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Download the Revit Student Version for Mac and Windows

Download the Revit Student Version for Mac and Windows

Download the Revit Student Version for Mac and Windows

In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to download and install the Autodesk Revit student version. You might be wondering what Revit is. Autodesk will strike a bell for people in the engineering, manufacturing, and education industries, as well as architectural students. Autodesk is a leading American software company that provides software for technological designs for use by architects, engineers, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries. It is also the creator of the building design programme Revit. Furthermore, this software allows you to use 3D Building Information Modeling in your workflows (BIM).

Architectural design, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering, as well as construction, are all included in Revit. You can also check into Revit’s toolbox, which combines Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, and Revit Structure software into one interface. Additionally, the software allows you to seamlessly switch from AutoCAD to Revit at any time. Now that you know what Revit can do, let’s talk about how you can get the Autodesk Revit student version.

· Revit student version system requirements

· These are the minimum system requirements for your computer to operate the Revit student version 2020 software without problem.

· Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 Pro are the operating systems available.

· Single- or multi-core Intel, Xeon, or i-Series processors featuring SSE2 technology, or AMD® equivalent.

· Highest CPU speed at a reasonable price Memory: 8 GB RAM and 100 MB disc space.

· Revit 2020 Software Features

· • You have the ability to Design, Optimise, and Connect.

· • Utilise Autodesk BIM 360’s next-generation collaborative technologies.

· • Significant enhancements to IFC4 support

· • In section views, there are also Dimensions for curved objects.

· Revit 2019 now includes Revit and Structural Precast Extension.

· • The programme includes Precast automation for lattice girder slabs, as well as the AAPI for precast automation.

· • Improved 3D modelling and fabrication instructions communication

· • Connect and Slit railings are available.

· • Tools for comprehensive Steel Design are included, allowing for more simplified design-to-fabrication workflows.

· • You can make better decisions and build more sophisticated piping networks.

· • Revit’s countrification for use in DACH has been expanded.

· • You may now use more intricate fill patterns and life-like renderings to communicate design intent.

· • You may also work with an immersive design and conduct additional 3D modelling with it.

· • Make the most of your work area with tabbed views and multi-monitor support.

· • Finally, using “or” in filters gives you more flexibility over overview visuals.

Revit Student version 1 is now available for download. For additional information, go to the Autodesk Education Community.

2. Then, in the list of free education licence items below, look for Revit and click on it to download it.

3. As a result, if you have an account, please log in. Create an account if you haven’t already done so.

4. Then, by providing your country, role as a student, and date of birth, create your education profile. Then press the Next button.


2. Also, inform Autodesk of your intended use of the software as well as your field of study. Choose your university’s name. Also, include your graduation year and the year you first enrolled at the university. Then press the Next button.

3. Your education account will be created immediately, bringing you closer to the Revit student version programme.

4. Also, use the Continue key to access the Education Community Website and download the Revit student version software.

5. Next, choose your Revit version, operating system, and language.

6. The serial number, product key, file size, and authorised usage are all displayed on the screen at this point. Your email address will also receive the same licencing information.

7. And The “Install Now” button is located below on the same page. Select download from the drop-down option on the install now button.

8. The Autodesk Web manager or Web Installer for your OS system will appear next (.exe for Windows .dmg for Mac and so on)

9. Select Save File. It will be saved in your download folder as a result of this action.

10. That’s how you get the Revit student version of the software.

Autodesk Revit for Students: How to Set It Up

1. Then, on the installer, click the Arrow Button to open the file and install it on your computer.

2. When installing the software, input the product key and serial number that was emailed to you earlier.

3. Keep in mind that You will be prompted to activate your licence the first time you launch the app. That is the start of your three-year trial period.

Learning how to use the educational edition of Revit

Go to Education Resources: Education Resources for students and instructors and Autodesk Design Academy to get started learning how to use the software.


We showed you how to get the Revit student version from the Autodesk website in this post. To get the software, you must first create an Autodesk account and be registered as a student at a recognised institution in the United States or anywhere in the world. Use it to assess a product before purchasing it.

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Download the Revit Student Version for Mac and Windows

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