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How to Improve Your WFH Life? My Personal Tips

How to Improve Your WFH Life? My Personal Tips

If you decide to work from home, you may wonder what changes it will bring to your life and home. While many people were suddenly forced to work from home because of the 2020 pandemic, those workers considered that a temporary choice.

However, even when circumstances returned to regular, many workers found that working from home had advantages, and they have now adopted WFH (working from home) as a preferable way to do their job. If WFH has become your “new normal,” here are some guidelines that may help you make the most of it.

Choose a Dedicated Work Space

According to PC Mag, even if you can’t put aside one of the rooms in your home for your work activities, having a specific workspace is essential for your attitude to working from home. After all, a survey of 2000 consumers revealed that over 70% of respondents agreed the design of their furniture speaks volumes about their personality.

The same survey echoed that sentiment, with almost 70% of respondents declaring that people can infer a lot about someone by their furniture. This may allow you to feel more confident about choosing office furniture based primarily on pieces you feel drawn to.

Rearrange Your Current Belongings

You may not necessarily need to buy an entire roomful of furniture and equipment to create your workspace. According to Oncue, when moving items, people most frequently move household goods, electronics, and office equipment. However, your physical comfort at your home office is likely to come primarily from your office chair.

According to Todoist, an ergonomic chair – (one designed to provide ideal back support) can help you not only feel more comfortable on the job, but recent scientific studies showed such chairs resulted in over 17% more productivity.

Set the Tone for Efficiency

Ergonomic principles don’t solely apply to back support. According to Todoist, an ergonomic keyboard can also provide an advantage.

The same website reported that a keyboard designed for wrist safety can decrease the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. You should also ensure your lighting level in the work area is ideal. Choose a soft light desk lamp for adequate visual enhancement and a boost to your mental health.

Make a Workday Schedule

The best way for your WFH arrangement to be profitable is for you to remind yourself it’s a job. A job needs a schedule, so choosing a beginning and ending time for work activities is a good way to structure the tasks. Before your first day of WFH activities, create a schedule, including which tasks you intend to include each day at work.

Being at home will allow you to be a bit more flexible than you might be in the office, but sticking to your routine most of the time will be the best way to stay productive and on-task.

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Take a Break and Make it Count

If you were at the office, your boss would be mandated to give you a break from work tasks. It’s both physically and emotionally necessary for you to pull yourself away from your WFH keyboard every few hours. According to PC Mag, your eyes, brain, and body need a break to prevent daily fatigue.

And, as long as you’re taking a break, why not boost your health by pulling out a yoga mat for some exercise or taking a brisk walk?

Working from home does mean you’ll have to make some changes to your living space. If your first WFH office arrangement doesn’t work for you, keep your attitude flexible.

After all, 75% of surveyed homeowners who have renovated their home during the past year believe they’ll probably renovate again during the following year. Change can be good – and your following change may help you find the perfect WFH setup.