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How to Get the Unicorn Mount in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Gold Store

How to Get the Unicorn Mount in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Gold Store

How to Get the Unicorn Mount in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Gold Store

The newest set of cosmetics for Ark: Survival Evolved has arrived! To commemorate the beginning of the first Competitive PvP Season, you have the opportunity to claim a free Unicorn Mount, which is a one-of-a-kind item. You will learn how to obtain the new Unicorn Mount from Twitch Drops in Lost Ark by following the instructions in this guide.

How to obtain the Unicorn Mount Twitch Drop in The Raid on the Lost Ark gold shop.

The G4TV Invitational Tournament will take place between now and May 9, according to the official website. A number of Twitch Streamers will be streaming cheap lost ark gold and displaying the “Drops Enabled” tag on their live streams over the course of the next several weeks. Participants in the event must watch any Lost Ark broadcast for a total of two hours in order to be eligible. Due to the fact that this is a limited-time event, you should try to complete it as quickly as possible!

When you have been watching a Lost Ark stream for more than two hours, you will receive a Twitch notification. Before you can start receiving your Lost Ark gold for sale Twitch Drops, you must first link your Twitch and Steam accounts together. After you have redeemed your drops, return to Lost Ark and click the box icon at the top of your screen, which is located between the mail envelope and the login rewards button.

How to Get the Unicorn Mount in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Gold Store

You will find the Unicorn Mount as well as 1000 Amethyst Shards in your product inventory, which will appear in your inventory once you have successfully claimed it. Once you have the Unicorn icon in your inventory, you can right-click it to add it to your list of mounts.

Following the successful claim of your Unicorn Mount, a pop-up will appear displaying four different Unicorn Mounts. You have the option of selecting one of the four options. Depending on which Unicorn you choose, they will appear differently in-game. For your consideration, the following mounts are available for you to claim:

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A slight change has been made to a few ground mounts in a minor update on the Shadowlands Alpha servers. All unicorn-type mounts with the different mount designs, available by honor level, Dreamweaver, and Lucid Nightmare reputation dream runners will learn to fly in the Shadowlands expansion.

As a reminder, flight access will not be available at Shadowlands launch, but in a later update to use a unicorn mount in the skies of Shadowlands and Azeroth. These unicorn mounts are obtained through Legion and Battle for Azeroth activities, along with two new collectible unicorn mounts for the upcoming expansion.

Where to buy Lost Ark Gold Founder’s Pack cheap in 2022?

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How to download Lost Ark Gold Founder’s Pack in cd key from an online merchant

We take great care to add the most reliable merchants. If you wish to purchase a Lost Ark Gold Founder’s Pack cd key, verify that the merchant provides every precaution to provide you with a valid key. Some merchants offer insurance in the event of a non-functional key. Official merchants do not present any risk.

Activate Lost Ark Gold Founder’s Pack cd key

We sort all offers to assign them to the correct region, so you should have no problem selecting your region of residence. You are currently in the France region to activate all offers. Please note that some merchants do not provide the activation region, so you should check before purchasing the Lost Ark Gold Founder’s Pack.

It is one of the most anticipated releases of the year in MMORPGs. Lost Ark arrives this week on our screens and has several endorsements in its history for us to trust in the title. In the first place, Amazon Games is supporting the project, and on the other hand, we have that the game has been a massive success in South Korea, beating all kinds of figures.

Like any self-respecting title of this genre, it will be critical to choose the class carefully we will have, where we will direct our steps, and know what awaits us. So, here’s everything you need to know about the Lost Ark, its world, systems, and the essentials to immerse yourself in the game.

Arrival in a new world of Amazon Games

As we said, it is the most apparent endorsement. Lost Ark was announced in 2011 under the name of Project T, and since then, it has not stopped growing. Smilegate RPG is the studio behind the title, along with Tripod Studio, and two years of solid performance in South Korea has brought support from Amazon Games. It will be released exclusively on PC, and there will be no versions for consoles or other systems.

Now it’s about conquering western territory, and the multinational wants, at a minimum, to repeat the success of 2021 that New World had. It isn’t easy, but the expectations are very high. A big step would be to avoid the massive queues and endless waiting to join one of the servers, so here are a few tricks.

Release date, time, and preload

Unlike New WorldLost Ark is entirely free-to-play, with a free-to-play format so that we can expect microtransactions within it. Although we will talk about it later, it is about being clear when we can start playing.

The preload will begin to be available on February 7 at 6:00 pm, Spanish peninsular time (11:00 am in CDMX). It does not matter if you have early access or not, and it is a process that you can start doing now.

Starting on Friday, February 11, the starting signal will give to play. The scheduled time is 6:00 pm, Spanish peninsular time (11:00 am in CDMX), and at this point, there will be no restrictions. The entire community will be able to enter the game without problems, although there are exceptional cases that we will detail.

Early Access and Founder’s Packs

Here’s more fabric to cut. If you opt for early access, you will be able to play before the rest of the world, and you will have various benefits. First, you will start your game on February 8 at 6:00 pm, Spanish peninsular time (11:00 am in CDMX). All this through a founder’s pack.

Of course, do not hesitate too much about whether to buy a founder pack or not since they will be available from February 11 at 6:00 pm, Spanish peninsular time (11:00 am in CDMX). Early access means checking out the Lost Ark, and Founder’s Packs grant different rewards for obtaining them; here’s a breakdown of what each of them offers:

  • Lost Ark Bronze Founder’s Pack for 14.99 euros.
  • The Lost Ark Silver Founder’s Pack for 24.99 euros.
  • Lost Ark Gold Founder’s Pack for 49.99 euros.
  • Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack for 99.99 euros.

Although each has more objects, the more we pay, establishing standard bases for all packages makes it possible. Three-day early access, a Founders-exclusive pet, a Founder Title, and 30 days of Crystalline Aura benefits will be earned by all owners. It will not be necessary to carry out any particular process to add the content to Lost Ark since once purchased, it will be done automatically.

Minimum and recommended requirements

Fundamental to make the game work correctly on our PC. Exclusive to this platform, you can activate it through Steam, and these are its minimum and recommended requirements:

OPERATING SYSTEMWindows 10 64 bit (127.57 euros)Windows 10 (127.57 euros)
PROCESSORIntel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3Intel i5 (163.45 euros) or AMD Ryzen 5
RAM8GB16GB ($69.99)
GRAPHICS CARDNVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD HD6850NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 ($299.99)
HDD50GB50GB ($174.99)
DIRECTXVersion 9.0Version 9.0
How to Get the Unicorn Mount in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Gold Store

Differences in the western terrain

We are facing the same game, but Smilegate RPG has wanted to point out several details regarding the western version of Lost Ark.

In the first place, it is intended to preserve the original essence, even though there will be many cultural references, images, and other aspects that may be attractive to the new public.

In fact, in Lost Ark, activities such as navigation and the creation of fortresses or gatherings are not so closely linked to the traditional Western MMORPG. The character creation branch has been significantly improved, adding more hairstyles, clothing, and skin tones. The variety and diversity of NPCs will progressively increase throughout the world of Arkesia, also being a fundamental objective for the team.

character classes

The pillar that supports a game of these characteristics. In Lost Ark, we find five unique classes developed towards the specialties that the player wants. These are the initials and their qualities:


The engine powers Arkesia: They’re not the most agile class in the game, but don’t get caught up in some of their devastating blows. They are divided into three specializations:

  • Berserker.
  • Paladin
  • Spear gunner.

martial artist

Mostly focused on melee attacks, here we go for a better balance between good power and speed. They combine numerous elemental attacks to deal damage and are divided into four specializations:


Few presentations require a class like this. If you are one of those who enjoy annihilating enemies from a distance, this is your section. Weapons of all kinds when it comes to shooting, from snipers to use to expert archers. We have four more specializations here:

  • Gunslinger
  • Artificer
  • Demon Hunter
  • sniper


We have two mages at our disposal, bringing to bear the ancient magic that surrounds all of Arkesia. It will have to be used wisely since it can be devastating against rivals or serve as a support to heal allies.

  • bard
  • Sorceress


Here we have a pure speed. Assassins are ruthless in close quarters, using the techniques of the demons themselves to deliver brutal beatings.

  • Shadowhunter
  • Lethal Sword

Dungeons, PvP, and more activities to do

There are many tasks that we can carry out in Lost Ark. We can play both alone and accompanied by friends, totally at our choice. A classic will be going into the dungeons of the game, being able to destroy monsters, and defeating bosses that grant succulent rewards.

There are also assaults, which propose us to modify our usual patterns, changing scenarios and mechanics that force us to adapt. PvP is of course present in 3 vs 3 or 1 vs 1 battle in real coliseums. Simply put, he puts together your best build to take out the enemy.37All suggestionsVOCABULARYMostlyPrimarilyMainlyUpdating suggestions. The word Mostly is often overused. Consider using a more specific synonym to improve the sharpness of your writing.

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How to Get the Unicorn Mount in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Gold Store

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