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How Many Points Are Scored Tonight in Lakers vs Warriors? [DETAILED]

How Many Points Are Scored Tonight in Lakers vs Warriors?

The Lakers Vs Warriors basketball match is ended tonight, and fans around the world eagerly want to know: How Many Points Are Scored Tonight? 

In this article, we will discuss how many points were scored in tonight’s match by which player, who won the match, how many rebounds and assists were made and more. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the exciting world of Lakers vs Warriors basketball!

How Many Points Does Steph Curry Have Tonight?

Curry is the engine that makes the Warriors go. Steph Curry has scored 31 points tonight with 10 rebounds and 14 Assists.

How Many Points Did LeBron James Have Tonight?

James is the heart and soul of the Lakers. In tonight’s match, LeBron James scored 27 points with having 9 rebounds and 6 assists.

How Many Points Anthony Davis Have Tonight?

Davis is the Lakers’ second-best player. Anthony Davis scored 23 points tonight, and having 15 rebounds and 2 assists.

How Many Points Does Draymond Green Have Tonight?

Draymond is a power forward for the the Warriors. Draymond Green scored 8 points tonight with having 10 rebounds and 7 assists.

How Many Points Did Klay Thompson Score Tonight?

Thompson is a shooting guard for the Warriors. Klay Thompson scored 9 points tonight with having 5 rebounds and 2 assists.

How Many Points Did Jordan Poole Scored Tonight?

Poole is a combo guard who can play both on and off the ball for Warriors. Jordan Poole has nothings point scored tonight but have 3 rebounds and 2 Assists.

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How Many Points Did Austin Reaves Score Tonight?

Reaves’ is a good defender and a solid shooter play in the Lakers Team. Austin Reaves scored 21 points tonight, and having 2 rebounds and 4 assists.

Lakers vs Warriors: Who Won The Basketball Game Tonight?

Los Angeles Lakers are the winner of today’s NBA match with 104 points. Which was played between Lakers vs Warriors.

Total How Much Points Are Scored In Lakers Vs Warriors?

A total of 205 points are scored in today’s [8/9 May 2023] match between Lakers and Warriors. 101 points were scored by Golden State Warriors, and Los Angeles Lakers scored 104 points.

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