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How To Boost Athletic Performance With Pre-Workout Supplements 2023

How To Boost Athletic Performance With Pre-Workout Supplements 2022

How To Boost Athletic Performance With Pre-Workout Supplements 2023

Constantly training hard doesn’t make you automatically stronger. Even the most seasoned athletes can experience a setback and fatigue from time to time if they overtrain. In order to build strength and endurance, alternating workouts with recovery is extremely important. But then again, many athletes struggle with recovery, triggering a decline in their performance.

If you experience the same thing, you might benefit from taking pre-workout supplements. They contain ingredients that were found helpful to improve the performance of athletes. But contrary to how others perceive it, these pre-workouts are not some magic pills that can instantly enhance training efforts and results. 

Read on below to discover how you can boost athletic performance with pre-workout supplements. 

Identify Your Specific Training Goals

A pre-workout supplement is generally designed to increase the intensity and length of your training. But if you want to get optimal results, you should think about what you want to achieve precisely. 

Note that these supplements are not created equally. Their specific ingredients will only boost certain aspects of athletic performance. For example, some pre-workouts will aid in increasing strength or power with workout bands, while others will help with your endurance.

High performance in any sport requires a mix of certain dimensions, such as strength, endurance, and recovery. Identifying the ones you need to boost up would give you a better idea of choosing the best pre-workout

Look For The Right Ingredients

You can find several best tasting pre-workout supplements on the market, and each contains a blend of ingredients. It can be challenging to select what formula will work best. But once you’ve established what exactly you want to improve on your performance, the easier it is to look for the right ingredients. 

Here’s a rundown of some top ingredients that were found beneficial to boost the performance of many athletes. 

  • Caffeine: The primary purpose of caffeine is to increase alertness and energy. The extra power it gives you can decrease the rate of fatigue and lower your perception of effort. As a result, you can do more training workloads and enhance your athletic performance. 

How To Boost Athletic Performance With Pre-Workout Supplements 2023

  • Creatine: Derived from amino acids, creatine helps fill the muscles with the necessary energy to produce a fast, big energy pump for your physical activity. It’s most suitable for sports that require sudden bursts of activity, such as sprinting or weightlifting. 
  • Beta-Alanine: Acids build up in your muscles during intense training, leading to muscle soreness and affecting your capacity to train harder and longer. But beta-alanine buffers the hydrogen ions that cause acid accumulation. In the aftermath, you can keep your intensity up for more extended periods and improve overall training volume.

How To Boost Athletic Performance With Pre-Workout Supplements 2023

  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): Your body converts its essential amino acids into energy during hard training. It decreases the production of muscle protein, resulting in muscle fatigue and diminished physical performance. But BCAA supplements help regulate protein metabolism, which boosts muscle recovery and performance. 
  • Nitrates: High-intensity training decreases the body’s oxygen level. But nitrates sustain your muscles with the necessary nutrients to perform. It helps regulate the flow of blood in your body and increases tolerance to high-intensity training, which, in turn, improves physical performance. 

Time Your Pre-Workout Intake

Proper timing of intake is a vital factor in any pre-workout supplementation. If you take the supplement too soon before your workout, it will metabolize without any effect on your body. But taking it too late won’t give you the boost you need for your training. So, it’s best to find the sweet spot to take your pre-workouts. 

For most athletes, the ideal time to take pre-workout supplements is around 30-60 minutes before your training. Doing it this way will allow the pre-workout ingredients to enter the bloodstream and reach their peak efficacy. 

Limit Usage of Pre-Workouts

Pre-workouts are helpful additions to your training. But your body can build up a tolerance to the effects of pre-workout if you use them on a regular basis. Try taking it on a cycle to give your body time to rest. Have at least six to eight weeks without taking a supplement while you’re training, or consider using different supplements at different times. 

If you’re planning to use a pre-workout every day, make sure to take it in proper doses. Generally, it’s safe to consume about 400 mg of pre-workouts per day. But make sure to check the recommended dosage on the label. Note that taking the supplements incorrectly can result in a multitude of side effects, such as vomiting, jitters, and, in rare cases, cardiac arrest. 

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Level Up Your Performance With The Best Pre-Workout

The best pre-workout should support you on your training goals and must be safe to consume. When selecting your supplement, make sure it has clinically validated ingredients with proper dosages. Additionally, it’s important to remember that discipline and hard work are still the main ingredients to level up your performance as an athlete.

Does pre-workout improve athletic performance?

Pre-exercise can help you reach different goals, like losing weight, by improving your performance, strength, endurance, and workout intensity.

What do athletes consume before working out?

Many pre-workout supplements, like creatine, caffeine, beta-alanine, BCAAs, and nitric oxide precursors, contain chemicals that help athletes do better.

Do pre-workout supplements improve performance?

Your pre-workout beverage may significantly affect how well you perform in general. Before you hit the treadmills or pick up those dumbbells, a stimulant boost or an extra helping of protein may give you the energy boost you need to build muscle more quickly, push yourself harder than ever, or have more stamina.

How can I make my pre-workout hit harder?

Top 8 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Pre-Workout

  1. Read the Ingredients List. 
  2. Take the Right Dose. 
  3. Make Sure You’re Hydrated.
  4. Fuel Properly. 
  5. Be Consistent. 
  6. Stack Stimulant and Non-Stimulant Pre-Workouts. 
  7. Create a Pre-Workout Ritual.  
  8. Find a Flavor You Enjoy.

How To Boost Athletic Performance With Pre-Workout Supplements

The combination of technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, edge computing, or Big Data has long been opening new paths towards improving the health and competitive abilities of athletes and optimizing the resources of sports facilities to make them more efficient spaces. And sustainable.

In the last edition of the Mobile World Congress, which took place last June 2021, Telefónica presented an innovative project called “Sport 4.0”, a demo that brought together a series of real success stories and innovative solutions aimed at the world of sport. 

The objective of this platform is to share the fundamental idea that technology is a powerful ally to increase the visibility and impact of this crucial sector for society and the economy due to its dynamic and unifying nature and the values ​​​​it transmits. It is an area that is not unrelated to the extraordinary opportunity that digital transformation offers companies and society.

Data as part of the team

Today data is almost ubiquitous. It is king on the basketball court, soccer field, or badminton court. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), supported by the latest generation network, allow us to know the opponent: how he plays, his strengths, and his weaknesses. 

Data analysis makes it possible to go one step further to perfect the design of new strategies, leaving behind the copying of different tactics. It also contributes to the detection and training of new talent.

While in countries like the United States, the sport that uses data analysis the most are baseball, in Spain, it could not be otherwise; the king of sports is still soccer. However, other disciplines such as basketball, cycling, tennis, paddle tennis, and rugby are using Big Data and data analysis for decision making, both in strategies and in training.

 And it is that the use of other technologies, such as Machine Learning, opens the way to detect similarities between plays or to find hidden patterns that can provide clues for improvement.

Training 4.0

As in the Connected Industry, analytics optimizes the performance of athletes and provides details and information that previously neither coaches nor athletes themselves were able to control. A clear example of a success story is the role of Telefónica as a technological partner of the Olympic champion Carolina Marín. This union implies a close collaboration between the technical team of the Spanish athlete and the teleoperator’s data unit to use advanced analytics about competition and training data.

The continuous monitoring of the athlete’s physiological and technical aspects helps not only improve their sports performance but also to favor an element as important as their recovery. With this, it is possible to take care of his health from him and extend his sports career.

Thanks to the application of other technologies such as the Internet of Things ( IoT ), through the connection of different sensors such as a thermometer or an accelerometer, they can monitor both the physical state of the athlete and their movements; also knowing the hardness of each training session helps to predict recovery and avoid possible injuries, creating intelligent training sessions adapted to the physical form in which the athlete is at all times.

All this is accompanied by the development “wearable” devices such as well-known smartwatches and activity bracelets. Other more sophisticated ones, such as vests that can integrate GPS and biometric devices to measure heart rate or blood pressure, connected shin guards, jump ropes, or even own bicycles, are already authentic computers. It is about designing different tools tailored to each athlete.

Other areas

On the occasion of the celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the benefits of the irruption of technology in elite sports have been seen. Every four years, the records are broken, and in this edition (delayed a year due to the pandemic), it has not been less. However, the restrictions due to Covid-19 have made these JJ.OO. a very atypical sporting event due to the absence of the public. But thanks to the development of 5G, its broadcasting has reached more corners with a notable improvement in the viewers’ experience

How To Boost Athletic Performance With Pre-Workout Supplements 2023

Sport has also benefited in other areas, such as arbitration. With the arrival of VAR, many will think that football has lost its charm, but it is clear that it eliminates those errors that could make the difference in an excellent football duel.

Telefónica’s solutions and services are also applied to the digitization of sports spaces and facilities to increase their performance and enhance the uses that can be made of them. In this case, technology promotes the achievement of higher standards of efficiency and sustainability. Also, it makes it possible to collect data that can be useful for the broadcasts and the athletes themselves.

 In addition, these facilities are directly connected to the field of smart cities. Taking advantage of technologies such as Big Data and IoT, sports spaces can improve in aspects such as sustainability, service provision, and economic development.

Sports digitalization still has a lot of room for growth both in the field of training also outside in the retransmission of significant events within the spaces

So much so that already in 2018, the union between sport and technology moved around 9,800 million dollars globally, and it is estimated that in 2024 it will reach 31,000 million dollars.

How To Boost Athletic Performance With Pre-Workout Supplements

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