Should You Make an Online Will or a Holographic Will?

Should You Make an Online Will or a Holographic Will?

Should You Make an Online Will or a Holographic Will?

When it comes to writing wills, most people want to ensure that they have full control over the content. It is why they prefer to write one with pen and paper at their homes. However, it does not always work out smoothly, and they end up facing technical difficulties.

These can range from not knowing what to include in a will to being clueless about how to format it. People also consider different alternatives for writing their wills on paper; some purchase a DIY (Do It Yourself) will kit, and others make an online will. If you wonder which among these options is the best, this article will guide you towards the right choice.

What are Holographic Wills?

If you prefer to write and sign your will on paper, you will be making a holographic will, also known as an olographic testament. It is handwritten, and most testators (people who write their will) do not involve attorneys in the process. 

General requirements of these wills specify that they must be handwritten. Additionally, the testator should insert the date and their signature at the end. They can skip the witnesses while signing the document. Though it doesn’t sound problematic, many complications can emerge. 

Concerns About Holographic Wills

The most pressing issue is that each state has a different set of legislations that apply to these wills. For instance, in Maryland and New York, only the army officials have the privilege of making their holographic wills. States like Connecticut and Washington will only honor your handwritten will valid if you wrote it in another state.

Holographic wills can leave room for many ambiguities, even if you think you are doing it right. An unintended lack of clarity in a will can be disastrous for your family. It is because deciding what you meant after your death would be nothing more than speculation.

Not having legal expertise or counsel is also a severe drawback while writing holographic wills. Will laws are also subject to change, so there is always a possibility that the state will refuse to acknowledge your handwritten will after death.

Why Online Will is Better?

With the changing dynamics of time, people have devised smarter ways of accomplishing things. It enlists drafting wills online, but it can mean different things to different people. Some consider it as taking an online template for their will, and others refer to the online will-making services. 

These comprehensive services ask the testators to complete a few steps, such as filling out a questionnaire and selecting the executor. As compared to holographic wills or merely printing the template, these professional online services are the best option.

They also hire solicitors who specialize in wills’ legislation and review what you write. They can identify and close any loopholes you may not recognize. Consequently, the online wills are also compliant with the laws of your place. So, the risk of someone contesting your will or declaring it invalid after your death is much lower.

Should You Make an Online Will or a Holographic Will?

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