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The Best Hair Extensions Of 2023: Experts Guide

The Best Hair Extensions Of 2023 Experts Guide

The Best Hair Extensions Of 2023: Experts Guide

Hair extensions are a great option to boost your hairstyle quickly and noticeably. Since hair grows about six inches a year on average, it might take a while to get to Rapunzel’s length. Still, you can quickly live out your princess dreams with the many at-home extensions available.

Shopping for hair extensions can be complicated, of course. Choosing the best hair extension brand can be difficult because there are so many, not to mention the variety of materials, application types, and colors available.

Because of that, we’ve put together a list of some of the best hair extensions on the market, like clip-ins, haloes, and more, along with tips from salon professionals on how to put them on and keep them in good shape. With so many options to pick from, like clip-in buns and rainbow extensions, Luxy Hair won our top ranking.

Check out some of the world’s best hair extensions for all your glam requirements below. 

Best Overall: Luxy Hair

What We Love: Many options are available, including clip-in buns and a line made specifically for postpartum hair loss.

What We Don’t Love: Some reviews complain that the product’s texture is “too glossy.”

Anyone wanting hair extensions for the first time should consider Luxy. The company offers a variety of collections, including clip-in buns, ponytails, and volumizer bundles for fine hair, as well as accessories like ponytails and “peekaboo” rainbow extensions. 

Also, Luxy Hair has a line made especially for women who lose hair after giving birth, which can fill in and add volume as needed.

Color/Length Options: Luxy’s collections have different lengths and colors. | Hair Material: They are all made from 100% Remy human hair. | Attachment: Their website has a virtual color match option and a lot of tutorials to help you put on your extensions correctly. It is also straightforward to use. | Return Policy: Within 60 days of purchase, you can return or exchange hair products that have not been worn, opened, or messed with.

Best Value and Quality Combined: Clip-In Hair Extensions by New Times Hair

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What We Love: The price is significantly lower than many other brands, but their products are top-notch.

What We Don’t Love: They don’t cover the return shipping cost if it is the buyer’s fault based on the result of their own inspection.

With prices starting at just $40, New Times Hair is another solid choice for hair extension beginners. The brand offers the most complete collections: clip-ins, tape-ins, halo, fusion, weft, ponytail, and hair bundles, each with various shades and lengths. 

On top of their solid colors, you will also find hair extensions with highlights, ombré, and balayage detail. Every product is made of 100% human hair, allowing you to style it with heat.

Length/Color Options: 6-18 shades per collection; 14″-28″ length range | Material: 100% Remy human hair from single donors | Return Policy: Exchange or return requests need to be made within 30 days of receipt. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost if New Times Hair checks the returned product and the defect or damage was caused by the buyer. The buyer will be charged $10.00 for shipping in the United States and $30.00 for shipping to other countries to return or exchange the product. 

Best Ponytail: INH Aly 18″ Mid-Length Ponytail Hair Extensions with Soft Beachy Waves

What We Love: Ponytails come in a variety of hues and materials, including a super-cute long braid.

What We Don’t Love: The velcro reportedly gets caught in the hair of particular wearers.

The clip-in ponytail by Insert Name Here (INH Hair) will work if you want to channel your inner Ariana Grande. You can choose from 25 varieties, from curly ponies to playful braids, so you’re sure to discover a look that matches your taste. 

INH Hair also has ponytails, regular clip-in extensions, a “half up, half down” style, and regular clip-in extensions. They also have a variety of wigs.

Consider the substance because some of INH Hair’s extensions are synthetic. In contrast, others are made entirely of human hair. Choose the latter option if you intend to style your extensions with heat.

Color/Length Options: Ten or more colors or tones per collection. Ponytails can range in length from 16 to 22 inches. | Hair Material: Synthetic and 100% Remy human hair is used. | Policy on returns: Hairpieces can be returned or exchanged within 14 days of their arrival, as long as the hygienic seal on the package hasn’t been broken and they haven’t been touched or worn.

Best Textured Hair: Indique Hair

What We Love: Various hair extensions for different types of curls exist.

What We Don’t Love: A few dyed or highlighted hair options exist.

The extensions from Indique come in different lengths and textures, so people can change their style and volume. There are lots of options, from tight coils to smooth blowouts! In addition to a variety of lace-front wigs made to keep your hairstyles looking new all the time, Indique offers both clip-ins and tape-ins. 

Along with offering hair extensions, there is also a line of hair care items like oils and scalp tonics that will make your hair look its best before you apply your new additions.

Hair Material: 100% virgin Remy hair | Color/Length Options: 1-4 ranges of shades per collection, 14″–22″ lengths | Return Policy: Within 30 days of the original date of purchase, you may return or exchange the product as long as it is unopened and in its original condition, including all zip ties and tags.

Best Halo: Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Crown Clip-Ins

What We Love: The halo hair extension allows for seamless looks that won’t damage your natural hair.

What We Don’t Love: It can be hard to style an updo with halo hair extensions.

In contrast to clip-in or tape-in extensions, halo extensions contain a wire that hangs over your head and is “hidden” by your hair. Hidden Crown is the best halo choice for a natural, flawless look. It comes in four lengths and various colors and can have thick or layered ends.

The hair system company also provides a wide range of clip collections, including a one-piece “V-clip” volumizer that is user-friendly for beginners and produces an instant glam effect.

Clip-in, tape, halo, and the 5 Best Hair Extensions for All Hair Types

Color/Length Options: Include 32+ hues and a 14″–24″ length range. | Return Policy: The hairpieces can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase, as long as they haven’t been worn and the seal, hangtag, or zip ties haven’t been destroyed.

Best Clip-Ins: Irresistible Me

What We Love: There are a ton of brunettes.

What We Don’t Love: No variously highlighted hairstyles or redheads exist.

In essence, clip-ins are the traditional at-home extension. They may be applied quickly, giving any type of hair length and volume. The Irresistible Meline comes in five lengths ranging from 14″ to 28″. 

They can also select between classic density and “additional volume,” where the weight of the hair is higher. Every package comes with a trial weft, letting the wearer check the color without opening the whole kit.

Irresistible Me also provides tape-ins and ponytails if clip-ins aren’t your thing, as well as the ability to shop based on the texture of your hair, so people with curly hair are included.

Color and Length Options: Color and length options include 18 to 22 shades in each collection, and lengths range from 14 to 28 inches. | Policy on returns: You can exchange or return hair products within 30 days of receiving them, as long as they are still in their original packaging, haven’t been used, don’t smell bad, and have all their seals. It is not possible to replace or return hair that has been worn or used.

Best for Redheads: Bellami

What We Love: Both solid colors and ombré and balayage techniques are widely available.

What We Don’t Love: Some customers claim they wish the goods had “fuller” ends.

Bellami has a top-notch color selection. Because the color differences are so slight, it can be challenging for redheads to find the right hair extension. 

Silk Seam hair extensions from the company come in a range of reddish tones, from strawberry blonde to mulberry wine, covering both natural redheads and those who have dyed their hair to look more crimson.

Regarding their other colors, they also have a variety of platinum extensions, perfect for anyone who wants to channel their inner Kim Kardashian this season by getting an icy hairstyle.

Color/Length Options: 20+ shades and tones per collection; length range: 16″-26″ | Hair Material: 100% Remy human hair | Return Policy: The buyer can return or exchange any unopened product within 30 days of payment. The brand’s hair extensions have a special security seal that lets you know if the product has been opened.

Best for Braids Darling Textured Hair Extensions

What We Love: The synthetic fiber makes these hair extensions extra soft and matte/tangle-free.

What We Don’t Love: Some shoppers have warned that the Material feels slippery.

These braided extensions include goddess braids, feed-in braids, side-swept cornrows, and more styling options. The company also sells bundles if you need help deciding between locs, crocheted hair extensions, and a few other types of extensions.

If you buy a set of braids, be sure to adhere to the care instructions, which include putting your hair in a satin cap or scarf at night to lessen friction that causes frizz and refraining from frequent washing to preserve the gloss and luster of the product.

Color/Length Options: 4+ shades or tones per collection; 14″-52″ hair length (the longer options are for hair braids) | Material: 100% Kanekalon Hair (synthetic fiber) | Return Policy: The buyer can return or exchange products for free in a new and unopened condition.

Best for Short Hair BFB Hair

What We Love: The company’s “fill-in” line contributes to increased volume.

What We Don’t Love: There are a few shade options for redheads.

Extensions are a terrific way for those with short hair to switch up their appearance. But sometimes, rather than mermaid-like length, you need a little more volume. 

People with shorter, thinner hair can get the ethereal beauty of their dreams with a “fill-in” package from BFB Hair. This package comes in two lengths and weights.

BFB Hair offers both standard clip-ins and “The Up,” which allow you to create stunning side braids, top knots, and low ponytails in seconds.

Color/Length Options: 30+ shades per collection; Length: 14″–24″ | Hair Material: 100% Remy human hair | Return Policy: You have 90 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange your BFB Hair as long as the main compartment (Pouch 2) remains covered.

Best Highlights Glam Seamless

What We Love: At Glam Seamless, you can shop by several criteria, such as texture and color.

What We Don’t Love: The price of some of the collections is high.

Finding a suitable extension kit when your hair has highlights.

Still, Glam Seamless has a wide range of colors with highlights and balayage. Additionally, they have a range of “rooted” items, each with a shadow root built in for a textured, three-dimensional impression.

Glam Seamless also has a Keratin Fusion Collection that lets you mix colors to make a unique blend if you want to spend a lot. The company offers a wide range of applications, including clip-ins and tape-ins, as well as a myriad of accessories to help you boost your game of hair extensions.

Options for color and length: 16″–24″ length; 45+ colors per collection | Material: 100% Remy human hair | Return Policy: All hair extensions that have not been opened, worn, tampered with, or the seal hasn’t been damaged are eligible for returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. The rule does not apply to final sale items.

Best Tape-Ins: Donna Bella Hair

What We Love: Tape-ins are a semi-permanent hair extension method.

What We Don’t Love: Some wearers have reported that the hairpieces get tangled.

Tape-ins are the best option if you want your extensions to last longer than one night but aren’t willing to commit to a complete at-the-salon alternative. 

Donna Bella’s tape-in line comes in various colors, and each has a different way of sticking to the wearer’s natural hair. The wefts are pre-taped for quick application and can be reused once to thrice. They are made to endure for 4 to 8 weeks.

Along with tape-ins and clip-ins, Donna Bella now provides halo and clip-in techniques and a range of tools and accessories to help you style and take care of your extensions.

Color/Length Options: 120+ colors per collection; 12″ to 22″ lengths | Material: 100% Remy human hair | Return Policy: As long as the hair is brand new and in sellable condition, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange any Donna Bella product. The original packaging and the product’s parts must be present.

What do I Need to Keep In Mind?

Always remember that it is not about which hair extension is the best but which hair extension suits you the best. What you need and what suits you is the one that you want. Here are several things to consider when looking for hair extensions. 


You may choose between two materials for your hair extensions: human hair or synthetic. The phrase “100% Remy human hair” is used by many businesses to describe their products, which simply indicates that the cuticles are all there.

Although human hair will cost more, styling professionals strongly advise using it. Terrie Velazquez-Owen, a hairstylist for movies and TV, says, “I always look for virgin hair, which means it hasn’t had its cuticle stripped or been dyed.” 

Shelly Aguirre, a hairdresser at Maxine Salon in Chicago, says synthetic products can “look cheap and not be like the real texture of human hair.”

You should choose human hair over synthetic if you intend to style your extensions with heat, such as a straightening or curling iron. The latter is susceptible to melting or damage when heated.

Type of Hair Extensions

Your choice of an extension will be a big deal since different brands offer different ways to do it. Although Aguirre advises against using clip-ins regularly, they are a quick fix for boosting our looks. 

She continues, “Some clients who want longer or thicker hair would find daily use to be too heavy.”

“Over time, a weft’s weight could result in hair loss.”

Halo extensions might be a terrific alternative if clip-ins are not your thing. The wearer’s natural hair can fall over the wire since the weft is perched on a tiny wire positioned around their head (and thus hidden). Halo extensions work differently than clip-ins and can make your hair look more natural.

There are also clip-in ponytails, top knots for a fun, spontaneous look, and tape-in hair extensions, which use an adhesive for a more semi-permanent look.


Now we’ve looked at some of the world’s best hair extensions. They are not the best hair extensions, but they are a combination of their hair extensions and the services they offer. 

If you want the best hair extensions, you also need to look at how and where to get them installed and how good their services are. 

A full-stack hair vendor like New Times Hair has worked in the hairpiece industry for over a decade, from manufacturing and distribution to custom-made services. 

They know the industry’s ins and outs. Their vision has long been to provide quality at the best price. Contact them to get excellent-quality hair extensions and enjoy fantastic factory-direct discounts.


How do you attach extensions at home?

Depending on the type of hair extensions you buy, there are different application techniques. Still, there are a few fundamentals to understand before using hair extensions. 

Mirna Jose, a stylist, says that you should take your time and gently separate your hair with a comb so that you can put each hair extension in the exact spot you want. She says to use hair spray both before and after teasing the hair in sections. “The extensions will be kept in place and won’t fall this way.”

According to Aguirre, persistence is essential, and you should allow yourself enough time to do things properly. She recommends starting slightly above the nape [of your neck], depending on how many pieces you intend to attach. Pin all of your extra hair back. Typically, the smaller wefts of clip-ins feature two clips. Backcomb a little bit of the hair, then fasten the clip. Leave enough natural hair to cover the wefts as you ascend the head.

How do you take care of your hair extensions?

However, there are some general suggestions to keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll follow the instructions on the package since each extension will have different recommendations for at-home maintenance. Jose says to get a brush made for wigs or extensions and let your hair pieces dry as much as possible in the air.

You should avoid over-washing your extensions. Still, if you must, Velazquez-Owen advises using high-end, specialized deep-conditioning products like Olaplex. Whether they are clip-in human hair extensions, Halo, Fusion, or something else, the best hair extensions need the best care.