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How can Social Media be Monitored in the Workplace?

How can Social Media be Monitored in the Workplace?

How can Social Media be Monitored in the Workplace?

Social media has had a major impact on the way individuals communicate both at work and at home. But should you encourage people to use social media in the workplace, or is it just a distraction that doesn’t belong there?

In this article, I’ll talk about the benefits and risks of using social media at work. As well as the best ways to handle social media use during work. I have also mentioned the social media policy and social media capture tools that your company can easily use.

What Do You Think About Allowing Employees To Use Social Media While At Work?

When it comes to maintaining social media at work, many businesses are divided between promoting social media as a performance management system too.  However, it limits social media in the office in order to boost productivity and security.

According to a Pew Research Center report, social networking sites can be useful for connecting with teammates and outside experts, but they can also be disturbing in the workplace.

Their research shows the following reasons why employees use social media at work:

  • 34% plan to take a mental break from work.
  • 27% of employees want to stay in touch with friends and family when at the workplace.
  • 24% want to make or help others make professional contacts.
  • 20% to acquire knowledge that will benefit them in resolving work-related issues
  • 17% want to develop or create personal bonds with coworkers.
  • 17 % want to learn more about someone.
  • 12  will engage persons outside their business with work-related concerns.

This article will go over the benefits and drawbacks of using social media in the workplace. So you can decide whether to ban it or use it for business purposes.

The Risk of Using Social Media at Work

When it is considering how to control the use of social media in the workplace. It is important for your company to be aware of the possible dangers to its brand, sensitive information, employee health, and efficiency. 

According to a Grant Thorton survey conducted in 2013, 71% of executives reported concerns about the potential risks caused by social media with 13% showing serious concern. These worries comprised negative comments about the firm. Also, as the revealing of personal data and intellectual property, and cheating.

This section will highlight the most significant risks associated with using social media in the workplace, so you can prepare ahead.

Because of the open sharing of data and documents, social media sites and blog sites represent a security issue.

If you let your employees openly explore online forums without putting in place suitable data security, social media could play a role in your next security breach.

If you want to allow employees to use social media sites at the workplace, you’ll need to give training materials like information security rules and social media in the work rules. These policies are important for the most effective usage of social media in the workplace. Hope this article will be a good kick for you!

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How can Social Media be Monitored in the Workplace?