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The Top Three Moments of the 2023 WSOP

The Top Three Moments of the 2022 WSOP

The Top Three Moments of the 2023 WSOP

Meta: With the 2021 WSOP winding down, now is the perfect time to look back on what went down. Click here to find out our top three moments!

Poker fans all over the year mark off their calendars for the WSOP games. Whether you are attending the Main Event in Las Vegas, checking out an online game, or just keeping up with everything that goes down, there is always a lot happening. Here are three top moments that went down at the 2021 WSOP.

The Final Hand

The Final Table is always watched closely and loved by players, but no one could have expected it to turn out the way it did this time around. This year, we saw Koray Aldemir and George Holmes battling it out over the last round of the game, and it was quite a battle!

With 222 hands already played at the final table, it all came down to one. Aldemir was seated with a 10/7 and a board reading 10/7/2/K/9. Holmes had a K/Q, the stronger pocket cards but only giving a single pair to Aldemir’s two. Holmes had put him all in, which left Aldemir trying to determine whether he should call or fold. After a tense time, he called and collected an $8 million prize and, of course, a WSOP bracelet.

The Return of the Online Competitions

2020 saw the launch of online competitions for the WSOP. These proved to be incredibly popular, and so it was not a surprise to see them return in 2021. As with last year, these online games were jointly hosted between the WSOP and GGPoker. It is even possible to win WSOP bracelets through these games – some of the most coveted prizes in the world of poker!

While there were many games that would have no doubt interested poker fans, one that everyone was keeping an eye on was the $5000 Main Event Online Championship. It had 4092 entrants and slowly worked its way down until only one player came out on top. The champion this year was Aleksei Vandyshev, a Russian player. He walked away with a prize pot of $2,543,073 – not bad for an online game at all!

Rallying Together

Friends, Poker is a community game. Though it is highly competitive, it brings together people from all over the world. Friendships are often forged over poker, even to the point that people can consider each other family, and even buy Christmas presents for one another. Though some high amounts of money can often be in play, there are some moments that show how deep the generosity of the poker community runs.

This can clearly be seen this year, with Michael Graydon. He is a poker player from Alabama who wished to play in the Main Event. He asked for backers on Twitter, revealing that he had terminal brain cancer, and players everywhere decided to chip in to help him grab a stake in this ultimate poker tournament. If that wasn’t enough, Jonathan Depa and MJ Gonzales paid for his $10,000 buy-in, with an agreement to let him keep any winnings he might make, while Maria Ho covered his time in Vegas. It just goes to show how willing the poker community can be to help their owners achieve their dreams, especially when it comes to something like the Main Event.

The Top Three Moments of the 2023 WSOP

The WSOP Main Event always proves itself to be the biggest and most interesting poker tournament around, and those bracelets are something that every poker fan will covet for a long time to come. If you are new to the world of poker, make sure you check out the highlights from this year and those from competitions past. Keep an eye out for news of the tournaments in 2022. As always, 2022 should prove to be an amazing year of poker, and now is the perfect time to learn about the game.

The Top Three Moments of the 2022 WSOP


A few days ago, the World Series of Poker was announced, and with it, a range of possibilities was opened to compete in one of the 88 tournaments that this edition will have. And well, if you want to live the experience and dream of a bracelet, but you have a small bankroll, here we present the best options to win one without having to invest more than US$1,001.

WSOP bracelets on a budget

Most of the matches that you will see below offer the possibility of winning the most coveted Sahaja in the world; however, to reach it, you will have to go through a huge field since these matches with low buy-ins are the most played.

Anatolii Zyrin converted US$1K into a bracelet and a prize of US314K.

Ten years ago, it would have been insulting to suggest that you could win a bracelet for less than $1,000. This year, 22 events have a buy-in of $1K or less, and another, the One More for One Drop, which is $1,111 with $111 going to charity.

The ones you should not miss: The Housewarming and El Coloso

Much like 2019’s Big 50 or last year’s The Reunion, The Housewarming promises to be one of the busiest tournaments in the series. With an entry of 500 dollars and a guarantee of 5 million of the green currency, it is, without a doubt, an attraction that many recreational and even professionals will not want to miss, especially if there are several initial days to put many bullets. You can see its complete structure. 

We can also recommend The Colossus, which, although it is not guaranteed, the 400 green tickets that the ticket costs could become a great prize, as was the case with last year’s champion Anatolii Zyrin who took US$314K. If you want to see the details of this meeting, enter HERE.

The one you have to play yes or yes

While it’s a copy of Wynn Casino’s Mystery Bounty tournaments, the WSOP brings this concept back with the new million Dollar Bounty, where once you’ve entered ITM on Day 2, for every player you eliminate, you’ll get a bounty, but not you won’t know what it is until you claim that reward.

 Well, there are several prizes, but everyone will seek the maximum of US$1M, that is, for a thousand dollars, you could become a millionaire.

The original version of the Wynn casino has been a complete success, and it will surely be one of the most played tournaments in the WSOP. Learn more about its structure in the following 

If you want to see more economical options to win a WSOP bracelet for up to a thousand dollars, here we leave them all.

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