Local Guide Program

Local Guide Program

  • What is the Local Guide program?
  • What does It mean to Be a Local Guide?
  • Who can be a Local Guide?
  • How do you become a Google local guide?
  • Why become a Google Local Guide?
  • What is the benefit of being a Google local guide?
  • Can Google local guides get paid?
  • How A Google Local Guide Contributes to Listings?
  • How To Get A Google Local Guide to Your Business?
  • The Power of a Google Local Guide
  • Conclusion
Local Guide Program

What is the Local Guide program?

Local Guides Program is a global community of explorers who write reviews, share photos, answer questions, add or edit places, and verify data on Google Maps.

Millions of people rely on contributions like yours to decide where to go and what to do.

What does It Means to Be a Local Guide?

Like the people who bring Google Maps to life, Local Guides Program write reviews, post photos, and collect data that make navigating the world easier, tastier, and more fun.

The badge symbolizes experience in the field and a commitment to share everyday experiences that inform decisions in real-time around the world.

From photographing a must-have dish to adding a small business, Local Guides capture stories that lead neighbors, travelers, and everyone else toward a better understanding of the places around them. The community takes that mission seriously.

Local Guides earn their badges through consistent contributions that express these values.

Please review the following guidelines to avoid being removed from the program.

Share thoughtful reviews and tips

It’s in the details. Always include prominent information about a place and your experience. Avoid vague, generic, and repetitive comments, such as reviews that just say “ok,” “good,” or “yum.” Describe the setting, layout, vibe, ups and downs, and relevant details.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars – Say what you ordered and would recommend or avoid.
Stores: Describe the selection, price range, service, and type of clientele you might like.
Local Guides that duplicate reviews at all locations will be removed from the program.

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Do local guides get paid?

They don’t pay you to be a local guide. Google Localguides is a volunteer program with which you can share your knowledge about the places you visit on Google Maps. Google can send you some benefits for your adventures.

Who can be a Local Guide?

Local guides are offered everywhere on Google Maps. Currently, Google Maps is available in more than 40 countries and languages.

The Local Guides program is for individuals, not companies. Contributions from companies or commercial pages will not count towards the Local Guides level or benefits.

You must be 18 years or older to participate in Local Guides. For more information, see the Local Guide Program Terms and Conditions.

  • Note: It can take up to 9 weeks after age 18 to update your Google account.

How do I become a Google local guide?

Becoming a Google Local Guide is really easy! Just go to the Google Local Guide website and join.

If you have an existing Google account, you can link it to it; otherwise, just sign up and you’re on your way.

Then all you need to do is leave reviews and ratings and upload pictures of the places you’ve been.

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Why become a Google Local Guide?

The main reason you might want to become a Local Guide is that you love sharing information about the places you’ve been.

If you always wanted to be a tour guide, but another career got in your way, this is definitely for you. Do you love a dish in a restaurant and can’t tell people enough? This is for you.

Do you have a secret place that has the best view of the sunset over the Taj Mahal? Share it on Google! Or just make sure people have the best possible experience while avoiding the not-so-great ones, then the life of a local Google Guide is for you.

There are also incentives, tiers, and badges to unlock, and a certain status that comes with the title Local Guide in any comment you leave.

For every star rating, written review, and photos you contribute, you will earn points that take you through the different levels of the Local Guide program.

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What is the benefit of being a Google local guide?

As a Local Guide, you earn points for sharing reviews, photos, and insights on Google Maps.

Those points lead to higher levels of the program, as well as benefits like early access to Google features and special partner benefits.

At level 4, you also unlock your first Local Guides badge, which helps get your contributions to places noticed.

Make sure to sign up for updates by checking your email preferences on the Local Guides settings page.

Do Google Local Guides Paid?

Yes, Google pays its guides but not in cash. It is in terms of free paid Google services that we use in daily life.

Below is the detail of the different benefits you get by becoming a Google guide.

Level 1: 0+ points

  • Get the scoop with our monthly newsletter
  • Join Hangouts and workshops hosted by Google
  • In selected countries, enter exclusive contests for Local Guides
  • Join the conversation on Local Guides Connect

Level 2: 5+ points

  • Get early access to new Google products and features
  • Promote your own meetings on the Local Guides calendar.

Level 3: 50+ points

  • Stand out with your Local Guides badge on Google Maps
  • Be eligible to receive promotion from unofficial communities

Level 4: more than 200 points

  • Be eligible to appear on our official online channels: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Local Guides who reach level 4 at 11 p.m. EST on March 17, 2017, can unlock 100GB of free Google Drive storage.
  • The benefit must be redeemed within 30 days of issuance and is valid for one year. This promotion will expire after the deadline.

Level 5: 500+ points

  • Eligible for trusted testing opportunities – Access Google products and features before they go public
  • Apply to attend our Level 5 Local Guides Summit

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How A Google Local Guide Contribute to Listings

Each action of a Local Guide in a list is rewarded with a specific amount of points.

This includes things like verifying information (1 point per fact), adding a new business (15 points), uploading a video (7 points), or leaving a review (10 points or 20 points for each review with more than 200 characters).

The number of points a user accumulates determines their Local Guide level, and there are 10 levels.

At level 4 (250 cumulative points), the user will have a Local Guides badge next to their name on Maps.

Google also offers rewards and perks for those who move up the rankings. Details are unclear, but Google says it offers “early access to Google features and special partner benefits.”

Many people also seem to ask if a Google Local Guide is paid for their services.

As far as we know, the program is voluntary and the rewards listed above are the only things Local Guides can get from Google.

How To Get A Google Local Guide to Your Business

In most cases, it is difficult to identify local guides in person, unless they wear local guide-branded clothing or if you recognize their face from their many online presentations.

The only way to get the maximum recognition from a local guide is to treat all of your clients equally.

It starts with a Google My Business listing that’s packed with great-looking photos and videos, as well as the right information and a solid local SEO strategy.

To help increase online visibility, you also need to be proactive and learn how to request reviews, as well as learn how to respond to negative reviews.

Having a dedicated plan for generating reviews and comments doesn’t just help you save face; This may be the best way for future customers to gain valuable information to help improve the customer experience (which can be Google Local Guide).

The Power of a Google Local Guide

Having a Google Local Guides that answers a question, leaves a review, or posts a picture for your listing on Maps can have a positive impact on your brand.

It shows that one of Google’s many highly reliable sources took the time to give your business a go, which can make it easier for future consumers to make a purchasing decision.

However, it depends on the fact that your brand meets the virtual and physical expectations you set.

Providing the right information online, along with a world-class experience anywhere, makes a locall guide happy, which means more customers and the opportunity to further improve the customer experience.

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Google Local Guides presents an important duty for Google Maps: offering reviews, editing incorrect information, adding missing locations, and sharing images and videos.

This information is useful to local consumers and the simplification of the system makes it a fun way for engaged search users to interact with Google products.

That said, there is no SEO reward for signing up for the Google Local Guides program, so you shouldn’t be part of any local search strategy or rely on perks like preferential editing or higher rankings.

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