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Top 5 Mistakes in Your Resume and How to Avoid Them

Top 5 Mistakes in Your Resume and How to Avoid Them

Top 5 Mistakes in Your Resume and How to Avoid Them

Looking for a job is an action you take every once in a while. No matter if you have just graduated or you just want to change your job, you need a resume when you do this. All jobs you will find online will ask you to submit a resume along with your application. 

Some of them even want a cover letter too. Even though you might feel that you do not know how to handle this, you should know that things are easier than they seem. On top of this, you can get the guidance of a resume writing service with 24 hours deadline. So, even in the case when you urgently need a powerful resume, you have professionals ready to help you. However, here are 5 common mistakes in your resume and how to avoid them. 

Grammar and Spelling Mistakes 

If you are in a rush and you need to craft your resume to catch the attention of the recruiters, you might be prone to making grammar and spelling mistakes. It is essential to submit a mistake-free resume. Keep in mind that your resume is like your business card: it can get you in. But for it to do this, you need to be careful when you craft it. 

Many candidates submit resumes that have grammar and spelling mistakes. Even though some of these might be unintentional, it is essential to always proofread your resume and other documents you have written before sending it. Many online tools could check your resume text for you, such as Grammarly, a very popular choice. The competition is fierce and there are many applicants for the same position, so you need to make everything you can to stand out from the crowd in a positive way. 

Generic Resumes 

Another common mistake many candidates make is to have and use the same resume for all the jobs they apply to. If you are applying only for a position type, such as web developer, for example, a one resume could be enough. However, if you are applying to different positions, your previous experience might not be relevant. 

For example, if you apply for a nanny position, your previous experience in the IT field is not relevant, and vice versa. Having generic resumes is a common mistake you should avoid. Recruiters do not spend a lot of time skimming your resume, so you need to catch their attention by including relevant information in your resume. 

Too Long vs Too Short 

There is a fierce debate around the perfect length a resume should have. There is the party that says a one-page resume is exactly what recruiters want. The other party says that you should include everything you want in your resume and that length is not a problem. Well, the truth lies between these parties. A one-page resume might make you cut relevant information as it does not fit the template and length. 

However, if you include everything that goes through your head, you might end up with a five-page resume full of irrelevant information. So, the perfect length of a resume should be two pages. But do not feel you have to fill in these pages with information necessarily. If your resume will be shorter, there is no problem. Make sure you do not make it too long, as the relevant information will not stand out. 

Contact Information

Some candidates might focus so much on the content the resume has that they will fail to take care of the details. And adding the right contact information to your resume is essential as it allows recruiters to contact you. Which is exactly what you want: an interview invitation that might land you a job. 

Many candidates add incorrect contact information so employers cannot reach out to them. You should be careful and double-check the info you add to your resume. On top of this, make sure you have a professional email address. Avoid adding your email address that looks unprofessional as recruiters will not even contact you. If you are improving an older version of your resume, make sure that contact information is updated. 

Focus on Achievements 

This is a mistake many candidates are not even aware of making. Many resume examples online are generic, not specific. Yet, they serve as a good example for many people that are just crafting their resumes. One piece of advice would be to focus on achievements, not on your tasks. This is what the majority of candidates are doing and you want to stand out from the crowd. 

Listing the tasks and responsibilities you had at a job is easy. Highlighting your achievements might be more challenging, but it surely catches the attention of the recruiters. You need to create an outstanding resume to have the chance to land a job. And to do this, you need to mention your achievements too, as they surely are more relevant than your tasks. 


Have you applied to jobs and got no answer? This is surely not making you feel motivated and you may start wondering what the problem is. We have shed more light on the common resumes candidates make when crafting their resumes. Many people focus on their resumes as a whole but fail to pay attention to the details. Which, as the saying goes, can make the difference. 

There are thousands of applicants who send their resumes to employers daily. Recruiters are skimming resumes daily and they spend about 8 seconds on each of them. This is why it is essential to invest time and resources into crafting an outstanding resume that will catch their attention. 

Make sure you add the correct contact information so that they can contact you if they think you will be a good fit. Focus on your achievements more than on your tasks. Avoid creating a generic resume and instead be specific. Make sure you do not submit a resume with grammar and spelling mistakes.

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