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How much will GTA 6 Cost? Here are the Leaks!

How much will GTA 6 Cost? Here are the Leaks!

Dear GTA fans, Hold onto your hats, because the 1st trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 just dropped, and let me tell you, it was a doozy! The hype is real, the anticipation is palpable, and all I can think about is causing mayhem in the gaming world as soon as possible.

But in the middle of the excitement, a question hangs in your mind: How much will GTA 6 cost?

So in this article, we will discuss the cost of GTA 6, leaks, cost of development of the game and much more interesting. So what are you waiting for, Let’s start reading together!

How Much Will GTA 6 Cost?

There is no official announcement yet regarding the cost of GTA 6. But, based on various leaks and factors, here are our prediction of GTA VI price:

Price Benchmark

The current standard price for AAA titles sits comfortably at $69. Games like Elden Ring and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II set the bar, and most folks believe GTA 6 will likely follow suit.

GTA V’s Shadow

After GTA V becomes the best-selling video game ever, it casts a long shadow. This could embolden Rockstar to push the boundaries and demand a higher price for GTA VI.

Inflation and Development Costs

Inflation, It’s a constant thorn in our side, and with rumors of a $2 billion development budget for GTA 6, it wouldn’t be surprising if the price reflects these factors.

Leaks and Rumors

Now, Let’s come to the juicy part: the leaks and rumors. Whispers of a $150 price tag for a special edition have spreaded online.

On the other hand, industry analyst Michael Pachter, a wise man with his finger on the gaming pulse, predicts $70 cost. He cites GTA V’s dominance and its impact on the current market as his reasoning.

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How Much Has GTA 6 Cost to Make?

The exact cost of developing GTA 6 is unconfirmed by Rockstar Games. However, some reports and leaks suggest it could be one of the most expensive entertainment products ever created, with estimates ranging from $1 billion to a staggering $2 billion.

I have prepared a breakdown of how much GTA VI and the previous 2 big releases cost, and how much income they generated till now:

ReleasedGameProduction CostRevenue ($)Copies Sold
2025 (Estimated)GTA 6 (VI)$2B (rumor)N/AN/A
2013GTA 5 (V)$265M$7.7B190M
2008GTA 4 (IV)$100M$2B25M

GTA 6 Trailer


While I wouldn’t be surprised by a special edition with a hefty price tag, I believe the base version of GTA 6 will stick to the $70 standard. Rockstar knows the power of accessibility, and they’re not about to alienate their loyal fanbase by suddenly jacking up the price.

That being said, I wouldn’t be shocked if they included some enticing bonus content and in-game items to entice players to spring for the special editions.

Until then, let the speculation continue! It’s all part of the fun, right? I can wait to see what GTA 6 has in store for us…

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