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Picking the Perfect Photo Collage Frames

Picking the Perfect Photo Collage Frames

Picking the Perfect Photo Collage Frames

With the ever-increasing use of digital photography and the technology to print easily accessible images, many people find themselves in the dilemma of too many images and not enough space to place them.

Or worse, they have different images of different sizes all over the wall, creating a messy and chaotic environment. A great solution to this problem would be to get some collage frames for your photos.

A collage frame is a frame that, instead of having just one opening or space for a single image, has multiple openings to display multiple images. These frames provide a neat display for all your personal photos.

When you choose your collage frame, you have many styles and finishes to choose from. It can have a more traditional look with a simple wood finish or a more modern look with a metal finish.

You can also choose the number of openings you want, as well as the location and shape of the openings.

You can also choose to display more than one photo collage frame, you can display two with five openings and one with three openings between them. There are endless possibilities to display all your personal photos.

The first thing you will decide is what kind of atmosphere you want to create. A more traditional setting would work well with a simple wood finish, think country setting with wood in the furniture, a cozy family room.

You will need to make sure to choose frames in shades that reflect the furniture in the room. If you’re working in a more modern setting, sleek metal or shiny chrome finish would complement this very well. These frames would work well in an office environment too.

Picking the Perfect Photo Collage Frames

The next step is to choose the photos you want to display. You will want to keep the color of the photos uniform, do not mix black and white photos with color photos in a photo collage frame.

If you have some old black and white family photos that you want to incorporate with your newer color family photos, many cameras and printers will allow you to print in black and white, or even sepia, which can give your photos an old look.

Perfect Photo Collage Frames
Perfect Photo Collage Frames

You want to maintain a uniform appearance with each group of photos. It’s a good idea to keep color photos on a separate wall from black and white photos.

You can also create photo collage frames of different themes, a family vacation, the first day of school, a family photo day, any time that is special to you.

Probably the most popular of all photo collage frames are baby collage frames. New parents love taking pictures of their babies and these frames are a great way to display them.

These frames can also come in standard wood and metal styles, but many of them are acrylic or resin with baby designs, in pastel pink or blue.

Another popular collage frame style has word inscriptions into which the pictures fit. The one you see most is the “family” frame. Other frames include weddings, sports, holidays, and birthday themes and can also make great gifts for any of these events.

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Picking the Perfect Photo Collage Frames

The definition of the word collage is “An artistic composition of materials and objects glued onto a surface, often with unifying lines and colors.”

so it seems natural that you want to get creative with your photo collage frames. Some frames offer openings for different size images, whether it is a large photo surrounded by smaller photos or different sizes displayed in a single frame.

A quick and easy way to position your photos in the openings correctly is to place them against the gap and simply crop them with a tool that fits the gap.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can add a few extra touches to the frame with craft paint or let the kids add their own design to a collage frame for their room.

The most effective way to get creative with a photo collage frame is with the photos you put in it. With more traditional frames, family photos look better in color; the more spontaneous the shot, the better.

With a modern frame, black and white feel a bit more in its place, you could try to find dramatic shots to put in the frame.

Collage photo frames are much more artistic than traditional frames, they allow you to present all your favorite photos in one area, easier to access and look at than if they were displayed in multiple frames.

These frames can help define a focal point for a particular area of ​​the wall or the room itself, allowing everyone to enjoy a moment in time or a lifetime of memories.

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Photo Collage Frames – How to Be Creative With Them

The word “collage” itself evokes a sense of artistry, for good reason. The word, after all, is defined as using different kinds of materials and mounting them to a surface in order to create an artful masterpiece.

In the case of collage frames, it is quite simply a type of picture frame where you can put in more than one picture.

There several types of photo collage frames – some are an extended version of the classic picture frame while others are thematic and look more striking.

In any case, with collage photo frames your pictures definitely become more appealing. Perhaps the most popular of these picture frames are the baby collage frame, which is not really surprising since most parents love to take pictures of their children.

A typical metal frame would have some cute bas-relief sculptures of baby symbols, while the resin or acrylic ones would include pastel baby colors and designs.

Another popular theme group is family picture frames, although these tend to look more classical, sometimes with only the inscription “Family” to distinguish them.

Other easy-to-assemble themes include weddings or other family events, sports pictures commemorating a favorite athlete or season, or vacation photos.

But a greater number of collage frames work magically like blank canvasses – and you can be creative with them. Large photo collage frames can be treated as an installation piece.

Wall photo collage frames, such as hinged picture frames or magnetic collage picture frames, can work as a piece of artwork on your wall.

Custom poster frames, on the other hand, can give your enlarged pictures the look of movie posters. These all come in different materials – some are made of wood, others made of metal, or acrylic.

So, what does it mean to be creative with picture frames?

One way to be creative and personalize the frames is to paint over the picture frame, adding touches of color or design, but this is really only for those already experienced in working with art materials and with a specific design focus.

For the rest of us, the safest way to be creative is to brainstorm the kind of pictures that you want to show off and where you want to put them.

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Are you putting in your vacation pictures?

Selecting a theme will definitely help narrow down your choice and give an overall more pleasing effect. A few may get by with a theme that consists of favorite unrelated photos, but this will be more difficult to pull off effectively.

The next thing to consider is: what kind of picture frame is appropriate?

Ideally, the predominant colors in the pictures and of the frame should complement the color of your wall. Of course, you could always repaint the wall if the colors clash too much!

A distinguishing mark of collages is that the pictures can often vary in size. There are frames that have spaces for two big pictures and several smaller pictures, although some have up to nine spaces equal in size.

Some arrangements will feature a central large photo surrounded by multiple smaller ones, a good way to feature a progression such as a child’s development through school.

When you have selected your pictures, lay them against the spaces, and crop the photos to fit the openings. When you’re done, of course, you show it off to general acclaim.

Considered against traditional picture frames, collage frames look by far more artistic. They provide an easy way to make a big splash by displaying combinations that would be hard to achieve with separate frames, especially in limited space.

Some may be so decorative as to provide a focal point for a whole wall or can be used to define one area of a room.

Collage Picture Frames – Understanding the Basics

Have a bunch of pictures and want an economical way to display them all? This is where collage picture frames come in handy.

Collage frames are fantastic, cost-effective options if you want to display several pictures without buying a bunch of frames.

Collage picture frames contain several picture openings that have different sizes. With collage photo frames, you will have a safe, secure way to protect your pictures and enjoy sharing them with your friends and family.

So friends, With digital cameras, it’s tempting to take countless photos but unfortunately, rarely do people print them out and enjoy them. With collage picture frames, it’s easy to display, share, and remember priceless memories in a neat, well-arranged display.

These frames come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and sizes, but come in two types – matted collage frames and collage photo frames with several framed openings.

Matted Collage Picture Frames

Friends, Matted collage frames are generally less expensive because they have only one exterior frame. Matted collage picture frames have a collection of smaller sized openings that have different sizes so you can display more photos.

Matted collages include a collage mat and frame, but you can also create your own matted collage frame. To create your own, all you do is buy a separate collage mat and then choose the picture frame you want that holds the mat.

It will generally cost a little more to create your own matted photo collage frame but it does give you additional options to choose from.

What separates the matted collage frame from other frames is that the pictures must be secured to the mat’s back. There are a couple of ways to choose from depending on each picture’s significance.

For important pictures, you can prevent damaging the photo by using linen tape or photo corners. But if the pictures have less significance, you can just use tape that has a matte finish.

Please be warned that using tape may damage your photo by sticking to the paper on the back of the picture. If you try removing the tape that’s adhered to the picture, it’s best cutting the tape then ripping off the paper on the back of the picture.

Just remember if you use any type of tape (not designed for photos), you risk damaging your picture.

Another benefit of matted collage photo frames is that you can write or draw on the mat. The ability to personalize your collage frame is another reason why matted collage frames are so popular.

True Collage Picture Frames

The other type of collage frame has multiple framed openings. These frames can either be found as a cluster of mini frames put together or can be one frame with metal or wood as a divider separating each photo. This frame basically holds larger photos and offers fewer picture openings compared to the matted collage frame.

These photo frames come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Although most colleges are designed to hang on the wall, some do include an easel back stands for displaying pictures on a tabletop.

Those that include a built-in easel back stand are the higher quality collage photo frames in sizes smaller than 11×14.

A collage frame is a perfect choice for displaying a medley of memories, such as family gatherings, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, and family outings.

Also, for students going off to college, college frames are a great reminder of happy memories of family and friends back home.

Whether it’s for yourself or for someone else, collage picture frames are a stylish and economical way to display your favorite memories of family and friends.

Autumn Lockwood is a writer for and is passionate about picture frames and photography.

Your Picture Frames offers a large selection of unique, quality picture frames with free design assistance to help you find the perfect picture frame quickly and easily.


A large number of photos are clicked in college time. It is the most beautiful part of life. But there are so many snaps and you do not get to know where to display the photos. Do not worry; I have a solution for it. Just get a collage frame.

If you do not want to keep a bunch of frames at your home then a collage photo frame is the best option. This is a reasonable option.

You can display a large number of photos in one place without any hassle. You can protect your college days for your whole life in a safe secure way.

Now, most people are using digital cameras for taking photos. Due to this people take a number of snaps without any tension. But in the end, they think of displaying the snaps and do not find any option.

Here college photo frame is a helpful option. It has different openings in which you can fix photos of different sizes. It is a great way to share all the photos with your friends and families in one go.

These collage frames are available in different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. There are two types of collage photo frames:

Matted collage picture frames and true collage photo frames. Just have a look at the details of the types of frames.

Matted collage photo frames contain different opening in one frame. These openings are of different sizes in which you can attach different photos.

The size of the frame depends on the number of photos you want to display. Matted collage photo frames consist of a mat and frame.

It is not important that you choose from the mat and frame which has been already displayed in the shop. You can opt to prepare your own by choosing the mat you like and the frame you like.

Photos are secured at the back of the mat. These photos can be attached with pins or tape. But if you attach a photo with tape then it is not possible that you change the photo as the tape will tear it.

So you should attach the photo with pins so that it can be changed later. If the photo is not so important then you can use tape to attach it. You can also write your comments or draw something on the mat. This type of collage photo frame is reasonable.

The true collage photo frame is a bit costly but looks very beautiful. In this many different frames are attached to one place. These frames can be rotated in the form of a wheel or can be kept still.

Like there is a frame in which the numbers in the wall clock are replaced with frames in which you can put photos. These frames can be hanged or placed on the tabletop.

A collage photo frame is a beautiful option to make your memories come alive. It is a very good choice to display photos like family gatherings, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, and family outings.

Picking the Perfect Photo Collage Frames

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