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Does Walgreens Sell Stamps? (Full Guide 2024)

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps ? (Full Guide 2023)

Yesterday I stopped by my local Walgreens to pick up a few things. As I was checking out, I remembered that I needed to mail a letter.

Then I wondered, Does Walgreens Sell Stamps? Then I looked for stamps all over the Walgreens store and I found the stamps. But what will be their price? Can we buy them online? What other stores sells Stamps?

Let’s know in this article!

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps In 2024?

Yes, Walgreens sells stamps at almost all of its locations. Walgreens offers First Class Forever postage stamps for both USPS envelopes and packages.

If you want to know about the price of stamps sold at Walgreens and other things, then keep reading!

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Walgreens? + Types

At Walgreens, you can buy stamps at the same price offered in the Post Ofice. So a booklet of 20 forever first class stamps will cost you $11.60.

You can buy stamps at Walgreens in pack of 5, 10, 20 or 100 stamps. And you can buy Stamp Booklets of 1st class U.S. postage stamps, including forever stamps.

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Can You Order Stamps From Walgreens Online?

Yes, you can order stamps from Walgreens online. But you have to go to their store to pick up the stamps.

Here’s how to order Stamps from Walgreens online:

Step 1: Go to Walgreens Stamp page
Step 2: Choose Stamps Quantity
Step 3: Enter your location
Step 4: Tap on Add for Pickup
Step 5: Complete payment

After placing your order, you will get the pickup details and time there.

Is It More Expensive To Buy Stamps At Walgreens Than At The Post Office?

Of course not, you can get stamps from Walgreens at the same price in the post office. They both sell stamps at the same retail price, Stamps prices are set by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

So you won’t have to pay extra!

Why Should I Buy Stamps At Walgreens?

There are many benefits to purchasing stamps from Walgreens compared to going to the post office.

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When Should I Buy Stamps At The Post Office Instead Of Walgreens?

When unsure of the postage needed for your letter, you should visit the post office to purchase stamps.

If you need to deliver the letter to the post office rather than a regular mailbox because of its importance or because it is part of a huge bulk commercial order, you should also go there.

Finally, since Walgreens only sells books of 20 stamps, you should visit the post office if you only need one.

Your post office can sell you individual stamps and odd denominations of stamps so that you don’t end up with more stamps than you need.

Additionally, your post office offers special stamps for a mail from abroad, postcards, and letters that weigh more than usual.

How to Find a Walgreens Store Near You Quickly

Approximately 76 percent of Americans live within five miles of a Walgreens shop. Everywhere I go, I have no issue finding a Walgreens nearby! I can buy groceries, gifts, food, medicine, and other goods there.

For customers who are constantly moving about, Walgreens also offers a mobile app. For individuals who need their photos printed, they also provide photo printing services in addition to food and wellness supplies. An enjoyable experience is had when visiting Walgreens because of the staff’s friendliness and accommodatingness.

Additional Places You Can Buy Stamps

Walgreens is a great option if you need to buy a book of stamps.

However, you have more retail options, too.

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Additional retailers that sell stamps include:

  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Staples
  • Costco
  • WinCo
  • Wegmans
  • Meijer

These retailers sell books of stamps like Walgreens and are not guaranteed to sell individual stamps.

Many of these retailers also offer coils of 100 stamps.

You can also find stamps on Amazon and at different ATMs throughout the country.


For those times when you don’t want to go to the post office only to buy a stamp, Walgreens sells stamps.

Additionally, you can purchase paper goods, envelopes, and shipping supplies.

Although you should keep stamps on hand for those special occasions, an email nowadays is generally sufficient.

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