of temporary guardian. She noticed I was up to some mischief at school, and boy, did she have a deal for me! She offered to spank me ten times a day to set me straight. Let me tell you, those spankings were something else, and I learned my lesson the hard way.

Now, fast forward to my teenage years, and I’ve got my mom giving me bare-bottom spankings whenever I mess up. It’s like a never-ending saga of discipline. But, you see, these spankings aren’t about cruelty; they’re about teaching me respect and responsibility. So, if you’ve got any stories of your own or more questions, feel free to ask!

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What was the worst spanking you got growing up?

My wife was putting some clothes in the washer. I was sitting on the couch with my iPad.

Howard’s wife: “Hey Babe. Did you hear the dryer go off?

Howard: “Yep.”

Howard’s wife: “Did you check to make sure the blankets in there were dry?”

Howard: (looking up) “Oops. I forgot. I’m sorry.”

Howard’s wife: “No big deal.”

I got up from the couch and walked over to my wife.

Howard: “Oh! But it is a big deal. You gave me an order, and I didn’t obey.”

Howard’s wife: (sighing) “Oh crap.”

Howard: “Your husband did not do as he was told! We don’t reward bad behavior in this house!” I turned and presented my ass for punishment.

Howard’s wife: “Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

Howard: “What do I get?! What do I get for being a bad boy?!”

Howard’s wife: “Howard, please.”

Howard: “This willful misdeed cannot go unchastised!! I must be reminded of what happens when I don’t listen, lest the insolence continue!!! Deliver your punishment, O’ Angel of Retribution!!! My backside waits for you!”

My wife gave me a sad little pat on the ass.

Howard’s wife: “Okay. Can you please move now so I can get this blanket out of the dryer?”

The worst spanking ever

What is your adult spanking story? Discipline or otherwise.

When I finally moved into my own apartment, I was 23 and looking forward to my new-found freedom. Each apartment unit was fairly close to one another, but it really didn’t bother me.

One Saturday afternoon, I had just walked into my bedroom to get ready to go out for the day. As I was getting ready, my eye caught a glimpse of a woman in the adjacent apartment. She just seemed to be combing her hair. For whatever reason, I just stood there and watched for a moment, since I was just getting ready to head out. She stopped combing her hair and began to remove her blouse and bra. I knew I should just turn and leave, but I just stood there and continued to watch. She continued removing her clothes until she was completely naked. She was very beautiful, and I was now getting aroused. I just stood there and took it all in.

Then she suddenly turned to reach for something and caught me standing there, watching her. She quickly pulled the shade down, and it was over. I felt terrible for doing what I did.

Within about 10 minutes, there was a knock on my door. I went to the door, and to my surprise, it was the woman I was looking at. She was so upset and told me that she wanted to come in and talk to me about what just happened. She was very upset that I had done that and that I had violated her privacy. Because of what I did, she told me that she was going to call the police.

What are some true spanking stories?

I apologized to her, but she wouldn’t listen. She said that I would have to pay for what I did. I continue to beg her not to do that. I have never done that before. She insisted that I somehow have to pay for what I did and be punished.

After much begging, I finally convinced her not to call the police, but she said that in one way or another, you have to be punished. I said I’d do anything you wanted me to do. She said, All right, I know what we’re going to do. Take all your clothes off right now, and don’t argue!

I did what she said and took all my clothes off, and she said to go into your room and bring me a hairbrush and a leather belt. Just as I turned around to leave the bedroom, she was already there. She told me to lay across the bed with pillows underneath my waist. I didn’t know what was going to happen. She took the hairbrush and began to spank me very hard on each cheek. She told me she’s going to give me 100 waxes with the brush. It was so painful and embarrassing that I was in tears. She then put the hairbrush down, picked up the belt, and began to beat my bottom as hard as she could. I’ve never felt such a painful thing in my life. She told me she was going to continue doing that until I was completely sorry, and I also wanted to see how it feels to be embarrassed.

She finally stopped, told me to stand up, and said she wasn’t done yet. She then instructed me to go stand in the corner. Once I was there, she said, Now you are going to see how it feels to be violated and embarrassed. She then told me to bend over and spread my cheeks. I hesitated for a moment, and she hit me five more times for not moving quick enough.

What are some true spanking stories?

I quickly bent over and spread my cheeks as instructed. I heard her walk away and go into my bathroom, then she came back out, and before I could even know what was happening, she had placed her finger in some Vaseline and pushed it into my butthole. Then she said, Now you know what it feels like to be really violated. And to teach you a lesson, I am going to come back next week and spank you all over again and violate you again until I feel you’ve paid your pricing and you’ve had enough. You chose to be a bad boy; you’ll pay the price. It was a hard and painful lesson to learn!

And yes, she came back two more times after that day. I never did anything like that again!

What are some true spanking stories?

I have a friend who has teased me about spanking for years, even giving me a hairbrush (with a note telling me that it’s for spanking me). One day when she visits, she asks about my hairbrush, so I go back to get it, and she follows me. I get it out and give it to her.

Once she’s holding the brush, she asks me if I’m ready. It’s time we tried this out, don’t you think? We need to get you ready so we can do this. I’m paralyzed from the nipple line down, so we transfer into the bed. She rolls me over onto a pillow under my hips, then pulls my pants and shorts down. I had just a couple of seconds to stop it, but my curiosity took over (as a quadriplegic, my sense of pain in my butt is almost always pretty low, but not always; the pain I feel can be hyper sometimes too).

What are some true spanking stories?

At almost the same time, my butt seems to explode in pain. It was so fast and hard that I couldn’t breathe for a few minutes. The pain is horrible—a searing burning or sting that seems to keep building. As I catch my breath, just enough to start asking her to stop through the gasps, she says, “We’re just getting started.”. The tears start, and a few minutes later I’m sobbing and my nose is running. I’m gasping at each swat; the burning or sting is so intense I can’t think about anything else. The pain is unbearable; all I can think of is when it is going to stop. I put my hand back there. Wrong; she just smacked it. After an eternity, it was over. I just laid there limp for a few minutes while my breathing returned to normal.

We got me cleaned up and back into my chair A couple of hours later, the worst of the pain has dissipated, though sitting in my wheelchair is decidedly uncomfortable. I realize my butt feels warm and throbbing, but it also feels strangely good.

When she left, there were no rewards. She said, “Wait until next time.”. I wonder if, according to what she means, I should be ready for another spanking. I’m not so sure I want to go there again.

BTW, this was my first adult spanking.

Does this seem like a normal punishment spanking ?

What are some true spanking stories

As an adult, I’m open to new things and experiences, and as a quad, new sensations are always welcome. This experience was all that and more.

What are some true spanking stories?

Navigating the Controversial Realm of Disciplinary Measures: Exploring True Spanking Stories

The subject of beating, especially spanking, has been the subject of extreme discussion and investigation. Whether seen as a disciplinary measure or censured as a type of misuse, the training is a serious area of strength for inspiration from different quarters. In this investigation of true spanking stories, we plan to dive into the encounters of people who have experienced this controversial type of discipline. By revealing insight into genuine stories, we look to offer a nuanced viewpoint on the inspirations, results, and close-to-home aspects encompassing the demonstration of spanking.

What are some true spanking stories

Understanding Shifted Viewpoints:

Inspecting true spanking stories permits us to acquire an understanding of the different points of view encompassing this antagonistic issue. By understanding the inspirations driving the utilization of spanking as a disciplinary instrument, we can see the value in the complicated transaction of social, familial, and individual factors that add to people’s decisions.

Educational Reflection on Nurturing Styles:

True spanking stories give a valuable chance to ponder different nurturing styles and their outcomes. By analyzing the results of disciplinary activities, we can consider elective strategies for direction and discipline that might be more successful in encouraging positive ways of behaving and profound advancement in kids.

What are some true spanking stories

Working with Exchange on Limits:

Drawing on genuine encounters empowers a helpful discourse on the limits of satisfactory discipline. By recognizing the variety of suppositions and encounters, we can advance conversations that support shared understanding and regard, eventually contributing to the improvement of better disciplinary practices.

The accounts included in true spanking stories are pretty much as different as the people and families included. A few stories describe occasions where spanking was seen as, if all else failed, a method for ingraining discipline when other strategies appeared to be incapable. In these cases, the stories often feature the unseen conflict guardians confront, torn between a craving to implement rules and the profound cost of genuinely chiding their youngsters.

On the other hand, some accounts portray the pessimistic repercussions of spanking with dependable, profound scars and stressed parent-kid connections. These stories stress the potential damage incurred by flogging, encouraging perusers to rethink the effect of their disciplinary decisions on a kid’s mental prosperity.

It is pivotal to take note of the fact that the viability of spanking as a disciplinary instrument fluctuates generally among people and families. While some might contend that it can act as an obstruction to unwanted ways of behaving, others underline the significance of elective strategies that emphasize correspondence, compassion, and uplifting feedback.

What are some true spanking stories?

In navigating the realm of true spanking stories, it becomes apparent that the conversation encompassing whipping is not even close to direct. The encounters shared by people uncover the perplexing exchange of feelings, social impacts, and individual convictions that shape one’s way of dealing with discipline. As we finish up this investigation, it is important to move toward the subject with awareness and a receptive outlook, perceiving that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to nurturing.

While certain accounts highlight the likely advantages of spanking in specific settings, others shed light on the negative results that can emerge. As society keeps on advancing, so too should how we might interpret powerful and empathetic disciplinary practices. By encouraging open exchange, sharing different points of view, and staying responsive to groundbreaking thoughts, we can add to the continuous talk on nurturing, discipline, and the prosperity of the future.


The worst spanking I ever received was when I was 13 for shoplifting. Ouch. I was only ever spanked with a hand and a wooden hairbrush, and boy, when I deserved it, she tore my booty up with that hairbrush. 😂 I had marks for two days, I believe, when I was caught shoplifting, and I deserved every mark that I got for that one.

What are some true spanking stories?