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Sometimes a simple trick can change your life completely. Have you ever felt that? Many of you may have a very small, life-changing experience. Also, one of your experiences that will change your life will be with this, are you waiting to know?

Yes, it’s Klaiyihair.

Klaiyihair is a famous hair brand in the production of hair wigs. They are one of the most demanded hair vendors in the market. So, if you are someone who loves to keep trying new things and new styles without remembering your actual build, Klaiyihair wigs will be a better choice.

Why choose Klaiyihair

Once you visit their website, you will be amazed at the variety of wig products they produce. It is a collection where you get a headband wig, colored wig, silky smooth hair wigs, thick curly hair wigs, short hair wigs, long hair wigs, princess series wavy hair strands, lace closure front hair wigs, and many more to surprise your search.

Klaiyihair is a brand that believes that its customers are its assets. They are even willing to sell their products for no money during the buying time. They also provide installment payments to make the customer happy.


A headband wig is a wig that has a headband on the edge of the cap and the hair strands are attached to that cap. This type of wig does not require any glue or lace to put it on and it glides on quite easily and quickly. It is ideal for beginners as these glueless wigs are perfect and comfortable to wear.

One of the best features of headband wigs is that they come with a sleek headband at the front, and you can style your hair in countless ways to keep your fashion diva look going. A headband wig human hair is the best when it comes to experimenting with hairstyles as they are much easier to handle compared to synthetic wigs.

Wearing a Headband Wig

Learning how to wear a wig with a headband is pretty simple.

  1. Brush Hair Back:

With a small brush, be sure to brush all the hair and the edges back. But it is possible to show the natural hairline if you want.

  1. Secure the Wig:

Once you’ve brushed your hair back, place the wig on your head and secure it with the combs (some may have velcro or a strap in place).

  1. Style:

With the wig in place safely, you can style it however you like! Put it in a ponytail, add a curly hairstyle, or let your natural hairline show!

  1. Face Shape:

The shape of your face can dictate how to wear a wig with a headband:


Do you have an oval face shape? Try to keep the wig lower on your forehead. Pushing it further back, as if to show off the natural hairline, may make it slide more easily, as your forehead is narrower than other face shapes. Keeping it close to the hairline gives it more stability.

  1. Round:

If you have a round face shape, keep your hair down and choose a wig with a headband that has a knot or a vibrant pattern. Long hair and a distinctive headband will add definition to your heart-shaped face!

  1. Long:

Appreciate short hair or long face women! Discover Headband Wigs For Sale In Instant Areva Hair For Wigs With Bold Patterns, Curly Hair And Updo!


The color wigs on the market are available in a variety of styles and colors, red, pink, purple, green, blue, gradient, etc. Choosing the color of your own wig is tricky, You need to consider many factors. From skin tone to eye color to personality, there are many factors that will affect the overall effect of your hairstyle. Choosing the right wig color will give you confidence.

Here are some good tips to help you properly care for your color wigs.

  1. Wash it regularly and correctly:

One of the easiest ways to make your colored wig look healthy and beautiful is to wash it regularly. When you wash your color wigs, first get them wet under the water. Second, apply the shampoo from the top of the wig hair to the tail. Third, gently massage your hair to clean it, attention, you cannot scrub it like your grown hair, as scrubbing it will damage your locks. Then you can rinse your hair under clean cold running water instead of hot water to rinse. Lastly, after rinsing the wig, gently squeeze out excess water and make sure the wig is completely dry to avoid odors.

  1. Brush it regularly:

If you want to prevent your wig hair from tangling, you should brush it as often as possible. And you are supposed to use the proper brush like a soft nylon baby brush.

  1. Using the right comb:

A wide-tooth comb is the best and most appropriate comb for detangling hair from the wig and can reduce hair loss.

  1. Wear it less often:

If you want your wig to last longer, you should wear it as little as possible. The more often the wig is worn, the shorter its service life. Excessive sun exposure will shorten the life of the wig. This is the reason why you need to have as many wigs as possible to be able to wear them interchangeably.

Store your color wigs properly:

You shouldn’t throw the wigs anywhere, you should hang them on the wig stand or on the mannequin head when not in use.

Aside from these tips above to perfectly care for your color wigs, actually, the quality of the colored wig determines its life. The high-quality colored wig not only has a good experience, such as shine, beauty, and comfort but can be used for a long time and save more energy in maintenance.

Klaiyihair is dedicated to offering and selling high-quality and beautiful colored wigs, headband wigs all of our wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair and we have professional and expert workers and procedures. We have received many good comments from our customers.


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