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The Benefits of Improving the Air Quality in Your Jeep

The Benefits of Improving the Air Quality in Your Jeep

The Benefits of Improving the Air Quality in Your Jeep

If there’s a stubborn smell in your Jeep, the best solution may not be to hang an air freshener over the dashboard mirror. Lingering smells and fogged windshields can be signs that you need to replace your Jeep cabin air filter

Cabin air filters are paper structures that trap allergens, dirt, odors and other contaminants as they circle through your Jeep’s climate control system. Cabin air filters are different from engine air filters, which keep dirt and sand out of your engine’s delicate machinery. It’s important to replace both types of air filters every 15,000 to 30,000 miles as part of routine vehicle maintenance. The good news is, switching out a cabin air filter is an easy DIY repair that has many immediate benefits. 

Prolong the Lifespan of Your HVAC

Similar to the engine air filter, the cabin air filter traps dirt, dust and other contaminants. These pieces of grit and dirt can damage your Jeep’s HVAC system just like intake dirt can damage your engine. An old, clogged air filter can’t remove contaminants effectively in either area.

A buildup layer of dirt can make the fan, cooling system, and even the engine work harder than necessary. Fans can overheat under the strain, causing distracting amounts of noise while driving and eventually burning out entirely. 

Reduce the Amount of Allergens You Inhale

The cabin air filter can also trap allergens, such as pollen and pet hair. Replacing the air filter reduces the amount of allergens in the cabin, helping not only your seasonal allergies but also the allergy sensitivities of any guests in your Jeep.

Keep Your Car Interior Clean and Odor-Free

A bad cabin air filter can actually do more harm than good, as its paper folds trap odor-causing particles. As air moves through the HVAC system, it keeps picking up these particles, resulting in a stubborn odor with no clear source.

You can have the interior of your car detailed at great expense and still have odor problems if you neglect the cabin air filter. The interior will also become dirty again quickly, as the clogged filter blows dirt and dust into the cabin. Since a replacement filter costs less than $50, make sure to change it before getting any expensive detailing done to your Jeep.

Maintain Good Visibility for Safe Driving

Poor-quality air fogs up windshields more quickly than cleaner air, leading to low visibility. Improve safety and visibility while driving by switching out your cabin air filter on a regular schedule.

Jeep Cabin Air Filters To Check Out

Replacing a cabin air filter is as easy as locating the box under the hood and switching the old filter out for a new one. It’s an easy DIY repair that has massive returns.

Make sure to buy the air filter that’s compatible with your Jeep by asking a retail associate to select one for you or using a VIN lookup tool online. If you go off-roading in your Jeep, look for an air filter rated for difficult conditions and replace the air filter more regularly. 

Don’t neglect the air quality in your vehicle. Replace both your engine air filter and your cabin air filter on a tight schedule to keep your Jeep clean and safe. 

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The Benefits of Improving the Air Quality in Your Jeep