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How to Effectively Market Your Home Improvement Business

How to Effectively Market Your Home Improvement Business

How to Effectively Market Your Home Improvement Business

Did you just open up a new home improvement business and need to market it in an area saturated with renovation teams? That process is a challenging one and will require you to fully understand your area and various marketing concepts. The following steps can help you better focus your advertising money and ensure that you reach the broadest audience possible.

Create a Strong Google Profile

According to Cedero, about 51% of all people use Google to find contractors, such as home-improvement professionals. As a result, you want a high-quality Google profile that reflects your company accurately. Update it with accurate contact information, put yourself in the proper category, upload photos of your work, and add content to the posts section.

Note that it will take some time for you to rank high even when you do take all these steps. You need to encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and resolve any complaints against you in the reviews to improve your profile’s spread. Next, you need to make sure your profile links to your official website to ensure that it provides the best results possible.

Create and Market Your Website

Now that you have a better Google profile, it’s critical to produce an attractive website. Don’t just buy a cheap domain name and try to do it yourself! Contact a real design firm that can help you find a catchy and attractive domain. Let them create a streamlined and appealing website that includes photos of your work and blogs that highlight your success.

Content is critical for your SEO process: it helps to update your website and makes it rank higher than your competitors. Add things like DIY blogs, unique success stories, market analysis, and landing pages for cities in your area. Make sure that each of your pages provides real value by hiring skilled writers who understand your market: save AI writing for brainstorming and not creating a finalized copy.

Canvas Your Neighborhood

While upgrading your online presence is critical for enhancing your home improvement business marketing, you also need to focus on physical advertising. After all, you might live in a big city where there are plenty of people to target in this way. For example, according to our sources, even a medium-sized city like Spokane has 202,900 residents who may want to work with you.

So, canvas your neighborhood by printing door hangers and putting them up throughout your neighborhood. You can also add lawn-based signs once you get approval from the homeowner. After all, you likely have a printer that needs to get used: according to a Wakefield survey, about 73% of company owners and leaders with 500 employees or less use their printers four times every day. Get the most out of them by printing attractive ads.

Put Up Advertising Signs

On the same note as the last point, physical advertising signs are an important way of marketing your home improvement firm. Just think about this for a minute: you still see billboards and ads every time you drive your car, right? Well, according to Medium, up to 80% of people remember what they see, compared to 10% remember what they hear and 20% what they read.

That explains the popularity of these large advertising signs: they simply catch the eye more effectively and attract more potential customers than many other advertising forms. So, if you put up these large signs and highlight your success stories, including before and after shots, you can improve your marketing. Purchase billboard space along heavily traveled areas in your city.

These steps can help your home improvement business stand out and enhance your overall marketing presence. However, you must also take steps like creating a Google Ads campaign, listing your company on sites like Angi and HomeAdvisor, creating a successful referral campaign, and marketing through email. If this process sounds overwhelming, contact us today to get help.

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How to Effectively Market Your Home Improvement Business