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The Different Reasons That Contribute to a Motorcycle Accident

The Different Reasons That Contribute to a Motorcycle Accident

The Different Reasons That Contribute to a Motorcycle Accident

Let’s start things off with some numbers.

  1. Over 80,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2020
  2. 36% of motorcycle accidents involve riders without a valid license
  3. Rain is responsible for a mere 2% of motorcycle accidents
  4. Alcohol was involved in 27% of fatal motorcycle accidents
  5. 35% of motorcycle fatalities occur at intersections

What’s the purpose of these numbers, you ask? Well, they prove that the bond between motorcyclists and accidents is a strong one. Riders who don’t follow the necessary precautions end up as a statistic.

Awareness is the need of the hour. It’s important to know the causes of motorcycle accidents, what to do after an accident, and how to seek legal help if you’re involved in one. The seeking legal help part is crucial, as a lawyer will assist in everything, from collecting evidence for your motorcycle accident case to presenting the case in court. This article focuses on the causes of motorcycle accidents. Read on.

Road Hazards

Poor road conditions often contribute to motorcycle accidents. Uneven roads, railway tracks, oil spills, obstructions on roads, dividers, and trees are all examples of hazards that may cause motorcycle accidents. Approaching speed breakers at high speeds may lead to accidents as well.


The previous factor is outside the control of the rider, but this one isn’t. A responsible rider will not touch their motorcycle if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the recommended levels. A higher BAC lowers alertness, impairs judgment, reduces muscle coordination, minimizes reaction times, and slows down thinking. Deciding to ride while drunk is like digging your own grave.

Other Motorists

Given the lack of protective covering like on a car or truck, the rider will always be the injured party when a motorcycle collides with other vehicles. A simple nudge is all it takes for the rider to lose control or be pushed off their motorcycle.

Left- and right-turn collisions and getting hit by drivers who are busy texting are among the common ways motorcyclists get hurt. In some cases, drivers may not check their blind spots when changing lanes and ram into a motorcyclist.

Motorcyclists aren’t safe from parked cars as well. Drivers and passengers opening car doors without checking for motorcyclists or any other vehicles can also cause accidents.


Riding a motorcycle fast gives the rider an insane rush of adrenaline. But it’s fraught with risks. For instance, a rider who is speeding will have very little time to react to an animal that has strayed onto the road or to avoid a vehicle in front of them that has suddenly stopped.


This is another reason that’s out of the rider’s control to some extent. Riding a motorcycle in inclement weather, like rain or snow, considerably increases the chances of an accident. Rain or snow makes the road slippery. This, in turn, makes the motorcycle difficult to maneuver.

Not Wearing the Appropriate Gear

It is important to wear the appropriate gear when riding a motorcycle. A helmet shields the rider’s head when an accident happens. Gear like goggles, glasses, and face shields protects the eyes from debris and prevents them from tearing up. High-quality jackets, pants, and shirts will prevent injuries like road rash.

Final Thoughts

A motorcycle may be a beast when it comes to the roads, but it’s a vehicle that’s prone to risks. Drivers must follow safe driving practices to keep themselves and everyone around them safe. If you were involved in an accident with a distracted driver, you must get in touch with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to pursue the perpetrator legally.

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The Different Reasons That Contribute to a Motorcycle Accident