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How Long Did Westminster Abbey Take To Build? [COMPLETE INFO]

How Long Did Westminster Abbey Take To Build?

Westminster Abbey is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination. But how long did Westminster Abbey take to build?

The answer may surprise you. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history of Westminster Abbey and know more about how much it cost to build, how long it took to build, and more. So let’s get started!

How Long Did It Take To Build Westminster Abbey?

Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous churches in the world, located in London, England. Construction on the current Westminster Abbey began in 1245 and was consecrated in 1269. However, the site had been used for religious purposes since the 10th century, when a Benedictine monastery was founded there.

The first church on the site was built in the 11th century by King Edward the Confessor, and it was this church that was used for his coronation in 1066. The Normans destroyed the Confessor’s church in 1066, and it was not until the reign of Henry III that construction on the current abbey began.

The abbey was built in the Gothic style, one of the most important examples of this style in England. The abbey is home to the coronation chair, which has been used for every coronation of a British monarch since 1308. The abbey is also the final resting place of many important figures in British history, including kings, queens, poets, and scientists.

Westminster Abbey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of London’s most popular tourist attractions.

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Does Westminster Abbey Have Toilets?

Yes, Westminster Abbey has toilets. There are two sets of toilets in the Abbey. One set is in the Cloisters, and the other set is in the Cellarium cafe. Toilet facilities in the Abbey are ‘very limited’ according to advice issued to guests, and all of them will be closed during the service.

How much did Westminster Abbey cost to build?

No one knows how much Westminster Abbey costs to build, but it is thought to have been around £50,000. With money from today, this would be about £100 million.

The English crown paid for most of the cost of building the abbey. It was a huge project that took many years to finish.

How Many Monarchs Have Been Crowned At Westminster?

As of 2023, 39 monarchs have been crowned at Westminster Abbey. William the Conqueror was the first, in 1066. Elizabeth II was the last, in 1953. Edward V, who was never crowned, and Edward VIII, who quit before he could be crowned, are the only two kings who have not been crowned at Westminster Abbey.

The crowning chair has been used for every coronation since 1308. It is kept in the abbey.

Who decided to build the Westminster Abbey?

King Henry III of England decided to rebuild Westminster Abbey in the Gothic style in the 13th century. King Edward the Confessor had built the first church in the 11th century, but a fire damaged it. Henry III wanted to build a new church that was even more beautiful and impressive than the old one.

It took more than 60 years to finish building the new church. In 1269, it was finally blessed.

Does the royal family own Westminster Abbey?

No, Westminster Abbey is not owned by the royal family. Westminster Abbey is a “Royal Peculiar,” which means that the monarch, rather than a diocesan priest, has direct control over it.

This means that the monarch can choose the abbey’s dean and chapter and accept any changes to the building’s liturgy or structure. But the monarch does not own the abbey like their own private land. The abbey is a public building where people can pray and take walks.

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Did Westminster Abbey get bombed in World War 2?

Yes, Westminster Abbey was bombed during World War II. Even though the abbey wasn’t directly hit by a bomb, nearby fire bombs damaged it. Some windows were broken, and the roof was set on fire. But the abbey was quickly repaired, and services and other events were still held throughout the war.

The bombing of Westminster Abbey showed how dangerous war can be, but it also showed how strong the people of Britain are. The abbey was a sign of hope and courage, and its standing during the war gave many people hope.


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